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Quigley Quirtsquip, also known as Quentin's Quirky Quack, is a mutant. He was born with the power to perform medical procedures on others greater than any doctor, procedures that seem impossible! He has used his power to implant various useful things into his body.

Known Powers:

Aciurgy: his principal mutant power, aciurgy allows Quigley to modify living bodily tissues - his own or those of others - with rank value 50 ability. This allows him to readily perform all manner of medical procedures, some of which are seemingly impossible!

While he was content to merely be a world-class doctor, albeit one with a penchant for unnecessary modifications to his patients, his time in the Mutant Legion has taught him a number of tricks he can perform with this power, including the following power stunts:

* Claws: Quigley keeps Exacto ™ blades in the bones of his fingers at all times. When he wishes to cut someone, he can will them to extend through his finger tips, which allows him to inflict Slashing damage at will. These razors are of m.v. 20.

* Hard Points: Quigley had his friend Yash make him a meshed, carbon steel skull cap that fits perfectly between his skull and the tissue beyond. This allows him to inflict +1 RS Bashing damage on a head butt maneuver, and helps to resist blows to the head!

* Infravision: having transplanted numerous infrared light-sensitive pits from the bodies of various pit vipers onto inconspicuous locations on his own face, Quigley has managed to effectively grant himself this power, at rank value 10.

* Quills: Quigley keeps a large number of surgical scalpels secreted within his bone structure, which he can extrude at will - with only a minimum of discomfort. These cause a foe Slashing damage on physical contact, and he can expel them to inflict the same - at range!

Limitations / Enhancements:



Linguistic Overdriver: as a member of the Electronicists' League, Quigley has full access to its shared technology. As such, he was given this item of Transistorized Ted's design, which provides him rank value 4 hyperlinguistics when active (1 sector range).


Adrenal Surge: after implanting a few extra adrenal glands into his body from available 'donors', Quigley has managed to develop this quirk. He may thus raise his Brawn trait by +1 RS for 1d10 turns, after which he will suffer a -1 RS to such for 1d100 turns.


Medicine: though he lacks accreditation and never finished school, Quigley nonetheless possesses this skill, thanks to his power and... experimental experience. He may add a +1 RS to any medicine-based Intellect ACT required of him, in addition to this skill's extra benefits.

Natural Weapons: while he wasn't really inclined for combat, Ultra not only insisted that Quigley develop his power offensively, but that he train in the use of such applications. Thus, when using his 'claws' or 'quills', Quigley may do so at his Melee value +1 RS.


Quigley is on... respectable terms with his fellow members of the Electronicists' League. After all, he's not only made cybernetics feasible for many of them, but he's grafted the bits they wanted into their body - saving them months of precious time spent in recovery.

He's still particularly good friends with his fellow League inductee, Yash, though the two don't really associate much these days. While mostly busy with their respective works, one would readily aid the other if he were to but ask - no matter how crazy a favor was required.

Finally, Quigley is a member of the Mutant Legion, and has patched up more than a few of those militant genetic abberants over the years - and has even given many of them infravision to match his own! While they may find him creepy, the Legion definitely likes having Quigley on call.


Quigley dresses like some sort of comic book villain version of a doctor while on the job - whatever job he happens to be doing at the time. His white, oversized lab coat is accessorized with shiny black rubber boots and gloves, black Spandex ™ trousers, and a shiny head mirror.


The Quirky Quack of Quentin, Quigley Quirtswip, is more than a little bit disconnected from reality. His ability to tinker with the inner workings of others' bodies has given him a strange view of humanity, not to mention an utter lack of value where other peoples' lives are concerned.

He doesn't really place any personal weight on the two organizations he belongs to, though he nonetheless helps both of them achieve their goals when asked. After all, each mission or favor done for them is a potential opportunity to use his skills in new and distressing ways!

Real Name: Quigley Quirtsquip
Occupation: experimental doctor
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with a staggering criminal record, wanted for numerous crimes
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Electronicists' League, the Mutant Legion

Height: 5' 10"
Hair: salt and pepper
Eyes: blue
Weight: 180 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Quigley loves to wear a long, bushy black chin beard with white streaks running throughout.


Quigley Quirtswip grew up in Quentin, Pennsylvania. He was raised to love the game of Q-bert, collected quarters as a hobby, ate a lot of quiche, and his family often vacationed in Qatar. This may sound a bit too strange to be mere coincidence, and in truth it was.

This because his father, Quinn, was something of a linguistic hobbyist. Infinitely amused by exposing Quigley to far more than his fair quotient of things starting with the letter Q, Quinn quickly managed to instill more than a little obsession with the letter within him.

Not that Quigley was particularly mental or anything, oh no; that came later. This was just a mild personality quirk that made him conspicuous throughout school. Of course, if people had twigged to Quigley's actual secret, they might have been more than a little bit alarmed.

As a teenager, Quigley injured his leg while playing in the park behind his school one day. His flesh pierced by a broken metal rod, Quigley panicked at first, until he suffered an immediate migraine - followed by a strange, serene calm. And then his mutant powers emerged!

A quirk in Quigley's genes gave him a special gift, you see, the ability to perform something akin to super-human surgery. His inherent skill in the modification of living tissues being far greater than any mere doctor's, Quigley was able to patch himself up in no time flat.

That was when Quigley decided to study medicine as a career. He had astounding natural ability, after all, but he figured with actual education it could be even better! The only problem was that, a few years into college, Quigley began to grow malcontent with academia.

Quarreling with the idea of performing a decade worth of training to master his powers, Quigley began to experiment on the side. At first performing free medical work for the poor and indigent, Quigley eventually began to modify those left to his tender mercies.

Ultimately jailed in San Quentin for various horrific crimes, in addition to performing medicine without a license, Quigley did quite a bit of time. He quickly made friends in prison however, since his abilities helped him to smuggle things around - inside the tissues of others!

Though his supposed quackery was useless in the 'real world', Quigley decided that he could use his powers to forge a bizarre life all his own. As such, he prepared to extricate himself from prison, though at least one friend he'd made behind bars wanted to come with him.

Yash Alloy, a body modification enthusiast, was more interested in transforming himself into technology than merely piercing himself in any number of uncomfortable orifices. Thinking Quigley could help him in this regard, Yash convinced Quigley to bring him along upon escaping.

On the run together for some time, the two quickly became even closer than before, what with Yash happy to let Quigley perform all manner of horrific procedures on his body. Quigley always reversed them in time, though - why break your toys when you can play with them again?

In time, Yash managed to scrounge up enough resources to manufacture a threadbare, experimental robotic arm - he's something of an electronics whiz kid, you know. With Quigley's help, Yash successfully grafted the implant into his body, tied directly into his nervous system!

Though Yash's body initially resisted the implantation of his cybernetics experiments, he managed in time to perfect a special coating for them with Quigley that prevented this reaction from occurring. Which is when Transistorized Ted introduced himself to the dastardly duo.

Wanting the secrets of their cybernetics integration compound, as well as the technology behind Yash's revolutionary electroneural interface, Ted offered them both membership in a group of his, the Electronicists' League. The League! Both men had heard all about the League.

A storied group of mad scientists, or so the rumors claim, the League was home to the vanguard of the Technological Singularity, no matter the cost! Liking the idea of working with, or at least in the vicinity of such supposed crazies, both Quigley and Yash jumped at the opportunity.

Once they donated their innovations and became fully fledged members of the League however, these two friends became so distracted with their obsessions that they no longer spent a lot of time together. Unless, of course, one needed their counterpart for some experiment or another.

When not quickly loading Yash up with some new implant he'd jury rigged, Quigley was doing... other work. You see, shortly after joining the League, he was also approached by the villainous Fascisma, who thought his mutant gifts would be of great use to her organization.

Wanting to take over the world, Fascisma led a veritable Legion of Mutants, and thought that having a surgeon of Quigley's super-human caliber would be great. Because her troops get hurt more often than not in their various missions against the human status quo.

Thinking this an even better opportunity to hone his skills, much less experiment on people who didn't care what the world thought of their looks, Quigley also signed on with the Legion. Of course once he did, he was taught by the group's lieutenant, Ultra, new uses for his power.

Now, in addition to serving as a medic for the Legion, Quigley has become something of a terror in battle, as he now keeps a full roster of sharp, pointy things secreted within his body for use in a scrap. When, you know, not directly dismembering someone with his aciurgy!

Legal Hoopajoob:

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