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Vapors are Cobra pilots who have been cybernetically augmented to improve their combat abilities in the air. Supplementing their considerable ability and extensive training, they have a shunt from their optic nerves that can be wired directly into their Hurricanes!

Known Powers:



Direct Neural Interface: thanks to having a shunt spliced into their optic nerves, Vapors can be plugged directly into their Hurricanes! This allows them a +2 RS on all ACTION rolls attempted when either piloting that vehicle or utilizing its weaponry in battle.

Implant Psychosis Statistic: rank value 2 normally, rank value 10 when plugged into their Hurricanes.

Limitations / Enhancements:

Implant Psychosis: their nervous systems augmented by Cobra, Vapors are forever changed. While they perform with atounding efficiency in the midst of combat, doing so without debilitating themselves requires them to pass a Willpower ACTION against their IPS every ten turns.

Failure of this ACTION inflicts a -4 RS penalty on ALL ACTION rolls a Vapor attempts, whether operating a fighter jet or attempting basic math, until they can rest overnight. Thus, they typically attempt to end any conflict, armed or otherwise, as soon as is physically possible for them.


Helmet: like most Cobra pilots, Vapors generally wear helmets which completely obscure their features, and that have a practical benefit. Their chrome headgear provides them rank value 10 protection against physical attacks striking them anywhere in the head.

the Hurricane: their pride and joy, this VTOL ground assault jet is literally a part of its Vapor pilot. When plugged into their ride, which is described in its own vehicular entry, Vapors can perform various actions with but a word - or even a thought!

Knife: serving mostly as a tool to cut parachute lines, Vapors always carry a blade with them. They can use these implements, of m.v. 30, to either cut through items of up to like m.v., given enough time, or to inflict Slashing damage in a pinch.

Sidearm: most Cobras carry at least one backup piece, and Vapors are no exception to this rule. They can discharge a single round from these weapons to inflict rank value 6 Piercing damage, or a semi-automatic burst of such to inflict rank value 10 Piercing damage.

Submachine Gun: Vapors carry this weapon whenever active outside their Hurricanes. They can fire one round to inflict rank value 6 Piercing damage, a short burst of such to inflict rank value 10 Piercing damage, or be fired continuously to inflict rank value 20 Piercing damage.




Aerial Combat: one does not become a Vapor without being an effective fighter pilot, whether they brought that skill with them to Cobra or picked it up on the job after joining the group. As such, they may attempt combat ACTION rolls while flying any aircraft at a +1 RS.

Guns: all Cobra operatives have the ability to wield firearms in combat, and Vapors are no exception to this rule. They may discharge any standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifle or pistol as if their Coordination was +1 RS higher than is listed above.

Martial Arts style A or B: furthermore, Vapors are well-versed in the art of self-defense. They either wield type a, allowing them to Pound or Concuss foes regardless of their comparative Brawn or Fortitude, or b, granting them a +1 RS to hit in unarmed combat.

Military: Cobra pilots cannot earn the rank of Vapor without mastering this skill, even if they got their start as civilian pilots. It allows them to function effectively within a combat unit, and gives them insight into Cobra's byzantine organizational structure.

Piloting: the skill which Cobra likely recruited them for, Vapors are all highly competent pilots, and more than a few of them are true experts in their field. Vapors may attempt actions to Handle aircraft while in the air at a +1 RS to their normal rank value.


Vapors can generally rely upon the Cobra organization for assistance should they request it, for they have proven themselves to the group on numerous occasion - and it has invested an inordinate amount of time and effort in grooming them until they've reached this point.


The Vapors' field uniform is a flight suit! This is a primarily gray affair, featuring red briefs and shoulder straps, accompanied by black boots, gloves, and web gear featuring a Cobra chest plate, a red belt and sidearm holster, and a chrome helmet with asymmetrical red eyepieces.


While many Cobra pilots can operate the Hurricane, only the Vapors are literally wired up to perform the task! The aircraft sports, among its many other features, a direct neural interface that pilots with a matching implant can use to control it directly with their brains.

These elite pilots have been successfully upgraded by Cobra (mad) scientists, given implants that allow them to perform truly astonishing feats with their assigned aircraft - though the fate of would-be Vapors whose operations are unsuccessful are better left unmentioned.

With their natural skills and cybernetic augmentations, Vapors are true menaces to anything that flies. On the other hand, Vapors cannot perform at their peak efficiency for all that long, the connection between them and their aircraft serving to quickly debilitate them.

While a Vapor can't last for extended periods of conflict without becoming effectively useless, they can inflict staggering damage to enemy forces before the inherent neural instability caused by their cybernetics takes them out of a battle.

By that time, though, they may no longer have anyone else to fight.

Extra Goodies:

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