the Eliminator

The Eliminator is a four-wheeled, off-road combat vehicle designed by the Battle Force 2000 team. While its primary operator, Blocker, didn't engineer the thing, it was definitely built with him in mind. He has a way with vehicles you see, a rather aggressive one.

Armed with advanced weaponry above and beyond that which is used by conventional military forces, the Eliminator is equipped with laser weaponry in addition to missile racks and pivoting cannons. There's even more to the Eliminator than is readily apparent, however.

The rear station of the Eliminator can be detached and set up as either a stand-alone gun emplacement or be combined with other components of the Battle Force 2000 vehicles to form their so-called Future Fortress! The Eliminator has the following capabilities:

Attack Jeep:

The 'heart' of the Eliminator, this is what people see - and usually think of - when the vehicle is mentioned. It is an incredibly fast and durable attack jeep, one which functions like a mechanical extension of Blocker and his rough driving style. It is equipped as follows:

Armor Plating (s): the Eliminator jeep is built from reinforced, futuristic materials. Lighter than they look, they nonetheless give the vehicle an m.s. of 10, and provide its driver or other occupants intensity 8, or +2, Body Armor against attacks.

Communications Array (i): the Eliminator's jeep is equipped with a gigahertz frequency, frequency wobbler clandestine operations radio system. This makes for intensity 5 communications power (with a 25 mile range) that has intensity 10 signal encryption.

Deflector Laser Guns (a): mounted where other vehicles have head lamps, the Eliminator jeep has two laser emitters. These powerful devices inflict the driver's Agility +5 in Armor Piercing damage, raised to +6 when fired together, and can swivel from side to side.

FLIR Laser Cannon (a): this Forward Looking Infra-red, Radar-targeted laser cannon can be used to inflict much greater damage than the Eliminator jeep's deflectors. Each blast of this cannon can inflict the gunner's Agility +7 Armor Piercing damage, and has a +1 bonus to hit.

Front Push Bar (s): this is a shaped composite rod extending from the front of the Eliminator jeep, dampening impacts so it can be used to either push other vehicles, or ram them in a pinch. It is made from m.s. 13 materials.

Propulsion (a): the Eliminator Jeep is powered by a 500 hp 'Blowback' turbo-charged diesel engine. This allows it to move on its dual trans-axle four wheel drive at intensity 4 speeds, peaking out at around 120 miles per hour on the road.

Roll Cage (s): the driver's seat of the Eliminator jeep is protected by a specially coated and padded roll cage. This bolsters its Body Armor against damage caused by a roll or a crash to intensity 12, or +3, by deflecting the energy from such events away from the driver.

Wasp Missiles (i): hidden in a compartment beneath the coil gun station, this weapon can only be used when that unit is detached from the Eliminator jeep. A single missile inflicts intensity 10 damage, with a +1 added for each additional projectile used (up to six).

Coil Gun Station:

While the other half of the Eliminator is mobile under its own power, the coil gun station is not. It is designed to be planted in a given area (or in the Future Fortress) to provide stationary fire support, against either land or air-based targets. It has these abilities:

Coil Cannon (a): unlike the other 'guns' on the Eliminator, the coil cannon can pivot up and down. It is a twinned 20mm cannon, which can be fired to inflict the gunner's Agility +6 damage in a short burst, raised to +7 when fired continuously.

Corporeal Gestalt (a): while the gun station can provide good fire support all by itself, it is primarily designed to mesh with the rest of the Battle Force 2000's technology by forming part of its Future Fortress, contributing the coil gun to its defense (intensity 10 gestalt).

Sensor Suite (w): the Eliminator gun station is equipped with a powerful radar array, which allows its operator to track targets in its combat zone with intensity 10 ability. Since the coil cannon has a 360 degree firing radius, it lets its operator easily command a battle field.

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