The Complete Technohol 13 Character Rosters


In the event that you're looking for an individual character on the 13 and don't feel like leafing through said character's Handbook to find him or her (or it), here is a comprehensive listing of every character that is available for your viewing and/or gaming pleasure on the site. Sure, some of these folks are in needing of updating, but at least you can view each hero, villain, other, or device at your leisure.

Presented above is an A to Z roster, showcasing the characters and items that begin with said letter. I have also included two 'star' links that include all of the alphabetical information - those links lead to a list of every single character on the site all at once. I do caution that those are very, very large pages to download; sure, the imagery is minimal, but that's a lot of text to filter through.

The Technohol 13 Dirty Dozen

Alternately, as a secondary use for this document, I am also including a 'dirty dozen' of sorts, a roster that is a collection of the last thirteen * characters or items that I have covered / upgraded on the 13. In case you were wondering just what I've been up to recently (and I use that term loosely, considering my update schedule over the years), you can refer to the Dirty Dozen, below, to see what I'm perpetrating.

Crimson Guard Commanders: second only to Tomax and Xamot themselves, these elite officers direct the Crimson Guard in its various missions. Each one a master spy and combatant, the Crimson Guard Commanders are a singular threat against freedom itself! Availability:

Crimson Guard Commanders (MSH Classic)

Crimson Guard Commanders (4C System)

Crimson Guard Commandersr (Marvel Saga)

Ninja-Vipers: drawn from the most capable members of Cobra's teeming masses, Ninja-Vipers are all at least tenth level black belts in multiple fighting forms. This, combined with their unquestioning loyalty, makes Cobra's Ninja-Vipers staggeringly dangerous! Availability:

Ninja-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Ninja-Vipers (4C System)

Ninja-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

Slice: a rogue member of the already infamous Arashikage ninja clan, Slice isn't interested in perfecting his martial prowess. No, he only wants to utilize it to line his pockets, something he and his partner, Dice, easily manage working for Cobra! Availability:

Slice (MSH Classic)

Slice (4C System)

Slice (Marvel Saga)

Dice: a former Night Creeper ejected from that band of techno-ninjas for various reasons, Dice eventually drifted into a partnership with fellow ninja outcast, Slice. This duo has repeatedly found itself in Cobra's service in lieu of Storm Shadow! Availability:

Dice (MSH Classic)

Dice (4C System)

Dice (Marvel Saga)

Overkill: a prototype Battle Android Trooper deemed far too expensive for mass production, the silicon entity who became Overkill languished on a shelf for years. Eventually, Overkill was put to use by Cobra Commander as the the BAT field commander! Availability:

Overkill (MSH Classic)

Overkill (4C System)

Overkill (Marvel Saga)

Headman: creator of the Headhunters, the Headman is one of the most odious criminals alive! Whether stealing social security checks or dealing drugs to kids, no act is too base for him, as long as it lines his pockets with the one thing he cares about: money! Availability:

Headman (MSH Classic)

Headman (4C System)

Headman (Marvel Saga)

Headhunters: a band of violent paramilitary thugs, the Headhunters dabble in all manner of criminal activity. However, their specialty is the transportation of illicit goods, whether they be intellectual property, industrial secrets, drugs, or even weapons! Availability:

Headhunters (MSH Classic)

Headhunters (4C System)

Headhunters (Marvel Saga)

Air Devils: while Night Vultures sometimes fight Cobra's enemies while looting their lines, their Air Devils have the inverse job. They descend upon the enemy to sabotage personnel and equipment however they can, and only relieve their gear as an afterthought. Availability:

Air Devils (MSH Classic)

Air Devils (4C System)

Air Devils (Marvel Saga)

Heli-Vipers: fearless aerobatic stuntmen, the Heli-Vipers are the stars amongst Cobra's rotary-winged pilot operatives. Personally chosen by the Commander himself, each of these elite operatives prove their worth in an insanely dangerous qualification course! Availability:

Heli-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Heli-Vipers (4C System)

Heli-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

Toxo-Zombies: the end of many a Toxo-Viper's career, Toxo-Zombies are what happens after repeated exposure to Cesspool's refined Plasmatox. Neither dead nor alive, they shamble about doing little else besides satisfying the needs of their reptile-like brains! Availability:

Toxo-Zombies (MSH Classic)

Toxo-Zombies (4C System)

Toxo-Zombies (Marvel Saga)

Flak-Vipers: the anti-aircraft specialists amongst the teeming masses of Cobras, Flak-Vipers delight in regularly wrecking eight- and nine-figure military aircraft. They regularly acheive this feat with their back-mounted, Tail-Biter missile launchers! Availability:

Flak-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Flak-Vipers (4C System)

Flak-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

Sky Creeper: leader of the Night Vultures, Sky Creeper has spent his life committing various crimes with gliders. After being recruited by the Dreadnoks in prison, Sky Creeper wound up joining Cobra, ultimately finding himself in charge of their ADDERS! Availability:

Sky Creeper (MSH Classic)

Sky Creeper (4C System)

Sky Creeper (Marvel Saga)

Night Vultures: covert insertion operatives, the ranks of the Night Vultures may be joined by any Cobra who can demonstrate the ability to survive a five mile glide without warning - and then return with as much loot as they can carry from enemy territory! Availability:

Night Vultures (MSH Classic)

Night Vultures (4C System)

Night Vultures (Marvel Saga)

* Yes, thirteen. On Technohol 13, did you not expect a dozen to, in fact, be a baker's dozen?

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