the Mutant Legion

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Armula: a previously low-rent mutant thug with like capability, Simon Furst was the unfortunate victim of what he thought was a random vampire attack. Rising from the dead anew, he has rechristened himself Armula - the four armed vampire! Availability:

Armula (MSH Classic)

Armula (4C System)

Armula (Marvel Saga)

Quentin's Quirky Quack: Quigley Quirtsquip is a quandary, a man with a genetic quirk that lets him reorder the physiology of others at a whim. Developing this skill as something of an experimental doctor, he's become known as Quentin's Quirky Quack! Availability:

Quentin's Quirky Quack (MSH Classic)

Quentin's Quirky Quack (4C System)

Quentin's Quirky Quack (Marvel Saga)

Vitamin G: Gregory Simpson is a perpetual loser who, after gaining his mutant power, used it to resume his considerably petty crime spree. Destined for mediocrity, Gregory is happy to let other, more successful villains do the thinking for him. Availability:

Vitamin G (MSH Classic)

Vitamin G (4C System)

Vitamin G (Marvel Saga)

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