Citizens of Cobra-La

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RV 6
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For the most part, the citizens of Cobra-La are quite similar to ordinary humans. They have the same basic shape, for one thing, and often come in the same colors. A few outliers have more pronounced reptilian characteristics, however, and definitely stand out in a crowd.

Known Powers:

Fangs: some atavistic citizens of Cobra-La possess functional fangs, sharp above and beyond that of their peers. Though they don't seem equipped to deliver poison to the victim of their bite, such citizens may nonetheless use them to inflict Slashing damage in melee. (+4 points)

Limitations / Enhancements:



Living Finery: unlike humans, the citizens of Cobra-La do not wear conventional clothing. No, their coverings are actually alive, specially bred creatures that provide warmth and comfort to the citizens who wear them, and offer sustenance to any other living technology they carry.


Abnormal Attribute: some of Cobra-La's citizenry can pass as ordinary humans. However, others possess pronounced fangs, per the above, have considerably enlarged and/or slitted eyes, or exhibit more exotic colors, such as sky blue, celadon, mauve, or even bone white. (-1 point)

Allergy / Cold: the phenomenon that destroyed Cobra-La's grip on prehistoric earth, its citizens are highly susceptible to cold damage. It affects them as if their armor, if any, was -2 RS in value, and if a given citizen of Cobra-La possesses none, it inflicts +1 RS damage.


While each citizen of Cobra-La is presumed to have a useful talent, considering that they are so few in number, the society does not train in the use of a singular skill en masse. Anything revolving around animal handling, biology, or even genetics would be highly valued, though.


A closed, insular society, Cobra-La has no one to rely upon but itself. As such, its citizens strive to further the goals of their hidden kingdom, for no one else is going to help them. Thus, it is unlikely that one member of this civilization wouldn't help any of their fellows if asked.


Despite living under an ice dome in the Himalayas, and being heavily averse to the cold, the citizens of Cobra-La wear generally minimal clothing, which at least preserves their modesty. Their style may not account for their Himalayan residence because they may not be able to modify it.


The specific origins of Cobra-La's people are unknown and somewhat vague. They are definitely humanoids descended from reptiles, but things get fuzzy after that. They may have evolved on earth alongside the rest of its life forms, or they may have originated on another world entirely.

The citizenry of Cobra-La hailing from our planet would be the easiest explanation to swallow at first, but this is problematic in that there was zero evidence of their existence before it was revealed to the world. No fossil records, no archaeological ruins, no nothing.

While Cobra-La's people being aliens seems a bit harder to rationalize, their own dialog tends to support this option. Referring to earth as a 'pitiful planet', and its inhabitants as 'earth scum' seems to imply an experience which includes life on more than one planet.

Either way, Cobra-La was an active society before the dawn of recorded history, having developed a civilization that relied solely on living beings to do its work. Incredibly specialized, these life forms served as tools, structures, vehicles, or even clothing for Cobra-La's people.

However, none of them were endothermic in nature, and thus susceptible to intense cold. So, when earth's most recent Ice Age came about, almost all of Cobra-La's works were wiped out, and the remnants of this society hunkered down beneath a Himalayan ice dome to wait it out.

As they prepared to leave their shelter many millennia later, the citizens of Cobra-La realized that they had been supplanted, the world inhabited by mankind. Incensed by this, and humanity's embrace of inorganic, lifeless technology, Cobra-La planned to destroy mankind.

This plot ultimately failed, however, and Cobra-La was destroyed in the resultant obliteration of the ice dome that shielded it from the bitter cold at the top of the world. Most of its people, including its leader, were slain in the aftermath of this ill-conceived attempt at conquest.

Some of its nobility appears to have survived the end of their hidden kingdom, however, so it is possible that other representatives of Cobra-La lurk amongst the world's dark reaches to this very day. This especially if that Himalayan shelter wasn't Cobra-La's only bolt-hole.

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