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Welcome to what essentially amounts to an 'other' category of the 13, a special place where I've decided to make space for all the oddball folks from the Marvel Universe I've made game statistics for - that I haven't made room for elsewhere on this inexplicable site.

All the freaks, mutants, aliens, and whatevers that don't belong to the New Universe, Timely Heroes, or any other Marvel-related reference I haven't gone public with yet will find a home here. These odds and ends of the 13 include the following descriptions:

Agent Axis: originally three separate fascist spies, Agent Axis is the result of their accidental merger in a freak accident while in flight. Though granted three times the power of an ordinary man, he is also cursed with a fractured, querulous mind. Availability:

Agent Axis (MSH Classic)

Agent Axis (4C System)

Agent Axis (Marvel Saga)

the Angel: Thomas Holloway was raised in a prison under bizarre circumstances, learning a whole lot about everything. With the aid of this vast catalog of knowledge, he wages a never-ending battle against villainy as the high-flying Angel! Availability:

the Angel (MSH Classic)

the Angel (4C System)

the Angel (Marvel Saga)

the Angel 2: when his brother retired as the original Angel, Simon Halloway (literally) picked up the costume and ran with it. Fighting crime when he wasn't scrounging for food and shelter, Simon occasionally did some good in his time. Availability:

the Angel 2 (MSH Classic)

the Angel 2 (4C System)

the Angel 2 (Marvel Saga)

Asbestos Lady: a shrewd man-hater, the Asbestos Lady was driven to new heights of loathing by one man above all others: the Human Torch! Humiliating her time and again, the Torch has earned a singular place in the Asbestos Lady's blackened heart. Availability:

Asbestos Lady (MSH Classic)

Asbestos Lady (4C System)

Asbestos Lady (Marvel Saga)

Astronomer: mentally and physically changed by his obsessive study of the cosmos, the Astronomer is one of the Elders of the Universe. Naturally, as one of the Universe's elders, he felt that he was best suited to run the joint. Availability:

Astronomer (MSH Classic)

Astronomer (4C System)

Astronomer (Marvel Saga)

Kayla Ballantine: when her boyfriend Quasar returned from a cross-time adventure, he inadvertently passed the Star Brand to Kayla. Though she didn't realize it at first, various villains were able to perceive the thing, and schemed to take it from her. Availability:

Kayla Ballantine (MSH Classic)

Kayla Ballantine (4C System)

Kayla Ballantine (Marvel Saga)

Baron Blood: after an encounter with the mighty Dracula, malcontent blueblood John Falsworth became a vampire himself. His twisted need for vengeance against his brother eventually drove him to Nazi Germany, for aid in crushing his relative and homeland. Availability:

Baron Blood (MSH Classic)

Baron Blood (4C System)

Baron Blood (Marvel Saga)

the Black Marvel: passing extensive and extreme tests of strength, stamina and dexterity, Dan Lyons proved worthy of carrying the mantle of the Black Marvel. Living up to its responsibilities, he constantly strives to right wrongs! Availability:

the Black Marvel (MSH Classic)

the Black Marvel (4C System)

the Black Marvel (Marvel Saga)

Black Widow: when her younger sister was murdered by a Hollywood gangster, Claire Voyant made a Faustian pact with Satan to get revenge. Of course, this damned her to a life of constantly retrieving evil souls for that demon. Availability:

Black Widow (MSH Classic)

Black Widow (4C System)

Black Widow (Marvel Saga)

Blazing Skull: fired upon while reporting on the second Sino-Japanese war, ace reporter Mark Todd sough shelter in a cave inhabited by strange Skull-men. Finding him honorable, they made Mark into their champion - the Blazing Skull! Availability:

the Blazing Skull (MSH Classic)

the Blazing Skull (4C System)

the Blazing Skull (Marvel Saga)

Blue Blade: riding away from his destitute farm during the Dust Bowl, Roy Chambers decied to become rich and famous - no matter the cost. And how else to do this than do what everyone else was of late: donning an ostentatious costume and doing good deeds! Availability:

Blue Blade (MSH Classic)

Blue Blade (4C System)

Blue Blade (Marvel Saga)

Blue Diamond: when an immense blue diamond exploded in his hands, anthropologist Elton T. Morrow was imbued with the stone's strange powers. Though he did so reluctantly, Elton used his new powers against evil as... the Blue Diamond! Availability:

Blue Diamond (MSH Classic)

Blue Diamond (4C System)

Blue Diamond (Marvel Saga)

Brain Drain: a morally dubious scientist, Werner Schmidt was crushed by a falling spacecraft shortly after duplicating the American Super-soldier Serum. Rebuilt by his new friends in a robot body, he returned to curse the world as the bizarre Brain Drain! Availability:

Brain Drain (MSH Classic)

Brain Drain (4C System)

Brain Drain (Marvel Saga)

Captain America: sole survivor of an experimental super soldier serum trial, sickly Steve Rogers quickly became a hero. Growing into his role as the Sentinel of Liberty, he gave his all in the fight against America's many, many foes! Availability:

Captain America (MSH Classic)

Captain America (4C System)

Captain America (Marvel Saga)

Caregiver: having a single-minded focus on nurturing the cosmos' most important beings, the Caregiver has found her calling enough to sustain her existence indefinitely. One of the Elders of the Universe, she had been doing this for billions of years! Availability:

Caregiver (MSH Classic)

Caregiver (4C System)

Caregiver (Marvel Saga)

Challenger: after his father was murdered while investigating city corruption, Bill Waring decides to get even. Walking the earth, he gains the skills he needs to wage a one-man war on crime - only returning to Challenge scofflaws... to the death! Availability:

Challenger (MSH Classic)

Challenger (4C System)

Challenger (Marvel Saga)

the Cold Warrior: Professor Eric Sinkovitz was a cryogenics expert that was duped by a Skrull operative into turning his impressive technology against the heroic 3-D man, as he was led to believe that hero was a communist operative! Availability:

the Cold Warrior (MSH Classic)

the Cold Warrior (4C System)

the Cold Warrior (Marvel Saga)

Doctor Nemesis: one of the original mutants of our era, Dr. James Nicola Bradley, M.D., had the evolutionary benefit of super intelligence. In addition to making him a brilliant scientist, it's also made it difficult for him to relate to others. Availability:

Doctor Nemesis (MSH Classic)

Doctor Nemesis (4C System)

Doctor Nemesis (Marvel Saga)

Dynamic Man: built by Doctor Goettler before his death, the Dynamic Man is an artificial being bent on the preservation of order. To this end he serves as a fully-fledged FBI agent, using their vast information to handle problems out of their league. Availability:

Dynamic Man (MSH Classic)

Dynamic Man (4C System)

Dynamic Man (Marvel Saga)

Electro: a true Marvel of the Age, Electro is a powerful robot built by Professor Zog to right wrongs and fight evil. Handling mundane crime all too easily, Professor Zog quickly began to use Electro against super villains and alien invaders! Availability:

Electro: Marvel of the Age (MSH Classic)

Electro: Marvel of the Age

Electro: Marvel of the Age (Marvel Saga)

Ereshkigal: this third generation Deviant sorceress believed the 'cosmic powers' were stifling the development of the multiverse, and thus became an agent of Chaos to unseat them. She found the perfect tool to this end in the form of the Star Brand! Availability:

Ereshkigal (MSH Classic)

Ereshkigal (4C System)

Ereshkigal (Marvel Saga)

Father Time: forever changed by his profound obsession with the nature of time, the entity currently only known as Father Time is one of the Elders of the Universe. He has a particular fondness for heroic archtypes and legendary figures. Availability:

Father Time (MSH Classic)

Father Time (4C System)

Father Time (Marvel Saga)

the Fiery Mask: when he isn't treating his patients or acting as a police consultant, Doctor Jack Castle patrols the night as... the Fiery Mask! Though he gained his powers under dubious circumstances, he nonetheless uses them against evil! Availability:

the Fiery Mask (MSH Classic)

the Fiery Mask (4C System)

the Fiery Mask (Marvel Saga)

the Fin: when his submarine went down in the high seas, Navy Lieutanant Peter Noble found he could breathe just fine on the ocean floor! Exploring this new (to him) realm, Peter found a magical blade - which he used to fight evil as... the Fin! Availability:

the Fin (MSH Classic)

the Fin (4C System)

the Fin (Marvel Saga)

Firefist: after his violent powers emerged while his ship was at port, Rusty Collins was collected by the mutant group known as X-factor, who trained him in the use of his mutant abilities and encouraged him to become a hero in his own right! Availability:

Rusty Collins: Firefist (MSH Classic)

Rusty Collins: Firefist (4C System)

Rusty Collins: Firefist (Marvel Saga)

Flexo the Rubber Man: built with the power to right wrongs, Flexo is an artificial being operated by remote control. Though he never really showed his true personality, Flexo usually waded into battle against villains with a smile on his face! Availability:

Flexo the Rubber Man (MSH Classic)

Flexo the Rubber Man (4C System)

Flexo the Rubber Man (Marvel Saga)

Gardener: obsessed beyond mere mortal constraints with a desire to build the universe's greatest display of plant life, the Gardener is billions of years old. An Elder of the Universe, he only acts to further this goal, for good or ill. Availability:

Gardener (MSH Classic)

Gardener (4C System)

Gardener (Marvel Saga)

Golden Girl / Golden Woman: after acquiring incredible powers thanks to the bumbling efforts of Agent Axis, Gwenny Lou Sabuki went on to become the Golden Girl! Evolving into the Golden Woman after the war, she served as a member of the V-Batalion! Availability:

Golden Girl / Golden Woman (MSH Classic)

Golden Girl / Golden Woman (4C System)

Golden Girl / Golden Woman (Marvel Saga)

the Human Top: the inconvenient witness to the kidnapping of Toro by Agent Axis, young Davy Mitchell was also taken captive. This turned out to be an error when a freak accident in Agent Axis' lab gave Davy the powers of... the Human Top! Availability:

Human Top (MSH Classic)

Human Top (4C System)

Human Top (Marvel Saga)

the Human Torch: an artificial man created Phineas T. Horton, this android proved to be 'flawed' when he ignited upon exposure to air. Eventually mastering his powers, he took the name of the Human Torch, and used his abilities to fight evil! Availability:

Human Torch (MSH Classic)

Human Torch (4C System)

Human Torch (Marvel Saga)

the Infinity Gems: existing before reality as we know it, the seven six Infinity Gems each provide absolute power over one aspect of creation. They include the ego gem, mind gem, power gem, reality gem, soul gem, space gem, and time gem. Availability:

the Infinity Gems (MSH Classic)

the Infinity Gems (4C System)

the Infinity Gems (Marvel Saga)

Iron Cross: though opposed to the Nazis, Helmut Gruler was a German patriot who followed orders despite his reservations. After acquiring his Iron Cross armor, he hatched various plots to arrange the ruination of the Allies and their super heroes. Availability:

Iron Cross (MSH Classic)

Iron Cross (4C System)

Iron Cross (Marvel Saga)

Jack Frost: a vigilante enigma from the north, Jack Frost joined the heroic Liberty Legion in their battle against threats to America. Ironically frozen after the second World War, Jack is trapped in an unending conflict with an ice worm! Availability:

Jack Frost (MSH Classic)

Jack Frost (4C System)

Jack Frost (Marvel Saga)

Kid Zeus: former leader of the Olympian gods, Zeus was slain by a Japanese god of evil, and forced to drink from the river Lethe. His power and personality reincarnated, Zeus now wanders the earth as a powerful, amnesiac ten year old! Availability:

Kid Zeus (MSH Classic)

Kid Zeus (4C System)

Kid Zeus (Marvel Saga)

Lady Lotus: a Japanese agent, the Lady Lotus was infuriated with how America treated her people there. Deciding the nation no longer deserved to exist, she bent her considerable powers to the goal of wiping it from the very face of the earth! Availability:

Lady Lotus (MSH Classic)

Lady Lotus (4C System)

Lady Lotus (Marvel Saga)

the Laughing Mask: latest in a long line of law-giving Burtons, young Dennis was an assistant district attorney. Frustrated with the slow-moving wheels of justice, Dennis began moonlighting as the Laughing Mask, a murderous vigilante! Availability:

Laughing Mask (MSH Classic)

Laughing Mask

Laughing Mask (Marvel Saga)

Lifeguard: daughter of an Australian crime-boss and a Shi'ar explorer, Heather Cameron was born with impressive mutant powers due to her curious heritage, which she used as both a lifeguard and as one of the so-called X-treme X-men! Availability:

Lifeguard (MSH Classic)

Lifeguard (4C System)

Lifeguard (Marvel Saga)

the Living Tribunal: the second most powerful entity in the cosmology of the entire Marvel multiverse, that which is known as the Living Tribunal is the ultimate arbitrer of cosmic law, as well as the preserver of the balance of power in this reality. Availability:

the Living Tribunal (MSH Classic)

the Living Tribunal (4C System)

the Living Tribunal (Marvel Saga)

Marvel Boy 8: the eighth person known to bear this title, Noh-Varr is a Kree warrior from another universe. Custom-built to perfection with both insectoid DNA and nano-active body fluids, he has been inadvertently let loose on our world! Availability:

Marvel Boy 8 (MSH Classic)

Marvel Boy 8 (4C System)

Marvel Boy 8 (Marvel Saga)

Master Man: a disaffected American of German descent, Wilhelm Lohmer was recruited by Nazis to become Captain America's counterpart. When their new Super-soldier Serum actually worked, Wilhelm turned against his home land and became the Master Man! Availability:

Master Man (MSH Classic)

Master Man (4C System)

Master Man (Marvel Saga)

Mastermind Excello: perfect in both mind and body, Mastermind Excello possess an inventor's genius and terrible psionics! Born as mere Earl Everett, Excello uses his exceptional skills, devices and powers in the service of the US government! Availability:

Mastermind Excello (MSH Classic)

Mastermind Excello (4C System)

Mastermind Excello (Marvel Saga)

Merzah the Mystic: having used his powerful psionics to assist others all his life, whether ferreting out spies during World War II or simply making retired psychic heroes comfortable in their dying days, Merzah is a kind and helpful soul. Availability:

Merzah the Mystic (MSH Classic)

Merzah the Mystic (4C System)

Merzah the Mystic (Marvel Saga)

The Mighty Destroyer 3 / Dyna-Mite: brainwashed and experimented on by Nazis after his capture alongside Brian Falsworth, Roger was remade into the inch-tall Dyna-Mite. Eventually breaking his mind control, he became the (third) Mighty Destroyer! Availability:

Dyna-Mite / The Mighty Destroyer 3 (MSH Classic)

Dyna-Mite / The Mighty Destroyer 3 (4C System)

Dyna-Mite / The Mighty Destroyer 3 (Marvel Saga)

Miss America: after being zapped with enough current to 'kill a thousand men', young Madeline Joyce developed various super-powers! Though most have faded, she uses her abilities to fight for truth, justice, and the American Way! Availability:

Miss America (MSH Classic)

Miss America (4C System)

Miss America (Marvel Saga)

Mister E: feeling a burning need to fight against injustice, wealthy sportsman Victor Goldstein donned the identity of Mister E, and began to fight crime on the street - both isolated incidents and those perpetrated by the diabolical Vampire! Availability:

Mister E (MSH Classic)

Mister E (4C System)

Mister E (Marvel Saga)

Namor, the Sub-Mariner: son of an Atlantean princess and an American sea captain, Namor initially despised humanity. When he saw the worst of them in the form of Nazi Germany, Namor allied with humans of power like his to oppose their every move. Availability:

Namor, the Sub-Mariner (MSH Classic)

Namor, the Sub-Mariner (4C System)

Namor, the Sub-Mariner (Marvel Saga)

Obliterator: his physical needs and limitations sated by an endless need to destroy and murder everything of note, the Obliterator outlived every other member of his species. Rendered immortal by his obsession, he eventually became an Elder of the Universe! Availability:

the Obliterator (MSH Classic)

the Obliterator (4C System)

the Obliterator (Marvel Saga)

Patriot / Captain America 4: inspired by Captain America, journalist and veteran Jeffrey Mace became a costumed adventurer himself. He wound up donning the mantle of his hero in time, after the third man to bear it was killed in battle. Availability:

Patriot / Captain America 4 (MSH Classic)

Patriot / Captain America 4 (4C System)

Patriot / Captain America 4 (Marvel Saga)

the Phantom Reporter: champion wrestler, fencer, boxer, and all-American fullback, Dick Jones is a highly motivated journalist who uses his mental and physical skills to bring villains to justice that the system seems unable... or unwilling... to touch! Availability:

the Phantom Reporter (MSH Classic)

the Phantom Reporter (4C System)

the Phantom Reporter (Marvel Saga)

Quasar: appointed the Protector of the Universe by the mighty Eon, Wendell Elvis Vaughn uses the mighty Quantum bands to perform his duties. His time as the champion of our cosmos has seen Wendell suffer greatly, but ultimatly come out on top in the end. Availability:

Quasar (MSH Classic)

Quasar (4C System)

Quasar (Marvel Saga)

Red Raven: lone survivor of a plane crash on the mysterious, floating Sky Island, he who would become the Red Raven was raised by the locals. Cherishing freedom and justice, he eventually left the Island to share these ideals with the world! Availability:

Red Raven (MSH Classic)

Red Raven (4C System)

Red Raven (Marvel Saga)

Red Raven 2: when the original Red Raven wished to join his Sky Island brethren in cryogenic slumber, he didn't want to leave his adopted home defenseless. As such, he simply built an android double to guard it in his stead! Availability:

Red Raven 2 (MSH Classic)

Red Raven 2 (4C System)

Red Raven 2 (Marvel Saga)

Red Raven 3: sole child of the original Red Raven, Dania grew up in seclusion. Though she never knew the residents of Sky Island, she felt the need to protect their legacy - even after the floating city was raised from the sea floor! Availability:

Red Raven 3 (MSH Classic)

Red Raven 3 (4C System)

Red Raven 3 (Marvel Saga)

Runner: out of a need to reject responsibility and obviate obligation, the Runner has running down to a science. Aside from occasionally being snookered into the schemes of his fellow Elders of the Universe, he's managed to avoid duty for billions of years. Availability:

the Runner (MSH Classic)

the Runner (4C System)

the Runner (Marvel Saga)

Silver Scorpion: secretary Betty Barlow made a heroic costume for a ball one night, and wound up using it as an real crime fighter: the Silver Scorpion. While a competent martial artist, she eventually added a silvery exoskeleton to her arsenal! Availability:

Silver Scorpion (MSH Classic)

Silver Scorpion (4C System)

Silver Scorpion (Marvel Saga)

Spider Queen: wanting vengeance for her husband's murder so badly that she hooked up with several traitors to get it, Sharon Kane's life has taken several turns for the worse. This is why she's descended into a life of crime upon getting out of prison. Availability:

Spider Queen (MSH Classic)

Spider Queen (4C System)

Spider Queen (Marvel Saga)

The Spirit of '76 / Captain America 3: the patriotic William Naslund became a costumed vigilante known as the Spirit of '76. After his hero's untimely demise, William was chosen by the United States government to fill Captain America's shoes! Availability:

The Spirit of '76 (MSH Classic)

The Spirit of '76 (4C System)

The Spirit of '76 (Marvel Saga)

Spitfire: given an emergency transfusion by the Human Torch after she was bitten by the vampiric Baron Blood, Lady Jacqueline Falsworth was forever changed, the two artificial influences within transforming her into the startling Spitfire! Availability:

Spitfire (MSH Classic)

Spitfire (4C System)

Spitfire (Marvel Saga)

the Terror: injected with a virus and chemicals extracted from a mad dog, amnesiac Laslo Pevely was transformed into... the Terror! He now wields his inexplicable powers against the criminal element, brutally manhandling evil men! Availability:

the Terror (MSH Classic)

the Terror (4C System)

the Terror (Marvel Saga)

the Thin Man: Doctor Bruce Dickson found Enlightenment in the lost civilization of Kalahia, and only wanted to bring its intellectual advancements to mankind. After the Kalahians were pointlessly slain by vicious Nazis, he dedicated himself to Revenge! Availability:

Thin Man (MSH Classic)

Thin Man (4C System)

Thin Man (Marvel Saga)

Toro: his parents being exposed to both asbestos and radium as youths, Thomas Raymond was born a mutant. He eventually developed powers like the Human Torch's, and the duo founded a crime-fighting partnership that lasted for years! Availability:

Toro (MSH Classic)

Toro (4C System)

Toro (Marvel Saga)

Trader: his mind, body and soul rendered timeless by a profound love of commerce, the Trader has become an Elder of the Universe. While content to barter his way through life, he's occasionally snookered into his fellow Elders' schemes. Availability:

Trader (MSH Classic)

Trader (4C System)

Trader (Marvel Saga)

U-Man: born as Merrano, this hateful Atlantean despised the half-breed Namor and his high station in Atlantis. As such, he turned against his own society and fell in with the Nazis for (eventual) aid in the conquest of his home - and the death of his nemesis! Availability:

U-Man (MSH Classic)

U-Man (4C System)

U-Man (Marvel Saga)

Union Jack 2 / Mighty Destroyer 2: given a Super-Soldier Serum variant to keep it out of Nazi hands, British socialite Brian Falsworth broke out of the German prison holding him and used his new powers to combat the fascist scourge! Availability:

Union Jack 2 / Mighty Destroyer 2 (MSH Classic)

Union Jack 2 / Mighty Destroyer 2 (4C System)

Union Jack 2 / Mighty Destroyer 2 (Marvel Saga)

the Vision: an emerald-skinned warrior from beyond, Aarkus hails from a plane of smoke and vapor. While his people help the development of nascent Cosmic Cubes, Aarkus also takes time out of his busy schedule to earn the title Destroyer of Evil! Availability:

Vision (MSH Classic)

Vision (4C System)

Vision (Marvel Saga)

Warrior Woman: Julia Frieda Koenig Lohmer was a deviant Nazi torturer - at least, she was until she used a portion of the American Super-soldier Serum on herself. Reborn as the Warrior Woman, the terror she instills in others has been amplified to a global level! Availability:

Warrior Woman (MSH Classic)

Warrior Woman (4C System)

Warrior Woman (Marvel Saga)

Whizzer: Robert Frank was bitten by a cobra one day, and would have died if not for his father. Knowing the mongoose was a deadly enemy of the cobra, he injected mongoose blood into his son, which inexplicably caused him to be reborn as the Whizzer! Availability:

Whizzer (MSH Classic)

Whizzer (4C System)

Whizzer (Marvel Saga)

the Winter Soldier / Bucky / Captain America 11: though brainwashed by Soviet operatives into being their premier assassin, James 'Bucky' Barnes overcame their mental conditioning and fights for what he believes is right once more! Availability:

the Winter Soldier / Bucky / Captain America 11 (MSH Classic)

the Winter Soldier / Bucky / Captain America 11 (4C System)

the Winter Soldier / Bucky / Captain America 11 (Marvel Saga)

the Witness: after a botched suicide attempt, this former police officer was cursed by a higher power to become... the Witness! Final arbitrer of Justice in the world of mortal man, the Witness has seen terrible, terrible things over the years. Availability:

the Witness (MSH Classic)

the Witness (4C System)

the Witness (Marvel Saga)

John Wraith: a member of the original Weapon X program, John Wraith (if that's his real name) is a powerful teleporter, though hardly anybody knows this; he uses his mutant ability to and vanish when least expected - almost... wraith-like! Availability:

John Wraith (MSH Classic)

John Wraith (4C System)

John Wraith (Marvel Saga)

Professor Zogolowski: though physically frail, genius inventor Philo Zogolowski built a Marvel of the Age to help mankind: Electro! Usually piloting Electro remotely, Professor Zog also joined his marvelous creation on adventures now and then! Availability:

Professor Zogolowski (MSH Classic)

Professor Zogolowski (4C System)

Professor Zogolowski (Marvel Saga)

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