Black Widow


Hand Size:
4 (25)


Claire Voyant, the original Black Widow, was once an ordinary woman until she made a diabolical deal with Satan himself. As a result of this bargain, she has been given staggering supernatural powers of a demonic stripe, which she uses as Satan's agent on earth.


Agelessness (s): one major perk Claire has received as an agent of Satan is a complete ceasing of the aging processes. Her body no longer ages, being immune to the ravages of time. As such, aging attacks no longer affect her in the slightest.

Claws (s): when she wishes it, Claire can transform her fingers into long, wicked talons, the better to carve up evildoers. When she does this, she can inflict her Strength +2 damage in otherwise unarmed melee, and can likely cut through items of up to m.s. 20.

Dimensional Aperture (i): Claire can traverse the dimensions at will - well, at least two of them, anyway. She has demonstrated the ability to travel between the earthly plane from Hell, and back again, under her own power. Consider this an intensity 10 power.

Fire Generation (a): Claire's new state of being has left her with the power to spontaneously generate fire from her body. She does this at intensity 13, and can use this power to inflict like SD energy damage with each lethal attack.

Flight (a): a power that Claire exults in more than any others, it seems, this ability allows her to defy gravity itself! While she isn't astoundingly fast in the air, she can nonetheless move through it with intensity 3 ability, flying at approximately 90 miles per hour.

Invulnerability to Fire and Heat (s): Claire is completely immune to fire and heat sources of any magnitude, being able to shrug them off no matter how intense they may be. Mystically inclined forms of these energies, such as Hellfire, will affect her normally though.

Healing / Others (s): while most of her powers involve destroying evil-doers for her master, Claire has shown evidence of sympathy for those who are innocent, and actually has the power to help them. Working at intensity 10, this power lets her soothe their wounded bodies.

Mesmerism (w): Claire has shown the ability to influence the thoughts of lesser men with ease - often as a lead-up to an attack on their bosses. She can utilize this power at intensity 8, meaning most weaker men and women are unable to defend against her domination.

Philosophical Awareness (w): Claire has the power to look at a person and detect whether or not they are of either a good, evil, ordered, chaotic, or balanced mindset. She can do this with intensity 13 ability.

Resistance to Physical and Energy Attack (s): Claire's new, demonic body is resistant to ordinary physical and energy attacks of all types, at intensity 12 (+3). She is still harmed by sorcerous, karmic, or deionic attack forms normally, however.

Vampirism (i): as a demonic life form, Claire can feed upon the essence of living beings to maintain her existence, in place of ordinary foodstuffs. She can do this with intensity 8 ability, on each exchange that she can pass an easy difficulty Vampirism (willpower) action.

Hindrances / Augmentations:

Short Leash: though she seems to have relative freedom to act as desired, Claire is beholden to the power of Satan himself, should that entity require her services in any capacity. If summoned, Claire's powers and ability scores are reduced to zero (0) until she answers his call.




Lore (i): though her life was originally rather mundane, Claire has been dropped hip deep into the supernatural as a result of her diabolical bargain with Satan. She may attempt related Intellect actions at a reduced difficulty.


As a former member of the so-called Twelve, Claire can also rely upon survivors of that group for assistance if necessary. In particular, Mastermind Excello and the Phantom Reporter would aid her if she but asked, since they currently work together to resolve various crises.


Vengeance, with secondary callings of either Repentant or Demolisher: Claire originally made the bargain she did to avenge her murdered sister Debbie, delighting in the newfound power she had to mete out justice to the world's truly heinous villains.

Of course, she occasionally regrets this decision, considering it's bound her to Evil for all time.


As the Black Widow, Claire has worn two costumes. Her first was a reddish-black, form-fitting shirt with a black widow on it, rather short shorts of the same coloration, and black boots with a flaming yellow fringe on the top. Oh, and a blue and green cape.

Claire's second costume is somewhat similar to her first. It includes a dark purple one-piece 'bathing suit' with long sleeves and a light purple widow design on the lower torso, dark purple leather, high heeled boots, and of course her long, light purple cape.


Claire Voyant was a calm and reserved young woman before the death of her sister. After Debbie's untimely murder, Claire became unhinged and gladly made a deal with Satan to avenge her, a deal which consigned her to a life of doing similar deeds for Satan for all time.

Though she got what she wanted out of the bargain, Claire nonetheless shows moments of regret about her fate.

Real Name: Claire Voyant
Occupation: minion of Satan (really)
Legal Status: American citizen with no known criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: partner of Mastermind Excello and the Phantom Reporter, former member of the Twelve

Height: 5' 9"
Hair: blond
Eyes: brown
Weight: 127 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Claire usually paints her fingernails purple, and has pronounced, arched eyebrows.


The Black Widow's story began when Claire Voyant journeyed to Los Angeles to visit her sister, Debbie. She was dating one Lester Maddox, who immediately gave Claire the creeps. However, Debbie insisted that everything was fine, and assured Claire she could take care of herself.

This proved not to be the case, and before she knew it, Debbie had been murdered by Lester. However, the man had powerful connections in both legal and illegal circles, so no one would actually do anything about it - even though everyone knew that Lester was behind the deed.

Vowing vengeance over her sister's grave, Claire drew the attention of... dark forces. They offered Claire the power to avenge her dead sister, to deal with the likes of Lester once and for all... but for a price. If she agreed to this deal, she would be bound to Satan forever.

She would have to use the power that he granted her to slay deal breakers like Lester, people who broke their own Faustian pacts with that dread being, and stayed on earth past their allotted time. Wanting to make Lester pay, Claire reluctantly agreed to this offer.

Stalking him through the streets of Los Angeles, Claire quickly tracked Lester down and tore him apart. Having gained her revenge, Claire was then drawn to Hell for a time, serving at the fancy of her new master until he found need of her talents - and he quickly did.

Claire was subsequently sent forth from Hell to claim more souls for Satan, for there were many bargainers who sought to avoid their fate. The first was Garvey Lang, who she softened up by slowly turning his minions against him, or alternately by tricking him into killing them himself.

She later ambushed Lang at a costume ball, and in front of an entire room full of his friends, killed the train-robbing mastermind outright. Branding her mark into his head as she did Debbie's murderer, Claire then vanished with little fanfare, returning to Hell.

Claire next appeared on the earthly plane when charged with the collection of the souls of two traitorous munitions manufacturers, who were selling their wares to both the Axis and Allied powers at the same time. Posing as a girl asking for a job, Claire got the two separated.

She then slew the first of the dealers, Lewis, an act the second witnessed when checking up on his partner. Though he put up a better fight than his cohort, Sykes also fell to Claire's violent ministrations, the two being left dead with her mark to show they were evildoers!

Soon, Claire was sent to earth anew, when tasked with the termination of Karl Koodamore, the leader of Murder Unlimited! This fellow was an assassin for hire, sending out his goons to kill for anyone that could meet his steep price. However... his time had come.

During his latest action, to kill actor John Marriman, Claire appeared on stage in front of a live audience, quickly killing Koodamore's goon. Making her way through several more of his cronies, Claire eventually ran him off, and forced him to drive off a cliff to his doom!

Her subsequent missions saw her claiming the souls of many other murderers and evildoers, which Claire seemed to exult in - of course, she took time out of her busy, mayhemic schedule to protect and heal the innocent bystanders caught in the middle of her fights with criminals.

She apparently continued to do her master's work for the duration of World War II, claiming the souls of various villains of a particularly evil stripe. Claire thus made the world a better place overall - which was likely an unanticipated side effect of the missions Satan gave her.

In 1945, during the Battle of Berlin, the US Army called in as many costumed adventurers as it could to finish the fight as soon as possible, and Claire wound up being one of those so called. Along with eleven other costumed heroes, she was charged with securing the SS' Headquarters.

Falling into a trap alongside her cohorts, Claire was placed in stasis for later study and dissection, but this Nazi plot went awry when the Russians killed its authors. Left abandoned for years, Claire and company were only recently revived by an errant construction crew.

Awakening in a strange era she never made, Claire was placed in the care of the Army, who offered to put the Twelve up while they adjusted to the Present - if only they'd fight crime in the meantime. Not much of a hero, per se, Claire nonetheless agreed to do so.

Of course, she quickly found that her old bargain with Satan had not expired whilst she was on ice... nor did he forget about her. Upon realizing that she was active anew, Satan quickly put Claire back to work, though he left her on earth this time.

Though she tried to do good deeds during the day, at night Claire found herself directed to kill a whole new roster of diabolical deal-makers who'd attempted to cheat Satan of their souls... actions which have caused all kinds of eyebrows to be raised at her and her compatriots.

This because, unbeknownst to her at the time, the Dynamic Man was using Electro to kill people who had offended his sensibilities, acts which left evidence of intense flames behind. Once the author of these vicious crimes was discovered, the Twelve quickly fell apart as a group.

This because, in the process of confronting the apparent android about his dark deeds, several members of the group were lost or slain. Going solo after this incident, Claire was eventually contacted anew by the one and only Mastermind Excello, who had a proposition for her.

Having purchased EXC Enterprises, the world's largest investigative firm, Excello wanted her and the Phantom Reporter, who Claire had developed feelings for, to join him in the resolution of mysteries - mysteries which required their specific powers to be sorted out.

Grasping at a chance for happiness, as well as the opportunity to use her abilities for good, Claire signed up with EXC Enterprises immediately!

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