Vitamin G


Hand Size:
3 (17)


Like a growing number of people, Gregory is a mutant, a post-human being born from ordinary human parents with an odd kink in his genetic structure. This kink has resulted in his having the incredible ability to manipulate one of the universe's fundamental forces, that being gravity.


Gravity Control (i): his sole super-human ability, this rather versatile power has allowed the otherwise useless lump of flesh that is Gregory to blossom into a serious criminal. He wields this power at intensity 15 ability, though he hasn't developed it much thus far.

Aside from this power's standard uses, Gregory can perform the following tricks:

* Flight / Levitation (a): one skill that Gregory particularly enjoys is his ability to float above others. By manipulating gravity in his immediate area, Gregory can levitate with intensity 10 ability, and fly at intensity 4 airspeed (up to 120 miles per hour).

* G-Punch (s): his trademark move, this stunt allows Gregory to drastically increase his melee damage. He has mastered the art of dramatically increasing the gravitational attraction between his target and his fist (or foot, etc...), allowing him to inflict damage as though his Strength was 15.

How he avoids breaking himself when doing this is currently unknown.

Hindrances / Augmentations:





Boxing (s): while he lacks practical skills for the most part, Gregory has nonetheless learned how to defend himself over the years. As such, he can divide his pre-card play action score between two melee attacks, the second occurring as a contingent action.

Crime / Theft (a): since he has no prospects, Gregory has descended into a life of crime - and oddly excels at it. He should receive a reduction in the difficulty of actions applicable to the planning or perpetration of a theft, dealing with locks, security systems, or planning his getaway.


Gregory has found himself in the Mutant Legion - since Ultra will take just about anyone, really. He was a member of the first Tenacious Ten, and may well join that group again if someone has a proper use for it. Finally, Gregory has several minor-league criminal contacts in Boise, Idaho.


Greed: Gregory has always been interested in the acquisition of vast amounts of wealth, only he never considered actually working hard - or at all - to get it. He'll go out of his way to steal things of value that catch his eye, regardless of any consequences most of the time.


Gregory doesn't wear a costume, per se - he simply dresses in his usual style in the perpetration of crimes. This entails a pair of blue jeans worn too low on his hips (over boxer briefs of various hues), a dingy white tank top, a baseball cap on sideways, and lots of gold chains.


Gregory lacks imagination altogether. He's latched onto the 'gangsta' fad as if born to the role; as soon as the next 'kewl' thing comes along, he's likely to adopt that persona instead. Swaggering and obnoxious, his acquisition of powers has only enhanced his ability to annoy.

Special Role-Playing Notes:

Gregory is a wannabe rapper, la Vanilla Ice (hence the name - only marginally related to his power). He loves the whole gold chains, baseball cap on sideways, and pants inside out, backwards, and halfway down his hips thing. He's a low-grade poser, and doesn't even know it.

Real Name: Gregory Simpson
Occupation: thug for hire
Legal Status: American citizen with a significant roster of misdemeanors and felonies
Marital Status: single (and how)
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Mutant Legion, the Tenacious Ten

Height: 6'
Hair: dish-water blonde
Eyes: blue
Weight: 170 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: while he's physically unremarkable (aside from being somewhat skinny for his height), Gregory tends to look out of place wherever he goes, thanks to his curious dress.


Gregory was a small-time hood that was going nowhere fast. Having no practical skills, and having grown up in a strange childhood that saw him developing no imagination whatsoever, he quickly descended into a life of petty crime - one that saw him thrown in jail for several years.

Well eleven months really, thanks to jail overcrowding. Having a felony conviction (grand theft-auto), Gregory had a hard time acquiring a real job, and figured he'd just steal his way to riches and glory. On his first heist after his parole, things went wrong.

Cornered by the Man, Gregory was ready to go out shooting, but something changed his plans. Before he could get himself dead, Gregory's overwhelming urge to escape culminated in his rocketing away from the scene suddenly, vertically, in the blink of an eye.

Hitting the upper atmosphere before he figured out what was going on, Gregory almost passed out - but drifted back down enough to see that, somehow, he'd learned how to fly! He played with this ability for a little while, buzzing the rooftops of Boise, Idaho, and grew very happy.

The cops couldn't stop him now.

Over time, Gregory learned flight wasn't his actual power, so much as the ability to control gravity itself; various hijinks made this somewhat apparent. While he can use the power in most of its basic forms, he's developed few new stunts with his mutant ability - save for his G-punch.

Gregory has combined his power and his two tricks to build a formidable criminal enterprise, especially since hardly anybody can figure out how their stuff is disappearing - or who's taking it. Much less how those gigantic holes were showing up in the city's rooftops.

Just as his little empire was taking form, Gregory was summoned forth by Elys, who offered to pay Gregory a 'ton' of money to do her bidding. Thinking this easier than stealing stuff, Gregory agreed despite his inherent fear of the oversized, dragon techno-sorceress.

Now working for Elys, Gregory joined her other minions in the so-called Tenacious Ten, and did battle with a band of heroes attempting to deal with the dragon. While his fellows softened them up, Gregory sat back and watched the fight from afar - until it looked like the Ten were beaten.

Which they pretty much were.

He then made his dramatic entrance, and did a respectable amount of damage to the heroes before him; despite his lack of imagination, his power is pretty dangerous all by itself. Gregory was ultimately beaten like his fellows, though he was one of the last ones standing.

Before those heroes could do something to him while he was down, Elys teleported Gregory and the Ten to safety, most likely to make use of them again at some future point. Elys was herself beaten shortly thereafter though, meaning that Gregory and company were out of a job.

Having rematerialized in a California orchard, Gregory and company were left to fend for themselves. Wandering the west coast for a time, he eventually got himself noticed by the Mutant Legion, and Ultra was more than happy to welcome such a powerful mutant into their ranks.

Even if said power was so woefully underdeveloped.

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