the Conquest X-30

The Conquest X-30 is an experimental, forward-swept wing aircraft that GI Joe first utilized in 1986. Though it seems like it shouldn't be able to fly, this distinctive fighter jet can nonetheless manage such thanks to its revolutionary, computer-assisted controls.

The Conquest has a top speed of Mach 2.42, as well as a maximum operating radius of 1,200 miles, when fitted with two optional under-wing, 300 gallon fuel tanks. The Conquest X-30 and its many variants are equipped with the following features:

Advanced Computer-Aided Control (i): the Conquest, as stated above, shouldn't be able to fly according to conventional aeronautics thought. However, its powerful, computer-assisted control surfaces not only enable the Conquest to fly, but provide its pilot a +1 to all piloting card play.

AIM-12 Light Sparrow Air to Air Missiles (i): the X-30 has four of these deadly missiles when fully loaded, which its pilot can use to strike opponents out of the range of its cannons. These laser-guided anti-aircraft rockets inflict intensity 12 fragmentary damage each.

Blast-Proof Tilt-Back Canopy (s): the Conquest's cockpit has been enhanced by this canopy, made from intensity 15 materials. This transparent marvel allows the Conquest to offer its full body armor to its pilot, which significantly increases their survival odds in a dogfight.

Body Armor (s): built from lightweight, space-age materials, the Conquest X-30 has an effective material strength of twelve. Thus, it offers its internal components like, or +3, protection against conventional incoming damage of all types.

Double-Blast 25mm Twin Cannons (a): these twin cannons can be fired separately or in tandem. Singly, they can fire a short burst to inflict one's Agility +6 in damage, or fire continuously to inflict their Agility +7 in damage. Tandem firing increases either by +1.

Flight (a): its basic purpose for existing, the Conquest X-30 can fly - and fast. Possessing this technological power at intensity 12, thanks to its 26 thousand pound thrust turbofan engines, the Conquest can fly at Mach 2.42, making it very, very fast indeed.

Radio Frequency Array (w): the Conquest can use RF signals to communicate with an airfield (or carrier) with intensity 9 range (500 miles, give or take), and to track both opponents and the terrain with a powerful, 'Bogey' threat sensor, one that functions with like ability.

1989 Variations

the Python Conquest

Cobra acquired access to several GI Joe Conquest X-30 aircraft through the easiet means possible: they simply bought them from governments supposedly friendly to the United States. Putting them to use in the Python Patrol, Cobra's Conquests have this additional ability:

Invisibility to Infrared and Radiowaves (i): the Pythonization process is essentially an advanced stealth technology, which acts to absorb these forms of electromagnetic radiation with intensity 15 ability, rendering Python X-30s effectively invisible to sensors utilizing them.

1998 Variations

Upon GI Joe's first reactivation, they pulled several of their Conquest X-30 aircraft out of mothballs, updated their already-advanced electronics somewhat, and gave it a new, green camouflage coloration. Other than these changes, they are functionally identical to the originals.

2003 Variations

A few years after revitalizing their aging fleet of X-30 aircraft, GI Joe once again modified the onboard computers and electronics, and gave it a different, white and dark blue camouflage paint scheme. Other than these changes, they are functionally identical to the originals.

2017 Variations

the Vector X-36

When GI Joe restarted Battle Force 2000, their technicians upgraded several X-30s to the point that they could serve as a Mark 2 version of their previous, Vector aircraft. These new, X-36 vehicles, aside from further electronics overhauls, still function the same as the originals.

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