the Cobra Battle Copter

The GI Joe team is always trying out new hardware, and they had the opportunity when the Air Commandos gliders proved inadequate for a few mission profiles here and there. To this end, they decided to test out a small, man-portable helicopter for use in emergencies.

As it turned out, Cobra got their hands on a few of these prototypes, and quickly devised their own versions of the Battle Copter - they look almost identical to the originals, save for subtle decal differences and the coloration on the rotors themselves.

The Battle Copters devised by Cobra are capable of flying at approximately 90 miles per hour, thanks to their 'impact-proof', full throttle power plants. Their lightweight and flexible, aerodynamic design doesn't hurt in this regard, either.

The Cobra Battle Copters are rather small affairs, essentially being back-mounted air vehicles. They can be assembled in the field with just a minute or so of work, and disassembled with similar alacrity. They function with these vehicular statistics:

Ty 6
Ty 6
Gd 10
Sh 0

Extra Goodies:

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Cobra directories featuring a version of the Cobra Battle Copter:

  1991 1992  

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