the Sky Sweeper

The Sky Sweeper is a medium-sized, treaded vehicle designed for anti-aircraft purposes. Using radar technology of Knockdown's own design, the Sky Sweeper can easily track targets in either the air or on land. Then, it just falls on the Sky Sweeper's driver to perforate said targets.

Either the twinned 20mm Rerun cannons or the JANE missiles will fill this role nicely. Of course that's not all, for the Sky Sweeper is actually two components in one: the treaded vehicle proper and a bonus, sentry station that can easily detach.

This sentry station carries the vehicle's laser weaponry, and can either stand alone or be plugged into components of other Battle Force 2000 vehicles to form the Future Fortress, the ultimate in instant fortifications. The Sky Sweeper's components have these abilities:

Anti-aircraft Vehicle:

This is what people normally think of when you mention the Sky Sweeper. This ground-hugging, treaded vehicle has a rather flat profile, and is built with offense in mind. It is heavily armed and has an effective material strength of 12, as well as these vehicular capabilities:

Armored Canopy (s): the front third of the anti-aircraft vehicle is occupied by the driver's seat. It has a vinyl polymer coated canopy that, along with its low bio-fit driver's seat, offers the vehicle's driver intensity 8, or +2, protection from harm.

Communications Array (i): the Sky Sweeper's anti-aircraft vehicle is equipped with a gigahertz frequency, frequency wobbler clandestine operations radio system. This makes for intensity 5 communications power (with a 25 mile range) that has intensity 10 signal encryption.

JANE Missiles (i): the anti-aircraft vehicle has four JANE (Jam And Neutralize Enemy) radar-homing tactical missiles. They receive a +1 to hit targets with active radars, and add a +1 to their base damage (intensity 10) for each missile fired that hits their target.

Propulsion (a): the non-clogging covered-bogey system and track drive unit of the anti-aircraft vehicle allows it to move slow but steady on almost any terrain. This vehicle can shuttle along at intensity 2 speeds, or around 45 MPH.

Radar Unit (w): designed and built by Knockdown, this endoatmospheric radar transceiver is built to identify hostile airborne targets with ease, doing rather well in defeating enemy attempts at hiding. It functions with intensity 13 ability, and line-of-sight range.

Better yet, the anti-aircraft vehicle is equipped with a supplemental radar transmitter, allowing it to share its observations with other friendly fighters. This allows it to greatly expand an ally's defensive awareness, often just the Future Fortress but not always.

Rerun Twinned 20mm Cannon (a): the primary occupant of the rear third of the anti-aircraft vehicle, this large gun is essentially two cannons wired to fire in tandem, which inflict the gunner's Agility +6 damage in a short burst, raised to +7 when opened up fully automatic.

Xenon Spotlamps (i): the anti-aircraft vehicle is equipped with a rack of four xenon spotlamps. These produce a combined illumination of intensity 10, which can light up everything within near missile distance - or prove to be one devastating surprise attack in a pinch.


Normally occupying the middle third of the Sky Sweeper, this heavily armored box can be detached to serve as a stand-alone sentry post. It is built from m.s. 14 materials, which provides excellent cover for whoever is manning it at the time.

While it is attached to the anti-aircraft vehicle, its driver may make use of the outpost's laser cannons, and the shell itself serves as good protection for its missile launchers. The outpost offers the following capabilities to its occupant:

Body Armor (s): the primary feature of the outpost, the thing is built from m.s. 14 materials, and being several inches thick, provides like, or +3, body armor to its occupant. This allows him or her to easily fire on enemy personnel and positions without worry.

Corporeal Gestalt (a): while the outpost can provide good support all by itself, it is primarily designed to mesh with the rest of the Battle Force 2000's technology by forming part of its Future Fortress, contributing its zap cannons to the Fortress' defense (intensity 10 gestalt).

Smokescreen (w): the outpost is equipped with smoke generators, the better to hide from enemy aircraft with. This smoke is specifically designed to obscure vision, doing so with intensity 10 ability, though this is kind of a two-way street.

Zap Laser Cannons (a): the outpost has two of these weapons at any given time. They are attached to the bottom and top when mounted on the anti-aircraft vehicle, and on the sides when it is either stand-alone or plugged into the Future Fortress.

These two cannons can each be fired to inflict the gunner's Agility +5 in Armor Piercing energy damage per blast. When hooked to either the anti-aircraft vehicle or the Future Fortress, they can be twinned, inflicting an additional +1 damage by focusing both beams onto a singular target.

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