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Thursday, April 24, 2014

(posted April 9th, 2014)

Hello, and welcome to Technohol 13: Year 17!

Yes, exactly seventeen years ago today, I went public with this particular site, a sort of storehouse for a lot of things I'd posted to various e mail lists over the years. And boy, how it's grown since then! Though I have yet to finish everything I'd started even before 1998, when the 13 first went public, I've nonetheless made great strides in this effort, and have at least wrapped a few loose ends up.

As for where I sit on my many and various products, here's their current status:

GI Joe: I haven't really done anything with this project for a while, after wrapping up my description of every member of GI Joe and all the team's high tech goodies. Some time this year, however, I intend to start working on the Cobra side of the equation, as well as recombining all of my 'year by year' GI Joe entries into a single file. Because some of those have just gotten a bit too unwieldy to navigate.

New Universe: this project has been close to done for a while now, though like the above, I haven't really worked on it for a bit. I intend to add 4C System: Edition 13 variations of each character description I've written so far, along with tweaking the text involved to observe my more recent rules changes and upgrades. And then, once that's done, I may well work on the DP 7 corner of this thing proper.

Timely Heroes: as you may recall, I recently wrapped up a serious overhaul of this part of the 13. Every single hero, villain, and other I covered in this, the former Vintage Age Heroes project, has been given an Edition 13 variation, along with streamlining, proofreading, and of course fiddling to make 'em line up with the current rules. This project is now ready for the addition of all new entries.

Variant Earth 13: a warehouse for an original game campaign, designed to make full use of the custom rules present here on the site, this reference has also been recently overhauled. Though it's not done, not by a long shot, everybody present has been cleaned up as were the Timely Heroes characters. So as is the case with the above, you will see nothing but all new characters added here when time permits.

Transformers: just before the end of the last Technoholic year, I completed my work to clean up the Transformers: Robots in Disguise portion of what has evolved into my brand new Transformers reference. The RiD stuff is now done in its entirety (wow!), and the expanded Transformers thing is ready and willing to receive all new character entries, as well as an explanation of how I build Transformer descriptions.

MSH Infinity: this part of the site, sort of its 'last resort' pile, has been primarily idle this last year. I'd like to go through what few beasties I've applied to it so far in order to streamline them as I have a majority of the site thus far, but they're admittedly my last priority. But I'd really like to add a bunch to this, because I truly believe the PlaneScape setting is an absolute beauty to behold.

Marvel Universe Miscellany: this portion of the 13 has been expanded in scope. It used to be an 'other' category where I just threw things that didn't belong anywhere else. Now, however, I've changed it into a specific repository for Marvel characters I cover that don't fit in my other projects, which has entailed me cleaning up what was there, as well as adding the 'modern' version of my Timely descriptions.

Custom Rules: I've made great strides in this branch of my work over the last year. I started and finished the Deionomicon, of course, which was a pretty significant accomplishment. I've also streamlined the presentation of my many and various custom rules bits, and they all flow from a single, primary document now. At least for the Universal Heroes; still working on that for the 4C System: Edition 13 stuff.

Though I'm not done with everything yet, the above sounds pretty darn good, doesn't it?

So in case I wasn't clear, I have four Technoholic priorities this year. They are to shore up my extant New Universe material, condense and expand what I have for GI Joe entries, streamline my 4C System: Edition 13 materials like I have the Universal Heroes stuff, and to write another of my rules expansions. I'm strongly leaning on Exobiology 101 here, though the Technical Reference is a close second on my list.

Anyway, thanks for hanging around all these years!

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What's New?

I've added plenty to the 13 of late, including Impeccable Icarus, Bumblebee, Agent Dale Strum, FBI, Synthetic Sapien, Mirage, Phantom Bullet, Barnaby Eveningstar, Cliffjumper, Fighting Hobo, the Eidolon Empress, Bluestreak, Mister Million, Alabaster Jackson-Jones, Windcharger, the Fiery Mask, the Lady At, the Slaggregator, Satokata Matsu, (just) Matsu, Murdermouth, and Khronos!

Technoholic Content

In the event that those expressive icons at the top (and bottom) of the page don't tell enough of the story for you to see what lies beyond them, here is a quick summary of just about everything on the site. I even added one or two pages that I didn't have room for in the navigation bar above (well it looks like I do, but there's more coming... oh yes.)

The New Universe: It was the world outside your window - at least, until the so-called White Event rippled across the face of the earth, leaving approximately two in every million people forever changed. With the dawn of the paranormal, the world would be forever changed - and for the worse - as various governments scrambled to master this new, uncontrollable power.

Gi Joe: a Real American Hero: Assembled from the very best members of the various armed forces, Special Counter-Terrorist Group Delta is also known by its nickname, Gi Joe. This group was created to handle all kinds of threats to democracy, but was forced to focus its efforts on Cobra, a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world! Only Gi Joe stands between Cobra and its nefarious goal...!

Timely Heroes: The dawn of the heroic age, the 1940s were an era fraught with peril, both in the form of rampant fascism as well as villainous individuals of great personal power. The only thing standing in the way of their conquering the world were a loose band of stubborn, individualistic super heroes determined to protect freedom at all costs!

Transformers: Robots in Disguise: Traveling to our world across both space and time, the diabolical Megatron has come to our planet to seize control of the incredibly powerful Fortress Maximus - and will destroy anyone and anything that gets in the way of this goal! It's too bad for him, then, that the Autobots were ready for him and his flunkies, and literally had years to prepare for his arrival...

Variant Earth 13: Superficially reflecting the 'real' world, Variant Earth 13 is a nexus of sorts, a place that has an analogue of events in a multitude of other timelines. While the Powers That Be try to keep a lid on things and preserve the status quo, all manner of ascendant beings are quite active in the pursuit of their goals, and events are quickly spiraling out of control...

MSH Infinity: Built for adventures throughout a multiverse of possibility, the Planescape campaign setting featured a battle of ideas amidst incredible locations. The MSH Infinity reference will be an eventual translation of this incredible material into MSH RPG terms, allowing you to take your heroes on an adventure they won't soon forget - if they don't simply move in...!

Marvel Universe Miscellany: A place for those folks that don't quite fit into the sections above, the Marvel Universe Miscellany is a sort of repository for odds and ends that I've perpetrated over the years in statistical form, folks I don't want to build a whole reference for yet I wouldn't mind featuring on the site - since I did make them playable, after all.

Custom Rules: This is a compendium of the custom-built rules systems I have created for use by the general public. Currently, these rules are for the Universal Heroes Role Playing Game ('Classic' MSH RPG) as well as the 4C System: Edition 13 rules. I intend to eventually add Saga versions of all this material, as well as rules for one more game - but that's down the road some.

The Technohol 13 Master Roster: In the event that you are looking for a character you think I've covered in the past but don't want to leaf through the above sections to find him or her (or it), you can't do wrong to look here. This is a compendium of links to everyone I'm currently featuring on the site, in both their MSH Classic and Saga versions. It's huge but comprehensive!

Technoholic Updates: While I try to update the 'news' section above on a weekly schedule, more or less, I usually update the Updates page as soon as I've added something to the 13. Sometimes I'm working 'ahead' and sometimes I'm not, but that'll show you just what it is I'm up to at any given point in time, in the event that you're looking for the newest in Technoholic goods.

The Atomic Links: This is a collection of MSH RPG links I have assembled for you, either in a Classic or Saga flavor. The list seems to be dwindling rapidly of late, as AOL and now Geocities seems to be removing all their hosting services (or going under, as it may be). But these links nonetheless lead to additional MSH RPG material for your gaming use, so check them out when you're done here.

Technoholic Basics: This is a quick bit of information about the site itself, going a bit above and beyond what you see here on the 'main' page, and goes into my motivations for the site and so on. It's also where I've placed the Technoholic Color Changing Mechanism, in the event that you would rather pick your own color than go with the quasi-random Color Rotating Thingus I built a bit back.

Author Information: In the event that you'd like to know a little bit more about the author of this here web site (everything on is written by me unless specifically noted otherwise), this is the link for you. Feel free to read about my sad little life and get to know me some, and if you have a burning need for even more Firebomb dirt, a link is provided therein.

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