the Patriot Grizzly

Night Force Version

Another in a long line of powerful GI Joe tanks, the Patriot Grizzly is a modern fighting vehicle from top to bottom. The original model of this mighty ground combat vehicle is equipped with a bevy of enemy-crushing weaponry, and a tan and gray camouflage pattern.

Mind you, the Night Force version has a much different, green, black and brown camouflage pattern on it, to better suit nocturnal missions. It, like the original, has the following vehicular characteristics:

RV 20
RV 6
RV 40
RV 30

Autocannon: on the front of the Patriot Grizzly is a fixed autocannon, a rotary-barreled machine gun that can only hit whatever is in front of the vehicle. It inflicts rank value 20 Piercing damage in a short burst, raised +1 RS when firing a sustained burst of ammunition.

Communications Array: the Patriot Grizzly is equipped with an extremely powerful, gigahertz-frequency, frequency-wobbler radio system. This makes for rank value 20 communications power (with a 100 mile range) that has rank value 30 signal encryption - not bad at all, that.

Gear Cases: the Patriot Grizzly has, spread about it, various cases filled with useful gear. It has a fully stocked first aid kit, tool kit, and a small case for its pilots' arms and ammo, should the Patriot Grizzly get disabled and its occupants have to fight it out directly.

Headlights: there are two lamps on the front of the Patriot Grizzly tank. Combined they can be used to cast rank value 20 illumination over a sector, lighting it up quite nicely, and in ambush situations can be used to blind an opponent for 1d10 turns (though usually just once).

Machine Gun Mount: mounted on a cupola atop the Patriot Grizzly's main tank turret, this secondary gun can be swiveled in a 360 degree arc to provide support to the vehicle's operation. It can inflict rank value 20 Piercing damage in a short burst, raised +1 RS when fired fully automatic.

Radar Array: the Patriot Grizzly is equipped with a powerful ground radar unit, which lets it track objects in its vicinity. This vicinity is defined as everything within its line of sight inside a mile diameter of its location, thus functioning at rank value 2.

Side Turrets: atop the Patriot Grizzly's turret lies two small guns, one to each side, which are controlled by its internal occupants. These guns can be fired to inflict rank value 10 Piercing damage in a short burst, raised to rank value 20 when they're opened up wide.

Tank Cannon: the Patriot Grizzly's main weapon is its massive cannon. It can fire incredibly large shells that will inflict rank value 50 Piercing damage to their target, along with -1 RS Slashing (fragmentary) damage to all uncovered targets in the sector struck. It has a five mile range.

Thermal Imaging: in addition to its standard visual detection methods, the Patriot Grizzly has the ability to spy upon its environment where the infrared spectrum is concerned. It can see radiant IR objects and heat sources with rank value 10 ability.

B.T.R. Version

Of course, the Joes actually had two different kinds of Patriot Grizzly to choose from in '04. The second had colors more closely matching the original, desert camouflage scheme. The trick was that this Patriot Grizzly was built with B.T.R. technology, and has these additional capabilities:

Additional Autocannon: while the original Patriot Grizzly has one front-mounted, fixed rotary-barrel autocannon, the B.T.R. version of this vehicle has two! When its fire is added to the first, the autocannon (described above) will inflict +1 RS damage in either mode.

Missile Launcher: on top of its already impressive tank cannon, the B.T.R. Patriot Grizzly has the use of an additional missile launcher. This weapon can only have one projectile loaded at a time, but this powerful explosive has these vehicular characteristics:

RV 20
RV 50
RV 20
RV 30 Slashing (fragmentary)

Shape Change: the whole point of B.T.R. technology is that it can be field-modified by just a few Joes in little time. The Patriot Grizzly can be transformed from a regular tank into a one man, treaded gun platform (with a +1 RS Velocity rating) in no time flat!

Extra Goodies:

the Patriot Grizzly 4C System: Edition 13 Text File Download

the Patriot Grizzly Imagery

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