The Technohol 13 Alphabetical Character Roster: V

Vagabond: unable to clandestinely investigate crimes due to his being a well known police detective, Patrick 'Pat' Murphy donned the persona of a wandering hobo to snoop around town. Little did he know that this bizarre act would become a lifestyle choice! Availability:

Vagabond (MSH Classic)

Vagabond (4C System)

Vagabond (Marvel Saga)

Vampires, Classic (Typical): a highly refined form of biological vampire, these undead creatures subsist solely on the blood of animals - most often fellow humans - to persist. In exchange, they have a bewildering array of powers at their disposal! Availability:

Vampire, Classic (MSH Classic)

Vampire, Classic (4C System)

Vampire, Classic (Marvel Saga)

Vapors: the latest in a long line of augmented Cobra fighter pilots, Vapors are cybernetically enhanced to make the most of the Hurricane! Literally hooked into this VTOL fighter-bomber, Vapors can dominate the skies - until their implants debilitate them! Availability:

Vapors (MSH Classic)

Vapors (4C System)

Vapors (Marvel Saga)

Doctor Bruno Varoz: a former neurosurgeon of renown, Bruno lost his mind at some point, either due to illness or self-experimentation. This madness egged him on in his attempts to conquer the world, and if not for Electro, he just might have! Availability:

Doctor Bruno Varoz (MSH Classic)

Doctor Bruno Varoz (4C System)

Doctor Bruno Varoz (Marvel Saga)

the Vector: highly advanced, the Vector can move at speeds unexpected for something its size - all while being relatively radar resistant. It is equipped with a ballistics pod that can provide fire support or merge with other Battle Force 2000 vehicles! Availability:

the Vector (MSH Classic)

the Vector (4C System)

the Vector (Marvel Saga)

the Vehicle Attack / Multi-Purpose (VAMP): the off-road, olive drab VAMP is equipped with twin-mounted, swivel-based .50 Cal cannons on the roof, and can easily rout conventional infantry troops - as well as various small vehicles! Availability:

the Vehicle Attack / Multi-Purpose (VAMP) (MSH Classic)

the Vehicle Attack / Multi-Purpose (VAMP) (4C System)

the Vehicle Attack / Multi-Purpose (VAMP) (Marvel Saga)

the Vindicator: the ultimate expression of Blaster's ground effects vehicle development, the Vindicator is a hovercraft that isn't tied to the earth, and is as maneuverable as any helicopter. It's also equipped with a high speed, heavily armed rocket sled! Availability:

the Vindicator (MSH Classic)

the Vindicator (4C System)

the Vindicator (Marvel Saga)

Viper Glider Pilots: Cobras with the proper inclination and ability are trained in the basic arts of aerial combat - and let loose with their very own Viper hang gliders! Though the aerial support is invariably welcome, these poor saps are relatively easy targets. Availability:

Viper Glider Pilots (MSH Classic)

Viper Glider Pilots (4C System)

Viper Glider Pilots (Marvel Saga)

Viper Trees: horrible hybrids of reptiles, demons and plants, viper trees are strange predators of the chaotic lower planes. They grow thickest where great concentrations of death occur, which make them good markers for past Blood War battles. Availability:

Viper Trees (MSH Classic)

Viper Trees (4C System)

Viper Trees (Marvel Saga)

Vipers: those Cobras who show great promise as combatants are often promoted to that organization's light infantry: the Vipers! These thoroughly trained, highly motivated, and well-equipped operatives are a serious threat to freedom world-wide! Availability:

Vipers (MSH Classic)

Vipers (4C System)

Vipers (Marvel Saga)

the Vision: an emerald-skinned warrior from beyond, Aarkus hails from a plane of smoke and vapor. While his people help the development of nascent Cosmic Cubes, Aarkus also takes time out of his busy schedule to earn the title Destroyer of Evil! Availability:

Vision (MSH Classic)

Vision (4C System)

Vision (Marvel Saga)

Vitamin G: Gregory Simpson is a perpetual loser who, after gaining his mutant power, used it to resume his considerably petty crime spree. Destined for mediocrity, Gregory is happy to let other, more successful villains do the thinking for him. Availability:

Vitamin G (MSH Classic)

Vitamin G (4C System)

Vitamin G (Marvel Saga)

Serge Vladimiroff: a KGB operative, Serge has served both at home and on American soil when needed. He's been his government's main point man on paranormal operations, and oversees the Siberian Project and all its troublesome staff and subjects. Availability:

Serge Vladimiroff (MSH Classic)

Serge Vladimiroff (4C System)

Serge Vladimiroff (Marvel Saga)

Voltar: a notorious mercenary commander and tactical genius, Voltar serves as the general of Destro's Iron Grenadier army. Destro's right-hand man, Voltar is trusted to deal with various issues that the boss simply lacks time for, both on and off the field. Availability:

Voltar (MSH Classic)

Voltar (4C System)

Voltar (Marvel Saga)

Volton: created by Phineas T. Horton and James Bradley, Volton was 'stolen' by the latter when the two scientists parted ways. Though Volton fought crime at first, he was ultimately twisted to support Bradley's fascist agenda. Availability:

Volton (MSH Classic)

Volton (4C System)

Volton (Marvel Saga)

Vortex: like his fellow Manimal Slythor, Vortex is quite the bounty hunter. While Slythor hunts for the challenge of it all, though, the diminutive Vortex is just in it for the cash. A venal mercenary, he'd even work for the Joes if they paid enough! Availability:

Vortex (MSH Classic)

Vortex (4C System)

Vortex (Marvel Saga)

Voyager: Tyrone Jessup was on the verge of running away before he gained his powers - and quickly left home afterward. This continued for quite some time, since all manner of evil people were out to capture him and his friends to harness their powers. Availability:

Voyager (MSH Classic)

Voyager (4C System)

Voyager (Marvel Saga)

Vrocks (Tanar'ri): first of tanar'ri considered to be 'true' members of their race, the vulture-like vrocks serve as the Abyss' aerial defenses. When not acting as elite Blood War shock troops, they often hunting victims for sustenance - and fun. Availability:

Vrocks (MSH Classic)

Vrocks (4C System)

Vrocks (Marvel Saga)

Vypra: having as many backgrounds as there are days in the week, Vypra maintains many identities - even that of twin ninjas! Regardless of her origins, her position as a rough and tumble Cobra courier cannot be denied, a job she enjoys almost too much! Availability:

Vypra (MSH Classic)

Vypra (4C System)

Vypra (Marvel Saga)

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