the Night Vulture Glider

Cobra has always made use of hang gliders in smaller operations, because they're cheap and stealthy. They even have a unit built especially for glider operations: the Night Vultures! Their leader took advantage of the GI Joe team's work on building more efficient gliders, and incorporated it into his own unit's arsenal - hence the Night Vulture gliders. These rip-offs have the following capabilities:

Ty 6
Ty 6
Fe 2
Sh 0

As you can see from these vehicle ratings, the Night Vulture glider can be used to soar about at ninety miles per hour, though this is rarely along a horizontal path. This is because, like all gliders, the Night Vulture glider loses three stories of altitude for each six areas traveled forward. Of course, by passing a Control FEAT, the wielder of the Night Vulture glider can maintain (or gain) altitude by using thermals.

The glider itself is a long, wide affair, covered in one of two basic camouflage patterns - both being black and purple, with red trim and Cobra logos here and there. Also, like its Joe counterpart, the Night Vulture is equipped with two rapid-fire, 30mm cannons in the control rig that can be fired to inflict Excellent (20) Shooting damage per deadly burst - but have only a few turns worth of ammunition.

Furthermore, the Night Vulture glider's harness is constructed so that the pilot can fly it one handed, and fire a personal weapon with his other hand; this gives a -1 CS penalty to Control FEATs, however. Usually, the highly trained pilots of these attack gliders don't bother to attempt this maneuver until they've expended the ammunition contained within the glider's inherent weaponry, as it's easier to attack with those first.

Extra Goodies:

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Cobra directories featuring a version of the Night Vulture Glider:

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