GI Joe: 2017 Personnel and Equipment


Backstop: though he's been run out of every sport he tried, from hockey to wrestling to boxing, Robert finally found a home in GI Joe. The man is brutally competitive, and has a habit of leaving broken opponents in his wake - and that's just his friends! Availability:

Backstop (MSH Classic)

Backstop (4C System)

Backstop (Marvel Saga)

Big Lob: an obsessive basketball fan, Big Lob showed he was a true athlete upon breezing his way through basic training. He's since proved himself to both the regular brass and the GI Joe team, and excels in all manner of the team's special missions! Availability:

Big Lob (MSH Classic)

Big Lob (4C System)

Big Lob (Marvel Saga)

Charbroil: Carl grew up working with fire, whether he was heating water pipes with a blowtorch in rural Minnesota or shoveling charcoal into blast furnaces for a living. He's comfortable around the stuff, which makes him an excellent flamethrower for GI Joe! Availability:

Charbroil (MSH Classic)

Charbroil (4C System)

Charbroil (Marvel Saga)

Hardtop: a man of few words, Nicholas speaks with action. Mind you, his usually involves building things for GI Joe, no matter how tricky the situation may be. He also drives and maintains the crawler / gantry designed to launch GI Joe's spacecraft! Availability:

Hardtop (MSH Classic)

Hardtop (4C System)

Hardtop (Marvel Saga)

Salvo: David is quite like Rampart, having joined the military to indulge in his favorite hobby. The difference is that while Rampart blows things up as a part of his love for computerized gaming action, David prefers a more 'low tech' approach! Availability:

Salvo (MSH Classic)

Salvo (4C System)

Salvo (Marvel Saga)

Scoop: with his electrical engineering and journalism degrees, Leonard Michaels could've easily joined the network news team of his choice. However, he enlisted in the Army to get at the 'real' stories out there, and documents them alongside GI Joe! Availability:

Scoop (MSH Classic)

Scoop (4C System)

Scoop (Marvel Saga)

Sneak Peek: growing up with a love of nature in eerie Bangor, Maine, Owen King enlisted as soon as he could. Using his wilderness skills to become an Army Ranger, Owen has since gone on to become one of the GI Joe team's greatest reconnaissance operatives! Availability:

Sneak Peek (MSH Classic)

Sneak Peek (4C System)

Sneak Peek (Marvel Saga)

Battleforce 2000

Dodger: an old hand at the fine art of tank warfare, Richard is also an expert in the newest electronic gewgaws installed within armored vehicles. As such, he was picked to join the Battle Force 2000 unit in order to put this expertise to good use! Availability:

Dodger (MSH Classic)

Dodger (4C System)

Dodger (Marvel Saga)


Battleforce 2000

the Marauder Snowmobile: named for the original Marauder, this new Battle Force 2000 vehicle nonetheless takes after the Dominator in function. It is a vast overhaul of the original Polar Battle Bears, now cheaper to build and more reliable! Availability:

the Marauder Snowmobile (MSH Classic)

the Marauder Snowmobile (4C System)

the Marauder Snowmobile (Marvel Saga)

the Vector X-36: as the original model of Vector hadn't had all the bugs worked out before the untimely demise of Battleforce 2000, GI Joe repurposed several Conquest X-30s to take its place in the revitalized team - and as the X-36, it works! Availability:

the Vector X-36 (MSH Classic)

the Vector X-36 (4C System)

the Vector X-36 (Marvel Saga)

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