Base Cost: 24 points


Hand Size:
2 (10)


The B'ntri are aliens, terrible eating machines spawned in the subterranean evolutionary crucible of a rogue planet. While most other life they competed with for survival was just as deadly, the B'ntri acquired a mutation which granted them sentience relatively recently, and quickly dominated - and decimated - their ecosystem. Due to sheer necessity, they have expanded their menu across the cosmos!


Additional Limbs / Tentacles (a): B'ntri do not have limbs as do you and I. No, they instead possess eight wrinkly, wormy tentacles. Four of these are three feet long, and used for actions that require manual dexterity, while the other four are six feet in length, and provide locomotion. B'ntri gain a +1 to their Strength for the purposes of movement, as well as a bonus, contingent melee attack each exchange, thanks to these appendages.

Barbs (mutant variation, s): some B'ntri evince long barbs on their tentacles. While this is not a common trait by far, it can be passed along from one generation of B'ntri to another. Barbs allow them to better grip potential food with their tentacles, literally skewering their would-be meals in place, and let a B'ntri inflict +2 slashing damage when attempting a grappling maneuver. (+4 points)

Corrosion (s): though their fangs (and occasional barbs) are terrifying to behold, the true danger a B'ntri poses is utter dissolution. Their metabolisms are built to rapidly break down most any matter funneled into their maw, thanks to an intensity 8 corrosive they use to greatly accelerate digestion. While mostly used for eating, a B'ntri can spit this acid anywhere within their current area.

Fangs: B'ntri are equipped with eight fangs in their immense maws, one roughly corresponding to each tentacle's size and position (thus, they have four larger and four smaller fangs). These inherent weapons can be used by B'ntri to inflict +2 slashing damage in melee, but are mostly used to rend their food before dissolving it within their bodies with their corrosion power.

Universal Digestion (s): thanks to the incredibly potent corrosives their digestive system makes, along with the staggering harshness of their home world, B'ntri have evolved such that they can derive sustenance from most anything they consume. Thanks to this ability, they also possess an incidental invulnerability to poisons administered via food or drink - B'ntri simply break it down along with everything else.

Hindrances / Augmentations:

Blind: having evolved beneath the surface of their rogue planet, B'ntri never found themselves exposed to light or radiation much (heat notwithstanding). Thus, these beings did not evolve vision at all. The inherent blindness of a B'ntri can be represented by this hindrance, which shows that B'ntri will never acquire vision unless they suddenly develop eyeballs or the like (barring ascendant intervention, that is).

Magical Aptitude: no one knows why really, but B'ntri have an inherent knack for the use of magic. Not all B'ntri wield sorcery - far from it, in fact - but they nonetheless have a natural propensity for the stuff. Thanks to this magical aptitude, a B'ntri spellcaster may add a +1 to any magical spell they attempt to make use of, at least in every aspect save for the damage it inflicts.

Monstrous: it probably goes without saying, but thanks to their inhuman appearance and almost constantly threatening behavior, B'ntri are a natural fit for this hindrance. When they are present, Edge zero (0) beings have a like Willpower score for the purposes of resisting the urge to flee in a blind panic. And rightly so, for a B'ntri in their midst would as likely eat them as ask them where the 'good food' is.

Omnidexterity: B'ntri do not have a main limb or limb set. While they do have tentacles of two different sizes, each with their own evolved purposes, a B'ntri may truly wield any of them for any task. While it does not allow them to 'double up' their additional limb bonuses (they simply can't concentrate on so much at once), this quirk does allow B'ntri to 'switch' a tentacle to an unusual task without penalty.






B'ntri have no inherent contacts, not even their own species. While they may make friends of other B'ntri over the course of their lives, these beings don't hold any special loyalty to their own kind above others - another B'ntri is competition for food, after all! Similarly, since they have a tendency to eat everything that moves (and some things that don't!), most B'ntri have a difficult time forging reliable contacts.


Demolisher: B'ntri are destroyers in every aspect of their lives. Their species has little culture outside the consumption, in vast quantities, of every alien species they can get their tentacles on. They revel in the damage their appetites cause to untold worlds, only lamenting the countless extinction events they cause because that means they'll never get to eat those 'used up' creatures again.


The B'ntri are gleeful consumers of all life, regardless of whether or not it is sapient. They may or may not like the taste of a given organism, but a B'ntri will happily critique every aspect of its flavor - and may try several samples of each to get a proper, gastronomical baseline. This is all that matters to most B'ntri, who escaped starvation on their home world so long ago, and now exult in the bounty of the universe.

Despite their disregard for the health and well-being of all other beings, even other B'ntri, these inexplicable aliens are often quite erudite, if one can understand their raspy, gurgling language (or perhaps converse with telepathy, instead). B'ntri often wax poetic with individuals, even while consuming their very flesh, though their victims rarely debate back since, you know, they're being eaten at the moment.


B'ntri are not remotely humanoid. The core of their body is a vaguely octagonal trunk where their dreadful maw and digestive system are housed. From this base issue forth eight tentacles, which alternate between three and six feet tall (four each). Each tentacle has a corresponding fang inside a B'ntri's mouth, either three or six inches long (to go along with the size of the associated appendage).

B'ntri flesh is grayish-brown in hue, generally matching that of their home world's soil. While it is relatively smooth on their core, the tentacles of a B'ntri are wrinkled and vaguely rubbery, resembling the general aspect of a worm. They have no obvious, external sensory organs, and are definitely blind, but can approximate a sense of hearing through their ultra-sensitive skin.

Ecological Niche:

B'ntri are at the top of the food chain wherever they go. If they are not upon their arrival in a given ecosystem, they will rapidly, almost invariably, ascend to that position. They can and will eat anything to acquire sustenance, but prefer the flesh of living creatures - particularly sentient beings. Thus, they will typically decimate a society with their horrible eating habits before doing the same to the world around it.


On a world with no name, the B'ntri rose. Millions of years ago, B'ntri were merely deep-dwelling tunnelers beneath the surface of a world with a bustling, advanced society. A cosmic cataclysm flung this world into the interstellar void however, decimating the civilization and, in time, essentially wiping out its life. Well, all of the species that existed on its surface, at any rate.

While bereft of its sun, this forgotten rogue world benefited from a highly active, molten core, thanks to a natural abundance of fissile materials collected during its formation so long ago. Thus, life beneath its now-icy crust continued on normally, and continued to flourish. The creatures that banged out an existence in this harsh crucible of evolution were amazingly tough... or simply didn't last long.

While the things that would become B'ntri were pretty effective predators, they only got worse once they began to develop into sentient beings. Once this evolutionary leap occurred, B'ntri quickly spread throughout their world, exterminating most other forms of life all too fast. Desperate for something to eat that wasn't themselves, B'ntri slowly journeyed closer and closer to the barren, lifeless surface of their world.

There, they discovered ancient remnants of the beings who came long, long before them. Using this windfall, along with a natural knack for the manipulation of occult energies, the B'ntri escaped the used up husk of their home world. And thus, the universe met one of its greatest scourges, for without their harsh planet to limit them, the B'ntri spread far and wide. And bred as fast as they could. And fed to their heart's content.

Present in the Milky Way and various neighboring galaxies, the B'ntri spread like wildfire throughout the cosmos. While they do not necessarily destroy every civilization they encounter (often saving some survivors 'for later'), B'ntri nonetheless inflict staggering damage to whatever ecosystem they intrude upon - and in rapid order. Which is why they are almost universally loathed throughout space!

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