Dee-Jay (deceased)


Hand Size:
3 (17)




Helmet (s): as do most members of Battle Force 2000, Thomas wears a helmet with a futuristic design. In addition to providing him +2 protection against physical attacks, Thomas' head gear is equipped with a visor that gives him like protected senses for his vision.

Laser Rifle (a): his main weapon, Thomas can use this powerful directed energy weapon to devastating effect. It can be fired to inflict his Agility +6 damage per blast, enough to give even the armored Cobra Vipers serious pause.

the Pulverizer (i): ostensibly his 'main ride' while working with the Battle Force 2000, this vehicle is essentially a giant laser cannon mounted on a small, treaded vehicle. There's more to it of course, but the Pulverizer is described more fully in its own vehicular entry.

Radio Transceiver (i): as the Force's communications expert, Thomas carries a powerful radio transceiver on his back at all times. Wired into his helmet, it allows him to communicate with intensity 8 range (2,500 miles), and with intensity 10 signal encryption.

Semi-automatic Pistol (a): in the event that lasing a foe is overkill, Thomas also carries a conventional firearm on a hip holster. He can wield this weapon to inflict his Agility +4 damage in a single shot, raised to his Agility +5 damage when fired semi-auto.




Boxing (s): an essential talent given to all military recruits, this skill represents Thomas' ability to defend himself even without his high tech toys. He may attempt two unarmed melee attacks per exchange, the last of which will occur as a contingent action.

Electronics (i): Thomas has tinkered with advanced devices all his life, and has only gotten better at it thanks to his work with the Battle Force 2000. For the purposes of building, designing or repairing electronic devices, Thomas makes actions at a reduced difficulty.

Marksmanship (a): while he prefers to wield his laser cannon in battle, Thomas was nonetheless trained in the use of mundane firearms by the military first. Whether holding a rifle or pistol, of either a conventional or directed energy sort, Thomas uses it at a reduced difficulty.

Military / United States (w): the source of all his fighting talents, this skill serves as an origin of sorts for GI Joe operative Dee-Jay. It reflects his understanding of the SOP, as well as his ability to operate effectively in a group of fighting men and women.


Thrill-Seeker: Dee-Jay has always enjoyed living on the edge, whether working as a disc jockey or while fighting Cobra terrorists in the field. He's constantly pushing himself to get better at his job, so he can face ever greater challenges while 'on the clock'.


Dee-Jay's second GI Joe uniform is similar to his first. It includes a white long sleeved shirt and a pair of gray trousers, both beneath a cyan and gold harness, cyan leather boots and gloves, white knee pads, a golden belt, and a white helmet with a golden visor attached.


Thomas is a confident and loquacious individual. He enjoys working with electronics of any sort, particularly if he can coax an infectious beat out of it. He's good under pressure however, and can fix just about anything electronic, even when the bad guys are firing full auto at him!

Real Name: Thomas R. Rossi, Grade Sp-4
Occupation: radio telephone operator, infantry
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with no known criminal record, legally deceased
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: GI Joe, Battle Force 2000 (GI Joe sub-unit)

Height: 6'
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 160 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none.


Thomas got his start in Boston, where he was one of the hottest disc jockeys the city had ever known. He seems to have a way with electronics, and when he's not playing other people's infectious grooves, Thomas is generating his own strange, digital music instead.

Having gone as far as he thought he could in 'the World', Thomas decided to enlist in the Army. He quickly became a fully trained infantryman, but his expertise with high tech gear got him his main job as a radio telephone operator for field forces.

Working hard to prove himself, Thomas has demonstrated his ability to do his job in the harshest of conditions, being able to repair a broken radio rig even under enemy fire. Wanting ever greater challenges though, Thomas signed up for the experimental Battle Force 2000 program.

The Brass decided to let him in, but it wasn't as easy as that, oh no. An arm of the elite GI Joe team, the Battle Force 2000 is expected to have the ability to survive the grueling GI Joe entrance exam just like every other member of that anti-terrorist group.

This took a bit, but eventually Thomas built up the strength, stamina and mental drive to succeed at this - which meant he had become the single most hard core disc jockey on earth. Once on the team, the Battle Force 2000 unit put Thomas to work as their communications expert.

Armed with an advanced radio rig and similarly advanced weaponry, Thomas took on the code name of Dee-Jay. Whether he's driving the Pulverizer or manning his 'leather personnel carriers', Thomas quickly made a name for himself with the rest of the Force.

He continued to serve with distinction on the Battle Force 2000 team for over a year, at least until the fateful Battle of Benzheen. When Cobra invaded the small, oil-rich country, Thomas was sent there along with the entire GI Joe force in order to dislodge the terrorists.

While moving into position through an oil field, the Battle Force was betrayed by none other than the Emir of Benzheen, who gave up their position to Cobra Commander. Not feeling the Emir was treating him seriously enough, the Commander then shelled said oil field into smithereens.

Thomas was killed in the resulting blast, alongside most of his fellow Battle Force 2000 operatives. While he was buried in the Arlington National Cemetery alongside his fellow fallen Joes, this is a small consolation to his former family and friends...

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Note that Dee-Jay died in the GI Joe comic well before his 1993 figure was released, an oddity since the toy line generally followed the comic by not re-releasing folks that were deceased in the book. As such, Version 2 of him may be a Dee-Jay 2, or a variant earth version.

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