The Manual of the Psi

Version 3

The Manual of the Psi is a source book devoted to giving you, the intrepid user of the Universal Heroes rules, the means of producing a psionic character for use in the game. A psi-active character is one who has awakened one or more of the special abilities inherent to all sentient minds, and can usually gain such activation through intense study, meditation, occasional freak happenstance, or even their intense beliefs.

The Basic Idea: this is the root of the psionics system in the Universal Heroes rules, the core notions that everything builds around. The idea is to explain the difference between a psi-active character and other adventuring types, and to lay the groundwork for the rest of the concepts to come. It's a relatively short portion of the Manual of the Psi, but a vital one.

Character Generation: now, it's time to build your Psionic character! This section will detail the step by step process of generating your psi-using hero (or villain!). This document refers to the Psionic Character Generation Insert for the actual rolling tables required, but tells you everything you need to know to build a psi character.

A Day in the Psi Life once you have your psionic character, what do you do with him or her? A Day in the Psi Life offers some hints as how to distinguish psionic characters from others, as well as character advancement rules that differ from the norm. And hey, it's got a few notes on psionic combat as well, in case you need ideas or clarification there.

Comprehensive Power List ah, the bulk of the Manual of the Psi. This is a description of all 300 or so of the psi powers I've concocted for the Manual. All nine disciplines of power are presented in this one document for convenience, even if some of them are not allowed for use in your game by your Judge - the idea is to have the powers rules all in one location.

Quirks: though the quirks themselves were not included in the original Manual of the Psi, they are nonetheless presented here for your use as the original version of the rules are no longer extant anywhere else on this site. Furthermore, the PsCGI actively links to each quirk now, as it does with the various psionics, for your reading convenience.

Psionic Talents this is a quick summary of the various talents that are special to psionic characters. While non-psi characters might have a use for one or two of these skills, the talents provided here are primarily intended for characters who train in the psionic arts. Some of these are omitted in the 'new' Manual of the Psi, but they're here for reference in case you prefer this version.

Appendix 1: Psionic Subtypes this appendix highlights character types that differ slightly from the primary thrust of the Manual of the Psi. This includes people who wield psi powers naturally, as well as those who are specialists in the 'combination' character psionic schools, such as technopsis and deionicists. If only to keep the rules in one place.

Appendix 2: the Psionic Character Generation Insert Great Googly Moogly. Or other associated expressions of astonishment. I don't recall ever having to make so many tables in one sitting, but I did it. Here's the PsCGI all tabled up for your html convenience, with each power, psionic talent and quirk now being directly linked to the appropriate description in the Manual.


The Manual of the Psi - Version 4: the original Manual of the Psi to hit the internet, Version 3, has been available for your gaming use since 1998. However, this work has since been updated, being rebuilt from scratch as Version 4. Released in 2011, this new Manual is also available at Technohol 13, and the hope is that you'll like it much better than Version 3.

The Manual of the Psi - Version 3 (Word File): though I have gone and updated the Manual of the Psi, having rewritten it from the ground up, this version of the Manual has been preserved for posterity. Ye Olde Word File is still available here for your gaming use, and has been zipped in case your bandwidth is wee. I always try to be considerate like that!

The Manual of the Psi - Version 3 (Text File): this is the exact same information you're looking at in the link above. Instead of existing as either a word file or a zipped archive of such, it is instead a direct export of the text of the Manual... as a text file. Surprise! The formatting is odd in places on the rolling tables, but all the information is there.

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