the Vision

Ex 20
Ex 20
Rm 30
Rm 30
Gd 10
Am 50
Rm 30
Gd 10
Fe +2



Aarkus, the Destroyer of Evil, is an extraplanar humanoid hailing from a place known only as the Dimension of Smoke. His supernatural origins have granted Aarkus a laundry list of inexplicable supernatural powers with which to fight the forces of darkness!

Known Powers:

Agelessness: whether he acquired this power thanks to a long journey of self-discovery or use of the Pillow of Life and Death, this power has seemingly ended the aging process within Aarkus, rending him effectively ageless!

Body Armor: it is a proven fact that Aarkus' new body is highly durable. Impervious to small arms fire and most conventional forms of impact, he has this power at Good (10) rank at the very least, which translates into the following defense against injury:

Gd 10 / Pr 4 / Gd 10 / Sh 0 / Sh 0

Cold Generation: on touch, Aarkus may draw all the heat from a body, inflicting Amazing (50) Energy damage. If his would-be victim fails an Endurance FEAT roll against this rank, he will find himself numbed to the core, and may well suffer from sudden hypothermia!

Dimensional Transit: Aarkus can use any source of mist or smoke to fashion an interdimensional portal. He can use this power to make portals to any place that has an abundance of mist or smoke, and he can do this with Excellent (20) ability.

Flight: another of Aarkus' powers is the ability to move freely, in three dimensions, within a space filled with gaseous matter. He can do this with Good (10) ability, which translates into flight at 120 miles per hour, or eight areas per turn.

Illusion Projection: though limited in scope, Aarkus does have the ability to alter the perceptions of others some. He can wield this power to appear 'normal' to the perceptions of those around him - a Good (10) ranked illusion - but can show his true self at will.

Invulnerability to Poison Attacks: Aarkus has demonstrated an astoundingly high resistance to toxic gases. Able to easily wade into poison gas deadly enough to kill countless humans, the Destroyer of Evil can be considered to be completely immune to toxins.

Mesmerism: another potent mental power Aarkus possesses is his ability to temporarily seize control of the minds of lesser beings. He can perform this trick at Remarkable (30) rank, and can direct a person's actions for 1d10 turns per application of this power.

Teleportation: similar to his ability to cross the planes, Aarkus may teleport to any location where smoke or fire is present. He can do this with astounding range, being capable of reaching even Jupiter in a single leap! Consider this Class 1000 teleportation (1 billion miles).

Vapor Animation: Aarkus has the ability to handle vaporous matter as though it were solid; this may be an ability common to all peoples of the Dimension of Smoke. He may use this ability at Amazing (50) rank, giving him considerable control of the environment around himself.

Limitations / Enhancements:





3-D Sense: Aarkus hails from a realm of mists and smoke, and is truly at home in an aerial environment. Due to this background, he can easily make maneuvers and strategies in three full dimensions, as opposed to normal folks that tend to think in a mere two.

Alien Customs: an extraplanar being, Aarkus is somewhat out of touch with earth cultures. He sometimes reacts to situations in ways that are downright inexplicable, and his Popularity should be considered -2 CS for the purposes of reaction adjustments by folks from the earth.


Law Enforcement: an enforcer of the Law in the Dimension of Smoke, Aarkus can easily be considered a master of such - he tends to fight crime in not only one dimension, but two! While not legally recognized on earth, his sheer power here is undeniable!

Lore: as an extraplanar being that traverses several of the known realities of existence (and several that are unknown), it is safely assumed that Aarkus is knowledgeable in occult matters. He may not be an expert, but his Reason should be considered +1 CS in this area of knowledge.


Aarkus can claim his mysterious people as a contact, should he be in a position to ask them for help. Furthermore, he can definitely rely on the Invaders for aid, as he has worked with them on multiple occasions since that little misunderstanding in the 1940s.


Aarkus wears a green suit made from stretch fabric, with blue boots, blue gloves and a large, golden belt. The Destroyer of Evil also wears a cape that is yellow on the outside, and red on the inside, that has an exceptionally large red collar.


Aarkus loves his adopted home - so much so, in fact, that he will expose himself to the risks of interdimensional travel to fight the evils that may threaten it... either now or in the future. He's not a soul-less killer, but doesn't mind meting out Justice to those who deserve it.

Real Name: Aarkus (last or other names unknown or unrevealed)
Occupation: adventurer
Legal Status: citizen of the Dimension of Smoke, former citizen of Shangri-La
Marital Status: unknown, possibly inapplicable
Alias(es), if any: Destroyer of Evil
Group Affiliation: none

Height: 6' 4"
Hair: none
Eyes: white
Weight: 200 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Aarkus is possessed of emerald-hued flesh, and his bald head is slightly larger than a regular human's.


The hero Aarkus, better known as the Vision, comes from a world outside our universe, a Dimension of Smoke. The citizens of this realm make it a point to shepherd nascent Cosmic Cubes as they develop into sentient beings, to better protect the multiverse from their might.

Aarkus, in particular, performs this mission with aplomb. However, he has made it a point to further aid innocent sentients when they are in need, which has led to him also becoming known as the Destroyer of Evil. But then, he's been fighting it on our world for hundreds of years.

His first journey to earth saw Aarkus founding the lost city of Shangri-la. While there, he acquired his extreme longevity, either doing so through intense meditation of the self or the use of an inexplicable artifact known as the Pillow of Life and Death.

His next known trip to earth was in 1939, drawn here by the growing evil of the Nazi regime, and Aarkus fought those villains in Poland. There, he rescued Baron and Baroness Pavlek from the invading fascists when their brother betrayed them to the Nazis, killing Felix in the process.

Aarkus was called to our plane once more by Markham Erickson, who thought earth needed a powerful law-giver like him to set things right. As he was looking for somewhere to dispose of one of his own, criminal people, Aarkus did just that - after dumping his victim on Jupiter.

Taking on all manner of villains, Aarkus put down mobsters, monsters, demons, aliens, and even some genetically engineered plant men. He made quite a name for himself, fighting evil men, women and monsters across the globe. But sadly, Aarkus' war on crime didn't last very long.

Eventually, the diabolical Doctor Death gained control of the device Markham used to contact Aarkus in the first place. Wielding this control, the dread Doctor forced Aarkus to aid him in his plot to completely devastate the western United States - lest he be unable to return home!

Forced to oppose the Invaders when they confronted Doctor Death and his Battle-Axis, Aarkus was ultimately freed from the villain's control, and immediately went about neutralizing a large portion of the gas he was going to use against the Americans the Doctor had grown to hate.

After this, Aarkus is known to have assisted other heroes of the age, going so far as to participate in a mass assault on a Nazi base and then Berlin itself, before returning to his solo pursuits. He presumably continued his one-entity war on Evil for the duration of the War.

Once World War II had finally ended, Aarkus slipped away from the limelight, his name and very image ultimately falling to another hero of alien aspect. But Aarkus was not done with the earth, oh no, for he had discovered a Cosmic Cube that required his tender care.

Retiring to its resting place beneath the streets of New York City, Aarkus spent many years shepherding this Cube, service which was interrupted after the seeming death of Captain America. When this happened, the fear the citizens of the City above felt overwhelmed the Cube.

And it, in turn, overwhelmed Aarkus. Temporarily taking on the aspect of D'spayre, a demon who feeds off of fear, Aarkus wound up coming into conflict with the Invaders again - time-lost as they were in his modern era. Of course, they ultimately helped free him a second time.

He in turn aided these heroes in returning to their own, proper era, and went on to further assist various members of this group in the current day. This aid culminated in his assisting the Invaders when they were forced to do battle with the elder eldritch evil of Shuma-Gorath!

After this, Aarkus began to spend time on the moon, keeping his distance from humanity. He would return to earth on occasion to borrow books from a library, but other than that he kept to himself for the most part - at least, until he was targeted by the insane Legion!

The son of Professor Xavier, Legion possessed multiple psionic abilities... and multiple personalities, too. Using these abilities, he sensed Aarkus and a growing discord in his mind, and feared that anti-mutant hysteria might lead him to side with humanity against mutantkind.

Reaching out with his psionic power, Legion managed to render Aarkus comatose, presumably for all time. Legion then deposited Aarkus in the care of the X-men, who he felt had the best chance of looking after him - particularly should he shake off the effects of that 'protective' coma.

Should Aarkus do so, he'd find himself in the presence of Doctor Nemesis, the former Doctor Death, who is now a member of the X-club. While the Doctor has seemingly repented for his momentary lapse of sense and works to aid the world now, Aarkus may simply not care...!

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