the Sand Razor

The Sand Razor is a high speed combat vehicle designed for desert operations. Sparsely armored in order to maximize its speed, the Razor is best suited for 'hit and run' missions in sandy climes, or a fast getaway from some battle or another. The Sand Razor has an m.s. of 13, and these capabilities:

.50 Cal Rotary Cannon (a): the Sand Razor's primary driver-utilized weapon, this forward-pointing beast can inflict considerable damage upon an enemy vehicle - or platoon. It can fire a short burst of ammo to inflict the driver's Agility +6 in damage, or sustained fire for +7 damage.

Communications Suite (i): the Sand Razor is equipped with a radio transceiver system, allowing the driver to send battle-field data to a central command, and then receive new orders in turn. This functions at intensity 6, and has a maximum range of about 250 miles.

Gun Turret (a): in addition to the driver's seat, the Sand Razor comes equipped with a top-mounted, rotating gun turret. This seat offers the high ground in most vehicular fights, though it tends to make its occupant feel somewhat... exposed (what with the lack of protection from the roll bar).

The handy thing about the turret, though, is that it makes up for defense by having quite a lot of offense inside. It has a rocket launcher (described below) and a 55mm recoilless rifle with 15 shots fully loaded, shots which can be fired to inflict a whopping +7 damage per deadly blast.

Halogen Floodlight (i): the Sand Razor has a large, left-mounted floodlight that it can use to both illuminate an area and (quite possibly) affect one's aim due to overwhelming glare. This floodlight can produce light of intensity 10 strength, and can easily blind someone temporarily who looks right at it...!

Lightning Speed (a): the Sand Razor has the ability to drive at intensity 4 speeds during ordinary road conditions (about 105 miles per hour), though this is reduced to intensity 2 (55 miles per hour) when driving off-road. Of course, at this reduced rate of travel, the Razor can get almost anywhere...!

Machine Gun (a): this secondary driver-utilized weapon, this automatic weapon can be swiveled 45 degrees (either way) from a forward-facing position, allowing increased range. It may fire a short burst of ammo to inflict the driver's Agility +5 damage, or sustained fire for +6 damage.

Passengers: though it's primarily built for one- or two-man hit and run operations, the Sand Razor has the ability to carry passengers. This is because the Razor has a fold-out panel that an extra occupant can use to stand on - a panel that is actually the Razor's second rocket launcher...!

Rocket Launchers (i): the Sand Razor has two (count 'em) rocket launchers: one in the gun turret and one concealed between the Razor's two left wheels. Both of these launchers fire rockets capable of affecting everyone within striking distance of where they hit, rockets that inflict intensity 10 sharp (physical) damage.

Roll Cage (s): though the Sand Razor offers its driver very little protection, it does come fully equipped with a roll cage. This thing will protect the driver (but not a body manning the gun turret) +4 protection from any damage caused by the vehicle's rolling in an accident.

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