The Atomic Links!

As the Marvel Super Heroes Role Playing Games fade further and further into obscurity, it is difficult to find resources with which to play them. Whether you like the Original, Classic version or perhaps the Saga variety, not too many people are maintaining sites dedicated to either these days. And this is a sad state of affairs, since despite my issues with some members of the community I still love this pastime.

Thus, I've taken it upon myself to revitalize the Atomic Links, which hasn't really been updated for about half a decade, give or take a month. What you'll find below is a roster of sites dedicated to one or more versions of the super hero games based in the Marvel Universe - or some reasonable fascimile therein. These links should be current and/or at least live as of September 20th, 2019:

It's Alive. It's ALIVE!

(updated within a year, give or take)

(also updated recently, but under link embargo for stealing my content without crediting me)

Sleeping Dogs Let Lie:

(inactive but still accessible, or recently idled)

More Dead Than Disco:

(moved and archived sites, or inactive over a decade)

Other Links (Do See)

the Marvel Chronology Project: this unique resource is an attempt to detail every single appearance of every single major (and thousands of minor) characters in the Marvel Universe. Though it has a few gaps here and there, the project is shaping up VERY nicely, and is an indispensable resource for tracking down every appearance of virtually any Marvel character.

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