the Dominator

Part of the experimental Battle Force 2000 line of research, the Dominator is a curious 'snow tank' that the team put through its paces starting in 1987. This strange vehicle is a mini-tank wrapped in a separate armored body, which can itself separate for limited uses.

While combined, the Dominator has all the abilities of its component vehicles, save for the laser cannons, which are hidden beneath the Ski Attack vehicle's body. The individual sub-vehicles of the Dominator function as follows:

Plasma Gun:

The interior of the Dominator, this smaller, six-wheeled vehicle is also houses the primary weapon of the vehicle. It can discard the outer shell of the Dominator to run with increased speed, albeit with less protection. It has these capabilities:

Battle Dog Main Gun (i): mounted on a reinforced turret, this huge gun is a XM175 cannon. This devastating, experimental weapon fires packets of excited particles to inflict intensity 15 energy damage per deadly blast, enough to penetrate even the strongest of enemy fortifications.

Bullseye Targeting System (i): consisting of a laser range finder and a full-solution ballistic computer, this unit helps the driver of the plasma gun to fight effectively under all conditions, even giving him or her a +2 to attacks made with its weaponry.

Communications Array (i): the Dominator's inner ride is equipped with a gigahertz frequency, frequency wobbler clandestine operations radio system. This makes for intensity 5 communications power (with a 25 mile range) that has intensity 10 signal encryption.

Laser Cannons (a): flanking the main cannon on the Plasma Gun, these powerful energy weapons fire sustained, coherent laser beams at a foe, each of which inflict one's Agility +5 in Armor Piercing energy damage per deadly blast - raised by +1 when both hit a foe in tandem.

Propulsion (a): the Plasma Gun of the Dominator snow tank can move pretty fast in a pinch. The thing can travel at intensity 3 speeds when necessary (75 miles per hour), though only at intensity 2 with its outer shell installed (60 miles per hour).

Reinforced Armor (s): the Plasma Gun benefits from a reinforced, micro-mesh ballistic armor, which protects its turret and body equally well. This armor gives the plasma gun a net m.s. of 12, and offers intensity 8, or +2, protection to its driver.

Ski Attack Vehicle:

Something of a misnomer, the Ski Attack vehicle isn't really a vehicle, per se, having no locomotion on its own. It can move when pushed, or when it gains sudden downhill momentum however, and has these capabilities:

Corporeal Gestalt (a): the Ski Attack vehicle isn't all that mobile by itself, however it can be reconfigured to form the 'walls' of the Battle Force 2000 Future Fortress, which is described in its own equipment entry (an intensity 10 gestalt).

Deflection (i): the front of the Dominator is built with defense in mind. It has a highly angular body, with deflective slopes covering most of it and the turret. This causes most frontal attacks against the vehicle to suffer a -2 to hit, though passengers hanging on aren't so lucky.

Heat Generation (a): the main purpose of the Ski Attack vehicle is to melt snow in a hurry - likely to help it control a cold-weather battlefield - or to dig in when assembling the Future Fortress. It can generate heat of intensity 13 strength when necessary.

Reinforced Armor (s): the Ski Attack vehicle benefits from a reinforced, micro-mesh ballistic armor, which protects all riding within (or hiding behind) equally well. This armor gives the Plasma Gun a net m.s. of 12, and offers like, or +3, protection to its occupants.

Skis (a): the Ski Attack vehicle has no inherent ability to move on its own. When pushed however, it can attain up to intensity 2 speed (60 miles per hour) thanks to its 'Super Slick' silicone coated skis, mounted on nitrogen-compression shock absorber units.

Twin Terror Machine Guns (a): these dual pivoting machine guns, each mounted on the front of the Ski Attack vehicle, allow the driver to fire conventional weapons when necessary, inflicting the gunner's Agility +5 in damage in a small burst, raised to +6 when fired continuously.

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