Infinity (∞)

Infinity is a really big place. By definition, it's supposed to encompass everything, for one thing. But imagine an infinity that is nested within another, or alongside yet another. Brain hurting yet? If not, then this may be the place for you. The idea behind the MSH Infinity project is to provide the material needed to adventure within the infinity of infinities provided by the Planescape campaign setting.

Planescape adventures are about several different things. For one, they involve exploration - traveling to places that the players (or possibly anyone else, for that matter) have never experienced or imagined. Stories that take place in grand vistas that put what they know to shame make for a memorable experience. Leaving what you know behind to embark on such adventures is the stuff of legend.

But that's not all. Stories in the Planescape setting are also about belief. Not faith, which is about a devotion to the unprovable, so much as a philosophy. Adventurers throughout the planes are often referred to as 'philosophers with clubs', and that's an apt description, for when you walk in realms where belief can shape the terrain, what you believe is vitally important.

The infinite planes can be a great place to visit or an even more interesting place to live in, and the Planescape material is readily adaptable to either scenario. Bring your players here or there in-between their normal heroics, or have them settle in to work for a greater goal - either will help to drive home what the planes are all about - and hopefully give your players something to write home about, too.

While the Planescape setting was designed for a different system, it works well in several others. Over time, the goal is to provide enough material for you to run adventures within this setting for your Universal Heroes, System 13, or Edition 13 heroes, whether they're moving on to bigger or better things or simply chasing down a pesky villain that's hiding out in another universe. What can you expect to find here?

Campaign Information: want the basics of adventuring in the planes? Need to know the skinny on the various factions running around the place? The raw information you'll need to insert your heroes into a Planescape campaign (either on a full or part-time basis) lies here, both for players and game judges/narrators. Read on to get a better handle on what's in store for you here.

Planar Catalog: while most adventurers will find themselves in the City of Doors before heading elsewhere, Sigil really isn't the center of the multiverse (no matter what its residents may think). Herein you will find an eventual catalog of every plane and universe your adventurers may find their way into, covering everything from basic laws of physics to locations of interest.

Bestiary of the Infinite: here lies descriptions of the various entities you'll encounter on a trek to the planes - though usually not all at once! Whether they hail from Carceri or Ysgard, you'll find general descriptions of the many races that call the planes home, whether to use as protagonists, antagonists, or even player characters. Read on to find more of the 'dark' on extra-planar entities.

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