Earth, Skewed My Way

Who am I?

For those of you who don't know me from my decades of rambling throughout the global computer network the media loves to soundbyte as the Internet, I am Denny Hill 2 (that's the second, not the sequel). The less savory folks amongs the online crowd tend to call me all sorts of things that are more insulting, but in a world-wide anarchy, what do you expect? Those are the Internets for you, I suppose.

Of course, few people hereabouts actually know me by that name. Generally, while stalking this and other sites, I tend to go by the name Firebomb. Oddly, even that gets mixed up by others, but I don't even bother trying to correct you lot any longer. Fireball, Vomitbomb, whatever. These days, as long as folks even know that my works exist, I'm happy. Anyhow, here's a snapshot of me while I still had long hair.

Back when it had long hair.

What am I?

I am basically a nerd, in case you haven't figured that out yet - and if you haven't, you surely haven't been snooping around this site very much! While that may cover my various choices of hobbies, that doesn't really detail what I do for a living. As it turns out, this seems to vary from year to year, since my degree in electronics engineering didn't take me as far as I thought it was going to.

Due to a combination of layoffs by corporations looking to save a buck by outsourcing work to India, as well as a basic lack of opportunities where I find myself living, I've wound up doing a lot of odd jobs over the years. From television repair to website marketing to satellite technical support to emergency dispatch operator, I get around. Lately, though, I find myself building high-octane components for these:

The Global Hawk!

Where am I?

Born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, I remained there for most of my life. I tended to believe that Omaha was the armpit of the universe, but then I traveled to neighboring states, such as Kansas and South Dakota, and I learned something valuable: perspective. Omaha is where Technohol 13 was born, way back in 1998, though much of the material originally hosted here was written there long, long ago.

As luck would have it, romantinc entanglements prompted my moving to Ohio after my job at ADT was outsourced to another country. Sure, the significant other could have moved to Omaha, but she had a job that paid well, while I suddenly did not. Thus, I transmigrated to first Dayton, and finally Yellow Springs. One would think I would loathe living in a small town, but this one is different. Special, you might say.

Yellow Springs, Ohio!

When am I?

As of this writing, I am an ancient, almost 46 years of age. I am old, decrepit, and so forth. I feel like an artifact of the past some days, or perhaps some object from the future what somehow found itself before its time. A large part of my temporal dichotomy is that I expect a lot better from the so-called 'leaders' in our society, who seem more interested in lining their own pockets than doing their jobs.

This is probably foolish of me, because if my extended time on this ball of rock has taught me anything, is that expecting anything but the lowest common denominator from others is a fool's errand. I try not to be a fool, mind you, and yet here we are. This is probably one reason I embrace high tech doo dads so much - at least, when built and maintaned properly, they do what they say they will.

(think of a nifty picture to go here)

Why am I?

Smarmy comments about birds and bees aside, I am a product of my environment. I do what I do because I have been heavily influenced by 1980s pop culture and incredibly angry music, for good or ill. I'm into gaming and toys and comics and cartoons and other assorted forms of 'nerdery', which probably ought to be apparent as influences considering what I primarily cover here, so there's that.

I like to think I have a bit of a creative streak, which is why I share all this with y'all. The problem is, I'm also highly neurotic, and obsess about cramming as much detail into a project as I can, and getting it just right. Which is one reason that I'm constantly revisiting my earlier works. Sorry 'bout that. On the other hand, I think the site is in pretty good shape right now, where content is concerned.

And who can argue with that?

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How am I?

Doing pretty good, actually. I've spent the last seven years or so building drones for the government - which is a step up from my old job at ADT. It's nice to not be screamed at all day by angry consumers and first responders. Though the job pays a whole lot worse than you'd think it would, being that I'm building aerospace components with my mad skills, things are generally looking up. So no complaints, really!

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