Ex 20
Gd 10
Rm 30
In 40
Gd 10
Gd 10
In 40
Ex 20
Gd +10



Mesharu is one of the Anunnaki, an immortal being ultimately descended from the primordial entities Abzu and Tiamat. Her divine origins give Mesharu considerable super-human capabilities, which might seem downright fantastic to mere mortals who lay their eyes upon her.

Known Powers:

Aura / Plasma: while Shamash is most assuredly the sun god, Mesharu is often considered a solar deity as well, albeit a lesser one - one who can stand in for Shamash when his duties require him elsewhere. Mesharu's Incredible (40) ranked plasma aura protects her as follows:

Rm 30 / In 40 / Ty 6 / Fe 2 / Sh 0

* Flight: the right hand of Shamash, Mesharu occasionally stands in for her father, crossing the sky in a chariot fueled by her own might. She can soar around the world at Shift Y (200) rank, or 1,037.54 miles per hour, a representation of the sun's daily movement around the earth.

* Plasma Generation: though she's not actually the sun, Mesharu can nonetheless emit vast amounts of plasma energy, symbolic of providing light and heat to the earth. She can discharge Remarkable (30) amounts of plasma, inflicting AP SD Energy damage with each blast.

Disguise: just like her father, Mesharu is somewhat fluid in gender. While she is primarily depicted as female, Mesharu has occasionally been portrayed as male, as well. Mesharu can thus change her appearance as she sees fit, doing so with Incredible (40) capability.

Immortality: while she's not as mighty as either of her divine parents, Mesharu is still immortal. She can be brought to zero Health and/or Endurance, and can even be killed, but will not die. No matter what happens to her, Mesharu will persist indefinitely.

* Awe: like her fellow Anunnaki, Mesharu has the power to wreathe herself the terrible power of her undying essence. Those within Very Near distance who fail a Psyche (will) FEAT against this Incredible (40) spectral display are stupefied for the duration.

* Boon: Mesharu is often called upon to provide aid in her own right, and can fuel entreaties made to her divine person with Incredible (40) ability. This involves her granting 'generic' entreaties for power, as well as Judicature and Eldritch Bolt (plasma) entreaty spells.

Limitations / Enhancements:

Chronological Constraints: as is the case with her father, Mesharu is quite vulnerable between sunset and dawn. During the night, Mesharu does not have access to her plasma aura or any of the power stunts derived from it, leaving her with only conventional arms to protect herself.


Axe: should they resist their fate, Mesharu carries this weapon to set the guilty straight. Made from Amazing (50) m.s. materials, Mesharu can wield her axe to inflict her Strength rank in Edged Attack damage, quickly carving most foes into small, controllable pieces.

Breastplate: though she doesn't wear more extensive armor, Mesharu relies upon an ornate brass breastplate to absorb blows which bypass her shield. Made from ensorcelled bronze, this implement is of Amazing (50) m.s., and provides her torso the following protection:

In 40 / Ex 20 / Ty 6 / Fe 2 / Sh 0

Chariot: the daughter of Shamash, Mesharu occasionally drives her father's chariot through the sky when he's too busy to deal with such work himself. She may focus her disguise and plasma aura powers through the chariot, making it appear like a two-wheeled, oxen-drawn bullock cart.

Shield: when dispensing justice, sometimes the guilty fight their fate. Thus, Mesharu carries a shield with her to deflect their blows, should she face convicted criminals at night. Of Amazing (50) m.s. materials, Mesharu can use this to blunt most conventional assaults with ease.




Law Enforcement: Mesharu's primary role in the service of Shamash is to dispense holy justice as is required. Fulfilling this duty while her father drives his chariot across the skies, Mesharu is well-versed in both Babylon's legal codes and the enforcement of such.

Skill / Axes: though she's no slouch while unarmed, Mesharu truly excels in combat while wielding an axe, as she normally does so in lieu of her solar powers. She can handle most axes with great ability, doing so as though her Fighting was +1 CS higher than is listed above.


The daughter and right hand of Shamash, Mesharu works well with both him and her siblings, Bunene and Kittu. She's also on good terms with her mother, Aya, as well, along with the rest of the Anunnaki, who she helps to keep in power by enforcing their laws as best as she can.


While dispensing Babylonian justice, meting out punishment to those judged by Shamash, Mesharu makes use of an ornate bronze breastplate that she wears over a tunic which stretches down to her mid-thighs, elegant sandals, and a horned headdress.


Young and proud, Mesharu embodies the youthful spirit of her mother and the love of order held by her father. She relishes her position as the justice bringer of the gods, and happily throws herself into this work when not performing other duties as her parents require.

Real Name: Mesharu
Occupation: deific law enforcer
Legal Status: the citizen of no mortal land, Mesharu can be considered one of the people of extraplanar Ubshukkina
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: Misor
Group Affiliation: the Anunnaki

Height: 5' 8"
Hair: black
Eyes: black
Weight: 140 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Mesharu typically appears as a beautiful young woman lightly armed for battle, though sometimes she is perceived as male by her worshipers instead (depending on where she is currently active).


While Shamash is undoubtedly the god of the sun, Mesharu possesses similar characteristics. Some have considered Mesharu a solar deity in her own right, and assume she was simply assimilated into the orbit of his worship as it became ascendant. However, the truth is that they are so similar because Mesharu is Shamash's daughter, one of the three most famous offspring of Shamash and the goddess of the dawn, Aya.

One reason for this confusion is the simple fact that Shamash is such a busy god. He is the sun, he is law and order, he is truth. While Shamash is mighty and can accomplish incredible deeds, the reality is that he can only be in one place at a time. As such, Shamash often relies upon his children to help him perform his many tasks on a daily basis, and they are more than happy to pull their weight when required to.

While Bunene acts as Shamash's sukkal, Mesharu is his right hand. She enforces the many laws of Babylon and metes out justice to those who Shamash judges against. With axe in hand she dispenses penalties the law decrees scofflaws must suffer, and does so with glee. After all, the Anunnaki rely upon stability to continue their glorious lifestyle, and Mesharu believes in the legitimacy of their (and thus, her own) rule.

At times, however, Shamash must deal with important matters during the day, and cannot illuminate the world from on high. On such occasions, if Bunene and Kittu are otherwise indisposed, Mesharu is required to stand in for her father, driving the solar chariot across the skies in his stead. After all, if the sun failed to rise each day, chaos would reign - and the reign of the Anunnaki would most assuredly end.

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