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Known far and wide for his incredible pain tolerance and frightening network of scars, the GI Joe operative known as Backstop is still just a normal human. He only seems like a supernatural menace to anything and everything that happens to cross his path.



Hindrances / Augmentations:



Helmet (s): while behind the wheel of his Persuader, Backstop always wears his helmet, a sort of angular, futuristic looking thing (but then, he drives a laser tank). This headgear provides him intensity 8, or +2, protection against head-based attacks, mostly due to its irregular shape.

Knife (s): strapped onto his chest, this implement is great for emergencies in the field. Backstop can use this blade to inflict his Strength +2 damage in melee (if he can't reach his revolvers), or to cut through items of up to m.s. 12 - though this can take some time.

Persuader (i): his main ride, this futuristic ten-wheeled vehicle packs a staggering punch. Equipped with six missiles and two (count 'em) laser cannons, the Persuader can easily devastate most enemy armor, and is described fully in its own vehicular entry.

Revolvers (a): for some reason, Backstop prefers to carry twin revolvers while on the job, instead of more modern weapons (though admittedly, he has modern guns on his tank). He can fire these weapons to inflict his Agility +5 in damage per deadly blast.


Advanced Guns (a): supplementing his skills with regular guns, Backstop has been trained in the use of weapons that are much more advanced. Whether he's wielding a laser, a blaster, a particle beam, or even a rail gun, Backstop may do so at a reduced difficulty.

Boxing (s): Backstop was a boxer even before he joined the military - doesn't matter that they won't let him fight any more. He may attempt two unarmed melee attacks per exchange, the last of which will occur as a contingent action.

Guns (a): though his job involves him using highly advanced, directed energy weapons, Backstop carries revolvers as his personal weaponry. He is trained in the use of standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifles or pistols, firing them at a reduced difficulty.

Marksman (a): in addition to brandishing mere firearms at America's enemies, Backstop is skilled in the use of weaponry that packs a bigger punch. Whenever he's handling something with a range rated at 'line-of-sight', Backstop typically can wield it at a reduced difficulty.

Military / United States (w): though it wasn't his first choice, Backstop eventually enlisted in the military to find an outlet for his destructive urge. He can easily function in a military environment, and knows the SOP like the back of his hand.

Sports (a): typically people will specialize in a sport that they're good at, but not Backstop. Hockey, boxing, football, wrestling, whatever. The man is competitive by nature, and likes to participate in just about any challenge to prove his mettle.


Known as Backstop to his fellow Joes, Robert can easily rely upon them for assistance should he but ask - the team is a tightly-knit group, after all. Backstop has further, additional contacts in sports circles, from hockey to boxing to wrestling to demolition derbies.


Demolisher: it's not that he's a bad guy, but Backstop is incredibly destructive by nature. He's competitive at heart, and tries so hard to win at everything he does that he can't help but leave brutalized opponents in his wake - even when he's trying to 'play nice'!


Backstop's GI Joe uniform is... conspicuous. It includes a deep green tank top beneath gray shoulder pads, orange trousers, bright red leather boots and gloves, a cream belt with similarly colored equipment pouches, cream holsters for his revolvers, and a gray helmet.


Backstop is strong-willed, and has an almost legendary tolerance for pain. He's broken and torn more things on his body than any other Joe, but just keeps coming. Part of that comes from his incredibly competitive mindset, because the man just hates to lose!

Real Name: Robert A. Levin
Occupation: armor driver, mechanized infantry
Legal Status: dual citizen of Canada and the United States with a possible criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: GI Joe

Height: 6' 1"
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 220 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Backstop is covered in scars, scratches, and usually several bruises at any given time.


Backstop grew up in Montreal, and as many kids there do, he got involved in hockey. Of course, most junior league hockey players don't injure so many players that their parents are forced to flee the country for fear of their lives, but then Backstop is just that competitive.

This story repeated itself several times during his youth. He was thrown out of the Golden Gloves in Detroit due to his staggering roughness. In high school, Backstop was the undefeated wrestling champion in his division because nobody would dare to get in the ring with him.

Backstop thought maybe his destructive urge should be put to a more direct use, so he participated in a demolition derby circuit for a time. This is where the man found his true calling: destroying vehicles for fun and profit! Backstop enlisted shortly thereafter, and never looked back.

Once he'd joined up, the man quickly made his way into mechanized armor, and has driven all kinds of armored vehicles for Uncle Sam ever since. He's proven himself in them time and time again, and his skills (combined with his brutal competitive streak) got him onto the Joe team.

Of course, Backstop wasn't given a standard ride after completing the GI Joe entrance exam, oh no. Instead, he was given the Persuader, a vehicle that would be right at home in the Battle Force 2000 unit. Backstop's ride is, in fact, a rolling laser weapons platform!

He gave the thing its first workout when the Joes were trying to dislodge Cobra from the frozen northern nation of Freusenland. Officially there to provide support for the Battle Force 2000 unit, Backstop and his fellow Joes had a 'hot' landing and had to make their way under fire.

This mission was ultimately a success, and after the Battle Force 2000 figured out what Cobra's Terror Dromes were actually doing in the country, they flattened them. With this done, the country managed to see reason, and no longer stymied by 'fear rays', threw Cobra out completely.

Backstop stuck with the Joes after this, because the job isn't just a calling - it's what he needs. He gets to blow up people and vehicles and not be held accountable - as long as they're Cobra's people and vehicles! He's been associated with the team ever since he was originally accepted.

(Historical Divergence)

Sure, he had to find something else to do for a few years while the team was temporarily deactivated, but every time they've needed him - such as during the Second Cobra Island Civil War or during World War III, the Joe team can always count on the member they know as Backstop!

2017 Variations


Backstop's second GI Joe uniform is very close to his original. It includes a deep green tank top beneath gray shoulder pads, orange trousers, bright red leather boots and gloves, a green leather belt, cream holsters for his revolvers, black knee pads, and a black and gray helmet.

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