Battle Force 2000

Battle Force 2000 is the walking, breathing proving grounds for tomorrow's battlefield technology today! Highly-trained specialists entrusted with one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art prototypes, their mission is to support GI Joe and field-test experimental equipment under battlefield conditions.

Overall, Battle Force 2000 features the following personnel and equipment:

1987 Personnel

Avalanche: Ian decided to do something better with his life than engage in the family business of bootlegging, poaching, and smuggling, and enlisted in the Army. The military then put his skills to use, and now he's a cold weather survival expert, too! Availability:

Avalanche (MSH Classic)

Avalanche (4C System)

Avalanche (Marvel Saga)

Blaster: smitten with ground effect vehicle technology since his youth, Brian enlisted to acquire the funding he needed to develop it further. This worked out better than he imagined, and now Brian is on the bleeding edge of its development! Availability:

Blaster (MSH Classic)

Blaster (4C System)

Blaster (Marvel Saga)

Blocker: tiring of life as a Boston cab driver, David enlisted to get a ride with which he could shoot back at the opposition. He's proven so good at fighting behind the wheel that he was eventually selected to be a Battle Force 2000 vehicular combatant! Availability:

Blocker (MSH Classic)

Blocker (4C System)

Blocker (Marvel Saga)

Dodger: an old hand at the fine art of tank warfare, Richard is also an expert in the newest electronic gewgaws installed within armored vehicles. As such, he was picked to join the Battle Force 2000 unit to put this expertise to good use! Availability:

Dodger (MSH Classic)

Dodger (4C System)

Dodger (Marvel Saga)

Knockdown: an aerophobic anti-aircraft specialist, Blaine intimately knows how easily an airborne vehicle can crash down to earth in a flaming ball of doom. Maybe that's why this microwave technician prefers to shoot Cobras down from the surface, then! Availability:

Knockdown (MSH Classic)

Knockdown (4C System)

Knockdown (Marvel Saga)

Maverick: having flown since he was a child, Thomas joined the Air Force as soon as he could, and participated in countless experimental flight programs upon graduating from the Air Force Academy. Which is naturally why Battle Force 2000 snatched him up! Availability:

Maverick (MSH Classic)

Maverick (4C System)

Maverick (Marvel Saga)

1989 Personnel:

Dee-Jay: a disc jockey in Boston with a penchant for tinkering with both electronics and electronic music, Thomas ultimately decided he wanted more in life than fame and fortune. Enlisting soon afterward, he found what he was looking for - in Battle Force 2000! Availability:

Dee-Jay (MSH Classic)

Dee-Jay (4C System)

Dee-Jay (Marvel Saga)

1987 Equipment:

the Dominator: a cold weather tank, the Dominator can be split into two components, one of which is much more mobile than the other. Both are heavily armed and armored, however, which makes sense since this vehicle serves as the base of the Future Fortress! Availability:

the Dominator (MSH Classic)

the Dominator (4C System)

the Dominator (Marvel Saga)

the Eliminator: a heavily armored, all-terrain vehicle, the Eliminator is perfect for former taxi driver Blocker - he's always wanted a ride that can shoot back at his enemies. It even has a bonus component that lets a teammate offer him instant fire support! Availability:

the Eliminator (MSH Classic)

the Eliminator (4C System)

the Eliminator (Marvel Saga)

the Future Fortress: unique amongst GI Joe's prefabricated bases, the Future Fortress is not only ready-made, but is assembled from components donated from six different vehicles. This odd construction allows it to be installed and ready to fight in minutes! Availability:

the Future Fortress (MSH Classic)

the Future Fortress (4C System)

the Future Fortress (Marvel Saga)

the Marauder: this strange component of the Battle Force 2000 line of theoretical weapons research is a sort of 'motorcycle-tank'. The two components of the Marauder can detach, however, in the event that the driver wants to be in two places at once! Availability:

the Marauder (MSH Classic)

the Marauder (4C System)

the Marauder (Marvel Saga)

the Sky Sweeper: Knockdown's ride is an advanced anti-aircraft vehicle, with an optional stand-alone sentry post that can be installed either by itself or within the Future Fortress. It also lets Knockdown deal with his phobic aversion to aircraft! Availability:

the Sky Sweeper (MSH Classic)

the Sky Sweeper (4C System)

the Sky Sweeper (Marvel Saga)

the Vector: highly advanced, the Vector can move at speeds unexpected for something its size - all while being relatively radar resistant. It is equipped with a ballistics pod that can provide fire support or merge with other Battle Force 2000 vehicles! Availability:

the Vector (MSH Classic)

the Vector (4C System)

the Vector (Marvel Saga)

the Vindicator: the ultimate expression of Blaster's ground effects vehicle development, the Vindicator is a hovercraft that isn't tied to the earth, and is as maneuverable as any helicopter. It's also equipped with a high speed, heavily armed rocket sled! Availability:

the Vindicator (MSH Classic)

the Vindicator (4C System)

the Vindicator (Marvel Saga)

1989 Equipment:

the Pulverizer: the final equipment Battle Force 2000 rolled out before its untimely demise, the Pulverizer is a small tracked vehicle. It can pack an astounding punch with its massive laser cannon, which can stop enemy gear and fortifications dead - and how! Availability:

the Pulverizer (MSH Classic)

the Pulverizer (4C System)

the Pulverizer (Marvel Saga)

2017 Equipment:

the Marauder Snowmobile: named for the original Marauder, this new Battle Force 2000 vehicle nonetheless takes after the Dominator in function. It is a vast overhaul of the original Polar Battle Bears, now cheaper to build and more reliable! Availability:

the Marauder Snowmobile (MSH Classic)

the Marauder Snowmobile (4C System)

the Marauder Snowmobile (Marvel Saga)

the Vector X-36: as the original model of Vector hadn't had all the bugs worked out before the untimely demise of Battleforce 2000, GI Joe repurposed several Conquest X-30s to take its place in the revitalized team - and as the X-36, it works! Availability:

the Vector X-36 (MSH Classic)

the Vector X-36 (4C System)

the Vector X-36 (Marvel Saga)

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