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The Vector is a highly advanced fighter jet built by the minds behind the Battle Force 2000. Designed with the future in mind, this aircraft makes use of a large variety of experimental weaponry, not to mention avionics technology that is still being ironed out.

But then, that's the whole purpose of the Battle Force, isn't it? Perhaps its most potent weapon is in fact a manned turret at the rear of the Vector, which can support the aircraft directly, or be detached to form a sort of remote ground support station.

Or, alternately, it can be plugged into components of several other Battle Force 2000 vehicles to form the mighty Future Fortress! In other words, the Vector has two major components, each of which are described in full here:

Fighter Jet:

The component folks mainly think of when the Vector is mentioned, this advanced and aerodynamic aircraft is heavily armed and somewhat radar resistant. More so when its battle turret is detached, but the firepower makes up for a lack of stealth. It is equipped thus:

Rm 30
Sh Y
Ex 20
Gd 10

Blast-proof Canopy: the Vector jet's canopy is built with defense in mind, being molded aerodynamically and heavily reinforced to deflect damage from the pilot. This accounts for the vehicle's higher Protection rating of Good (10).

Communications Array: the Vector's jet is equipped with a gigahertz frequency, frequency wobbler clandestine operations radio system. This makes for Remarkable (30) communications power and signal encryption, giving it a maximum range of 500 miles.

Flight: the primary purpose of the Vector jet, it can fly at phenomenal speeds. Peaking out at over the speed of sound, it can be considered to have this capability at Shift Y (200) rank, thanks to its twin 28,000 lb reheated thrust turbofan engines.

Laser Cannons: these wing-mounted death rays are the highlight of the Vector jet's offense. These directed energy weapons can be fired to inflict Excellent (20) Armor Piercing Energy damage each, raised by +1 CS when both cannons are used in tandem.

Levitation: in addition to its standard flight capabilities, the Vector jet has vertical take off and landing (VTOL) capabilities. It can launch and land on just about any surface, possessing enough vertical lift to hold its bulk up for quite some time.

Narrow Sparrow Missiles: these AIM-33 air-to-air missiles greatly enhance the Vector jet's destructive capability. There are four of these mounted on its underside, and the pilot can raise their net damage by +1 CS for every doubling of missiles they fire:

Ex 20
Sh Y
Ex 20
Remarkable (30) Edged Attack (fragmentary)

Quick Blast Cannons: alternately, the Vector jet's pilot can make use of these twinned chin-mount cannons, if the lasers aren't optimal. They can be fired together to inflict Excellent (20) Shooting damage in a short burst, raised by +1 CS in a fully automatic hail of doom.

Radar Invisibility: the Vector is built with stealth in mind; while not a stealth fighter, per se, it is aerodynamic and built to absorb or deflect radar waves at oblique angles. It can avoid being 'painted' by enemy radar equipment with Excellent (20) ability (-2 CS with turret attached.)

Radar Unit: the Vector jet's radar systems can track most targets within a line-of-sight range - and beyond! It has an approximately 100 mile range alone, boosted with computer intel from a command tower for 500 miles in total, and works with Remarkable (30) capability.

Battle Turret:

The 'round off' surveillance / ballistics pod on the rear of the Vector can be used to fire upon enemy craft while attached to the vehicle, or detached to a) serve as stand alone fire support or b) merge with other Battle Force components to form the Future Fortress!

Rather versatile, the turret can rotate in the horizontal axis as well as pivot in the vertical when necessary, allowing it to hit any target in three dimensions easily - which is handy for both a rear-mounted gun station and a forward-facing defense cannon. It's armed as follows:

Blast-proof Shell: the Vector turret's casing is built from the same materials that its jet cockpit is, allowing the gunner to fire at enemies with relative impunity. The shell offers the turret occupant the same Protection rating the pilot possesses (Good (10).)

Communications Array: the Vector's turret is equipped with a gigahertz frequency, frequency wobbler clandestine operations radio system. This makes for Feeble (2) communications power (with a 1 mile range) that has Remarkable (30) ranked signal encryption.

Corporeal Gestalt: while the battle turret can provide good air support in a pinch, it is primarily designed to mesh with the rest of the Battle Force 2000's technology by forming part of its Future Fortress, contributing to its defense (Excellent (20) ranked gestalt.)

Machine Guns: the turret's main 'feature', these dual, twinned 7.62 mm auto-loading cannons can be fired together to inflict Excellent (20) Shooting damage in a short burst, raised by +1 CS in a fully automatic hail of doom.

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