Ex 20
Ty 6
In 40
Ex 20
Ty 6
Pr 4
Ex 20
Ty 6
Ty -5

Rm 30
Pr 4
In 40
Gd 10
Pr 4
Ty 6
Gd 10
Gd 10
Ty -5

Gd 10
Gd 10
In 40
Rm 30
Gd 10
Fe 2
Rm 30
Pr 4
Ty -5



Simon Furst was a notorious low-rent mutant thug whose sole power was his extra limbs. This changed when he was killed after being fed upon by a vampire with sinister designs on his person, and he rose anew as one of the undead. Rechristening himself the dread Armula, Simon is now a high-ranking member of the Mutant Legion... and an unwitting plant for his ersatz benefactor!

Known Powers:

Additional Limbs / Arms: his slight super-human strength notwithstanding, Simon's mutation mainly involves the manifestation of two additional arms, nestled beneath his first set of such. Thanks to these appendages, Simon has the benefit of being able to execute an additional attack each turn - as long as said attack is specifically attempted using these extra arms.

Agelessness: as undead creatures, conventional vampires are close to immortal. As long as he continues to prey upon the living for their blood, and isn't slain by direct violence perpetrated against his person, Simon may persist in his existence indefinitely. If at full Health, Simon retains the freakish appearance he possessed upon his demise - he was already somewhat pale to begin with.

Biological Vampirism: the classic, blood-sucking vampire has a strongly limited form of this power, which allows them to derive sustenance solely from the living blood of animal creatures. On contact with a potential target, Simon may begin to feed upon him or her if they cannot pass a Psyche (will) FEAT roll against this Excellent (20) ranked capability, a FEAT allowed on each turn of feeding.

This assumes that Simon has managed to access their bloodstream, of course, which involves either opening the target's skin (most often with fangs) or by clamping his mouth onto an already open wound. In a single turn, Simon may draw out up to twenty ounces of blood, which is enough to render a normal human dizzy - but won't actually inflict lethal harm in and of itself.

Unless such a singular attack would remove all his victim's Health, that is. Simon may continue to drain blood from his victim after this initial attack, though this furthers the risk of killing the victim (thus creating more vampires), as well as the possibility of the victim shrugging off the attack and gaining immunity to his blood draining ability (thus becoming a potential nemesis).

At any rate, Simon may use the drained blood to replace his own, lost Health points. If at full Health when drinking his power rank number in ounces of blood, Simon will experience a +1 CS to his Strength, Endurance and Psyche ability scores, as well as all his power ranks save for this one, for 1d100 turns. An additional boost of like power requires another infusion of fresh blood (after the first expires).

On the other hand, Simon suffers a -1 CS penalty to the aforementioned ability scores and power ranks for each day he abstains from feeding (whether voluntarily or otherwise). If Simon's ability scores and power ranks slip to Shift 0 levels from an extended lack of blood, he will not die so much as slip into stasis - at least, until someone is foolish enough to wander into melee distance of him...!

As an undead creature, Simon cannot defeat his dependence on blood - he literally needs it to survive.

Clinging: Simon has demonstrated the supernatural power to walk on walls and ceilings like an insect. This power functions for Simon with Amazing (50) rank, which allows him to cling to most standard surfaces, as long as such things aren't lubricated with, say, Buckyballs. Such surfaces are much more difficult for a vampire - or anyone else, for that matter - to cling to!

Damage Reduction: classical vampires are notable for their considerable resistance to conventional injury. While not quite immune to such, Simon is able to shrug off attacks that would readily kill a normal human quite easily, their applied force being reduced by -2 CS. This damage reduction applies to both physical and vampiric attacks used against Simon in the course of play.

Environmental Independence: as anti-life monstrosities, vampires only need to satisfy the limitations of their vampiric power to subsist. In other words, while Simon must feed upon the blood of others to live, he no longer needs - nor can derive sustenance from - ordinary food or water, and no longer needs to breathe to maintain his bodily functions. Simon still sleeps during the day, however.

Fangs: Simon is equipped with retractable fangs, which are slightly different than the 'classical' portrayal of vampires in the media, as all of his teeth can grow into needle-like fangs. These physical weapons can be used to inflict his considerable Strength rank in Edged Attack damage. Mind you, Simon most often causes just enough harm with his fangs to access his target's bloodstream.

Regeneration: traditional vampires have the ability to rapidly repair damage inflicted upon their bodies - assuming they have recently fed. As long as Simon is not suffering any negative Column Shifts due to a lack of blood, he receives the benefit of Good (10) ranked regeneration. This allows Simon to heal ten lost Health points each minute (or 1 Health point per turn).

Transformation / Self: though he cannot change into a bat or a wolf, Simon can transform into eerie mist. Simon's gaseous form provides him an additional 2 CS of damage reduction against physical attacks, as well as Feeble (2) ranked flight (thirty miles per hour). In this form Simon may force himself into a foe's lungs, gaining control over their body per the mesmerism power (Endurance (res) FEAT to resist).

Limitations / Enhancements:

Vampiric Weaknesses: while immortals are permanently slain only by total body disintegration, destruction on their home plane, or being killed by a fellow immortal, traditional vampires are instead beholden to a completely different set of weaknesses. Simon is no exception to this rule, and is subject to a large number of character limitations that came along with his impressive vampiric powers.

* Aversion and Susceptibility / Running Water: Simon has an aversion to crossing running water, such as a river. He must pass a red Psyche (will) FEAT roll to do so. Furthermore, if Simon is submerged in running water, he will lose one fourth of his maximum Health total each turn, which isn't countered by his regeneration any, until he either gets out of the water or dissolves within it.

* Originator's Onus: while many vampires (such as Simon) lack the power of mesmerism in a general sense, all vampires possess this ability, or are subject to it, in regards to their progenitors or descendants. In other words, a vampire can use this power at their Psyche (will) rank to command vampires they are responsible for creating, and resist commands from their creators at a -2 CS.

* Requirement / Home Soil: Simon requires a touch (several pounds) of his native, Pittsburgh soil with him for some unknown reason. If such soil isn't adjacent to him while he sleeps during the day, Simon cannot heal damage inflicted to his body that night - either using his regeneration power or by dint of the consumed blood of his many victims.

* Requirement / Permission to Enter: while many vampires of the traditional variety do not possess this psychological barrier, Simon definitely does. Suffering under this constraint, Simon may not, under any circumstances, enter a private space without explicit permission. Doing so will cause him to lose one quarter of his total Health score for each turn during which he trespasses.

* Susceptibility / Direct Sunlight: if exposed to direct sunlight (not mere daylight conditions but actual rays of light from the sun, whether directly or via a reflected surface), Simon will lose half of his total Health score in damage each turn. This is usually enough to turn his undead self to dust in short order - which is why he typically rests in a darkened underground vault during the day.

* Susceptibility and Weakness / Garlic: many classical vampires have showcased an inability to function in the face of garlic. When encountering (adjacent to) the substance, Simon will be reduced to Feeble (2) rank in all ability scores, and cannot use his supernatural powers. If forced to ingest garlic somehow, Simon will immediately lose one quarter of his total Health score.

* Susceptibility / Wooden Stakes: if Simon is ever pierced in the heart (with a Killing blow) via some wooden object, he will instantly lose all of his remaining Health. Unless he can pass a red Endurance FEAT roll immediately afterwards, Simon will crumble to dust in rapid order, the anti-life which sustains his monstrous existence fleeing his now-uninhabitable corpse all at once.




Abnormal Appearance: while he is a vampire possessed of a somewhat pale coloration, the truth is that Simon had that pallor even before becoming one of the undead. What truly makes Simon stand out, however, is the fact that he possesses two additional, fully functional arms - both nestled beneath his original, 'natural' limbs. His rather muscular build also makes him stick out, as well.

Bully 2: Simon has always been a bully... and always will be. It's part and parcel of his very being, ever since his youth as a 'normal' human - through his current state as a super-powerful, vampire mutant. If he finds himself needing to restrain this portion of his personality for some reason, Simon must first pass a Psyche (will) FEAT roll at a -4 CS first. Which means he doesn't restrain himself all that often.


Martial Arts types B and C: since his mutation gave him considerable physical prowess, Simon learned how to fight at an early age. As such, he may connect in unarmed melee, whether punching, kicking, charging or biting, at his Fighting (off) +1 CS. Furthermore, he may attempt dodge, escape, grapple and weave maneuvers with a like bonus, even where the inflicting of damage is concerned!


As a member of the Mutant Legion, Simon may presumably rely upon the group for aid in a pinch. He's one of their more powerful members, after all, and thus has considerable leeway within the organization. Furthermore, Simon has a small group of humans he has 'turned' into vampires, which he may direct as desired - all of which have manifested powers and weaknesses similar to his own.


Like many members of the Mutant Legion, Simon wears an outfit that is somewhat... sparse in nature. It consists of a pair of blood red Spandex ™ and neoprene bike shorts, a blood red bandana, crimson metallic wrist bands (one for each arm), well-shined black leather Army boots, and a thick-linked steel chain that holds a die-cast amulet with a DNA double helix on each side, the symbol of the Mutant Legion.


Before his mutant arms budded from his previously normal frame, Simon was something of a dim-witted, small-minded thug. Acquiring his mutant powers, and then his vampiric abilities, has done little if anything to change his outlook. What his super-human ascendancy has done, however, is give him the ability to amplify his selfish, bullying behavior to a staggering degree.

Real Name: Simon Furst
Occupation: mutant militant, thug for hire
Legal Status: citizen of the United States that is wanted for various crimes, not quite legally dead yet
Marital Status: single, eventually inapplicable
Alias(es), if any: Four Score
Group Affiliation: the Mutant Legion

Height: 6' 4"
Hair: red
Eyes: blue
Weight: 320 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Simon is rather muscular, which only accentuates his already conspicuous, superfluous arms. He's also somewhat pale, but admittedly was even before his transformation into a vampire (he's also quite freckly).


Simon Furst is a bully.

While growing up, he exulted in the naturally large frame that nature seemingly gifted him with, not to engage in athletic endeavors so much as to intimidate everyone around him. Even children two, three years his senior were wary of Simon, for he could easily hold his own in brawls with those much older than himself. And Simon really liked how powerful this made him feel.

Come puberty, his mutant ability manifested itself, and his previously normal arms began to split - painfully - in two. Furthermore, his already impressive bulk grew even more, and Simon demonstrated a level of raw physical power that mystified physicians. Of course, Simon deduced that he was some kind of freak of nature, and that his life as a relatively normal human had ended. He was right.

Running away from home even as his arms began to settle into their new configuration, Simon lived for a time on the outskirts of society, robbing the weak and indigent for the minimal fruits of life around the downtown Pittsburgh area. Though on the fast track to being 'disappeared' by those who keep an eye out for super-human criminal activity, Simon was instead discovered by Ultra, of the Mutant Legion.

Though she saw Simon for what he was, Ultra nonetheless believed he could be of use to the group she intended to eventually take for her own. As such, Ultra easily managed to recruit Simon with her superiority propaganda and promises of eventual vast power over normal humans. Relocating to Detroit, where the Legion was currently headquartered, Simon quickly grew to enjoy being a part of a group of like men and women.

Of course, Simon only respects the needs of one person: Simon. As such, he began to farm himself out as a hired thug on the side, when not doing like work for the Legion. This made him notorious in certain criminal circles, circles who wanted Simon dead. These villains ultimately hired the Triumvirate of Tribulation, noted mutant 'problem solvers', to teach Simon a lesson. And teach him they did!

Beating Simon within an inch of his life while he was in a drunken stupor one night, the Triumvirate left for greener pastures... only to miss Simon's downfall. You see, the Legion had been targeted by the Eidolon Empress: a vampire with ambitions of world domination, one who wanted to 'breed' mutant powers into the vampire population. Catching Simon at his weakest, she slew him with her blood-drinking powers!

Sure enough, Simon rose a few days later, finding himself a vampire as well. Never identifying the undead who killed him, Simon simply resumed his life as he lived it before - albeit on a more nocturnal basis. Naturally, the Legion enjoyed Simon's newly found powers, and made use of his vampiric strengths as much as possible. Even if they loathed working around his new 'schedule', as it were.

Little did Simon and the Mutant Legion know, however, that the Empress had also 'turned' Simon to get her sticky fingers into the group's action. Sponsored by the Biplicity, an organization co-led by Fascisma (who focuses on mutants) and Industrio (who focuses on robots), the Empress saw the Mutant Legion as the weak link in that deadly duo's bid for world domination - at least, where her powers were concerned.

Robots generally don't have blood to drink, after all! Thus, the Eidolon Empress decided to use Simon as an inside man with the group, secretly compelling him to spy upon the Legion and its sponsors. And all the while, she encouraged Simon to create even more vampires, to pass along his quirky mutation to more undead. So far he's done exactly that, growing a small group of vampires with his exact same abilities.

Extra arms and all!

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