The Complete Technohol 13 Character Rosters


In the event that you're looking for an individual character on the 13 and don't feel like leafing through said character's Handbook to find him or her (or it), here is a comprehensive listing of every character that is available for your viewing and/or gaming pleasure on the site. Sure, some of these folks are in needing of updating, but at least you can view each hero, villain, other, or device at your leisure.

Presented above is an A to Z roster, showcasing the characters and items that begin with said letter. I have also included two 'star' links that include all of the alphabetical information - those links lead to a list of every single character on the site all at once. I do caution that those are very, very large pages to download; sure, the imagery is minimal, but that's a lot of text to filter through.

The Technohol 13 Dirty Dozen

Alternately, as a secondary use for this document, I am also including a 'dirty dozen' of sorts, a roster that is a collection of the last thirteen * characters or items that I have covered / upgraded on the 13. In case you were wondering just what I've been up to recently (and I use that term loosely, considering my update schedule over the years), you can refer to the Dirty Dozen, below, to see what I'm perpetrating.

the ASP: a towable weapon system equipped with two powerful Eliminator cannons, the Assault System Pod, or ASP, is a menace to all Cobra's enemies. Capable of striking foes on land, sea, or air, the ASP excels for providing security or fire superiority! Availability:

the ASP (MSH Classic)

ASP (4C System)

ASP (Marvel Saga)

the CLAW: with GI Joe fielding multiple inexpensive vehicles with which to dominate the skies, Cobra had no choice but to innovate. Enter the CLAW, or Covert Light Aerial Weapon, which is essentially two jet engines held together by a single wing! Availability:

the CLAW (MSH Classic)

CLAW (4C System)

CLAW (Marvel Saga)

the GI Jane: in its early years, GI Joe didn't have access to expensive means of conveyance like its aircraft carrier or space shuttle. During that time, it relied upon a repurposed freighter to ship personnel and equipment about: the GI Jane! Availability:

the GI Jane (MSH Classic)

the GI Jane (4C System)

the GI Jane (Marvel Saga)

the Brain-wave Scanner: Doctor Venom's single greatest invention, this device gives Cobra access to the very minds of others! Capable of probing or controlling minds, use of the Scanner is itself torture, as it inflicts undue agony while operational. Availability:

the Brain-wave Scanner (MSH Classic)

the Brain-wave Scanner (4C System)

the Brain-wave Scanner (Marvel Saga)

(just) Billy: the only known son of the diabolical Cobra Commander, Billy's life has proven to be an endless cavalcade of calamity. He rises above his awful family life, though, by doing his best to ensure no one else suffers as he has at the hands of Cobra! Availability:

(just) Billy (MSH Classic)

(just) Billy (4C System)

(just) Billy (Marvel Saga)

SEA Legs: submersible vehicles designed to be controlled by a singular operator, the SEA (Surprise, Engage, and Attack) Legs can transform into walkers to assault targets on land - which makes them brilliant for ambushes, if not for extended combat missions. Availability:

SEA Legs (MSH Classic)

SEA Legs (4C System)

SEA Legs (Marvel Saga)

Trojan Robots: designed to root out the hidden bases of Cobra's various enemies, the intransigent GI Joe team in particular, a Trojan robot is an automated combatant with one purpose: to send Cobra a signal revealing the location of its enemies! Availability:

Trojan Robots (MSH Classic)

Trojan Robots (4C System)

Trojan Robots (Marvel Saga)

the MASS Device: built using technology stolen from Doctor Laszlo Vandermeer, the MASS Device is a game-changing implement which allows for globe-spanning teleportation effects - which Cobra naturally appropriated for its own, diabolical purposes! Availability:

MASS Device (MSH Classic)

MASS Device (4C System)

MASS Device (Marvel Saga)

Transport Helicopters: being either heavily modified or directly based upon the Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane, Cobra's transport helicopters are the workhorse of their air force. Though only lightly armed, they can haul lots of things or people far - and on the cheap! Availability:

Cobra Transport Helicopter (MSH Classic)

Cobra Transport Helicopter (4C System)

Cobra Transport Helicopter (Marvel Saga)

Missile Command Headquarters: scattered around the globe, Cobra's missile command headquarters are facilities used to house and launch their most devastating weaponry. Often disguised or inaccessible, they are staffed by hundreds of Cobra agents. Availability:

Missile Command Headquarters (MSH Classic)

Missile Command Headquarters (4C System)

Missile Command Headquarters (Marvel Saga)

Perceptor: one of the Autobots' chief scientists, Perceptor helps his allies to better fit in on whatever world they currently find themselves active. He's also an exceptional boon to his allies in the field, however, as he is a marksman without peer! Availability:

Perceptor (MSH Classic)

Perceptor (4C System)

Perceptor (Marvel Saga)

Cosmos: a high-flying reconnaissance operative, Cosmos often hovers far above the earth, spying on Decepticon activity and enabling global Autobot communications. However, he easily gets bored, tormenting humans for fun if left alone too long. Availability:

Cosmos (MSH Classic)

Cosmos (4C System)

Cosmos (Marvel Saga)

Vagabond: unable to clandestinely investigate crimes due to his being a well known police detective, Patrick 'Pat' Murphy donned the persona of a wandering hobo to snoop around town. Little did he know that this bizarre act would become a lifestyle choice! Availability:

Vagabond (MSH Classic)

Vagabond (4C System)

Vagabond (Marvel Saga)

* Yes, thirteen. On Technohol 13, did you not expect a dozen to, in fact, be a baker's dozen?

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