Vagabond (deceased)

Ex 20
Gd 10
Gd 10
Ex 20
Gd 10
Ex 20
Rm 30
Ex 0
Gd +10



Patrick 'Pat' Murphy, better known to the world as Chauncey Throttlebottom the Third, is hardly a normal human. Sure, he lacks super-human capabilities whatsoever, but few humans would have the courage to take on an entire mob of thugs all by their lonesome!

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



Helmet: upon joining the so-called Crazy Sues, Pat replaced his worn blue fedora with an Army green helmet. Arguably making him look even more ridiculous, this headgear nonetheless provides Pat's cranium Good (10) protection against physical attacks.

Machine Gun: while he wasn't big on shooting people, Pat nonetheless carries this weapon as a Crazy Sue. It works per his sidearm, but can also fire in a fully automatic mode, inflicting +2 CS damage at the risk of rapidly expending all of his ammunition.

Sidearm: whether working as a policeman or as a soldier, Pat carries a semi-automatic pistol on him - not that he ever actually seemed to use the thing. This weapon can be fired to discharge one round, inflicting Typical (6) Shooting damage, raised +1 CS when fired semi-auto.




Guns: both as a police detective and a member of the Crazy Sues, Pat was trained in the use of firearms - even if he preferred fisticuffs for the most part. He may wield most standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifles or pistols at his Agility +1 CS.

Law Enforcement: before he became a vigilante clown, Pat was a conventional police detective. As such, he had the legal authority to arrest criminals should he happen upon them, not to mention the right to carry firearms at all times.

Martial Arts types A, B, and C: Pat is quite the hand-to-hand combatant, regularly taking down entire groups of criminals all by his lonesome - and without weaponry, no less! He receives the benefit of these three martial arts styles while engaging in melee combat.

Military / United States: Pat wasn't originally of a mind to join the military, but when the government comes calling - and knows your secret identity - they can be quite persuasive. As such, he's been trained to function well in a fighting unit, which he can lead if necessary.

Performer: the thing that sets him apart from most crime fighters, Pat knows how to put on a show as the Vagabond. He can readily convince others that he is a completely harmless hobo - at least, until he breaks out the ultra-violence on unsuspecting criminals.


Initially, Pat only had the Middleton district attorney, as well as fellow detectives Kelly and Grogan, to rely upon when meting out law and order - albeit in his civilian identity. As a Crazy Sue, Pat could rely upon those fighting paranormals for aid in a pinch.


When working with the Middleton police as a mild mannered detective, Pat usually wears relatively conservative attire. He favored business suits in various colors, ranging from blue to gray to even green. This because he was promoted out of a position that required an actual uniform.

As the Vagabond, however, Pat was something else. He wore white and red grease paint, a red wig under a blue fedora, false glasses, striped green and yellow trousers with the knees shoddily patched up, and a tattered red vest beneath an old blue suit jacket with patched elbows.

While working with the Crazy Sues, Pat basically dresses the same, though his oversized, tattered clothing has a more Army green coloration. Well, that and he started wearing a helmet instead of his trademark blue fedora and fake spectacles, but still.


Patrick Murphy is a firm believer in doing right by others, and has no problem going out of his way to make the world a better place. This is why he initially donned his baffling adventuring persona, the better to mete out justice to those who would prey on law abiding men and women.

Real Name: Patrick 'Pat' Murphy
Occupation: police officer, vigilante, soldier
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with no known criminal record, legally deceased
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: Chauncey Throttlebottom III
Group Affiliation: the Crazy Sues

Height: 5' 10"
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Weight: 175 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: when active as the Vagabond, either in the service or on his own, Pat usually wears a fake pot belly under his loose-fitting clothes, the better to enhance the impression that he's a harmless hobo clown.


After the grisly murder of Maxie the Rodent, the suspected leader of a narcotics and illegal alien smuggling ring in Middleton, detective Pat Murphy was assigned to help the FBI break up what was left of it. The only problem: Pat was too well known on the Middleton streets.

Needing the ability to move amongst the criminal element without their knowing he was a police officer, Pat put together not just a disguise, but a whole new persona. Thus, Middleton met the inexplicable Vagabond for the first time but a few days later.

Disguising himself as a tramp, one who went by the name of Chauncey Throttlebottom the Third, Pat threw himself into his role completely. Journeying to the rumored hideout of the late Maxie the Rat, the Paradise Inn, Pat stormed the entrance and asked the bartender for a job.

Thinking this a joke, the bartender thought to get rid of Pat by having him bounce three mooks from the bar. Wishing to ingratiate himself with the management, Pat did just that in his inimical fashion, roughing all three of the violent thugs up and tossing them bodily out the door.

Impressed that this seeming hobo was able to take out his trash, the bartender thought he should introduce Pat to his boss, and took him downstairs. As it so happened, however, two of Pat's fellow officers were being held there as well, in a death trap of the boss' making.

And the boss, it was Maxie the Rodent! This villain, who bore a striking resemblance to FBI agent Walter Carstairs, killed the man and stole his identity. He did this to draw Middleton's best police officers into a trap, the better to eliminate them, which worked swimmingly!

Once Maxie admitted to this, as well as to how he was secreting aliens into Middleton, Pat decided he'd heard enough. Taking out the trash once more, Pat single-handedly dismantled Maxie's entire mob, and subsequently rescued his fellow officers, Grogan and Kelly.

The next time Pat took to the streets as Vagabond was in the midst of a bombing campaign perpetrated against the city of Middleton. When Orrible Oress rigged up countless exploding light bulbs throughout the town, its mayor announced an enforced blackout.

Suspecting the exploding lights to simply be a set-up for a larger crime, Pat donned his Vagabond costume and staked out the Middleton bank. Soon enough, Oress' men robbed the joint, and Vagabond swung off a nearby roof to land upon their car when they attempted their getaway!

Surfing atop the villains' vehicle, Vagabond was brought right to Oress' headquarters in an abandoned windmill, as were Kelly and Grogan, who tailed the lone vehicle they spied breaking the mayor's blackout. Sneaking in, they busted Oress' lookout, Louie the Lip.

Watching from afar, the Vagabond saw the two officers of the law subsequently run afoul of Oress and all his men, and while the villains chained them up, the hobo hero stole their map indicating where those bulb bombs were planted. He then freed the officers, imploring them to bring help.

Now alone with Oress' gang, Pat proceeded to tear them apart, one by one, until faced with their boss. Dodging his gunfire until he was out of ammunition, Pat pitched the criminal out the windmill's window when he continued to fight it out, dealing with the fiend once and for all.

Later, the Middleton district attorney summoned forth Pat, Grogan, and Kelly, to present them with two cases that he wanted looked into: the resolution of a twenty year old bank robbery, and the sudden appearance of a figure of legend at a nearby castle: the Mad Monk!

Changing into the Vagabond, Pat began to look into the bank robbery, since two of its perpetrators had been released from prison just that day: Jake Paskuniak and Ambrose the Ape. As they'd been betrayed by their boss, Repulsive Rudolph, Pat figured they'd come looking for the man.

After all, some of their ill-gotten money had been found in town already. Pat quickly located the dastardly duo of craven convicts, and found they were headed for Castle Malamoor, a formerly Scottish edifice that had been moved, stone by stone, to the outskirts of Middleton decades ago.

Upon his arrival, Pat spied the Mad Monk, who had set about killing Jake and Ambrose after spying them on the premises. Pat then wormed his way into the palace using his usual hobo shtick, and was present for the murder of Ambrose, who died only a short time after Jake.

While the palace's inhabitants tried to sort all this out, Pat found the stolen bank funds. This drew out the Mad Monk, who turned out to be none other than Repulsive Ralph, and had been hiding all this time in the palace by posing as its owner's physician!

In time, Pat found himself moving on from his life in Middleton, abandoning his job as a police detective and transforming into the Vagabond full time. Packing a bag and hitching across the country, he intended to right wrongs wherever he found them, using any means necessary.

As it turned out, trouble managed to find the Vagabond. While hitching a ride on a truck hauling perfume across the country, Pat witnessed a gang of thieves trying to rob its cargo, and not about to let such shenanigans fly, trounced the lot of them and left them trussed to a tree.

Incensed at this, the gang's leader, Egg-Head, liberated his goons and sent them to eliminate the hobo hero. On their second attempt to abscond with the perfume, Vagabond pelted the goons with bottles of the stuff, and subsequently beat them senseless. Again.

This time, Vagabond left the perfume bandits with the trucker they had intended to rob, so he could receive the reward for their capture. But, before the authorities arrived to collect them, much less ask any uncomfortable questions, the Vagabond made his way to greener pastures.

While he presumably had numerous adventures across the breadth of America, little has been revealed about Vagabond's further exploits. However, he was eventually corralled by the American government, and 'offered' a place in their unit of super-human soldiers, the Crazy Sues.

Even though he, you know, didn't have any super-powers. Nonetheless, as a highly skilled combatant, the Vagabond wasn't about to say no to Uncle Sam, and thus enlisted in the Army along with a vast array of other costumed adventurers - though he never stepped out of character.

Wading into combat with his fellow Sues dressed as a hobo clown grunt, the Vagabond was present with the unit as it parachuted down to Guadalcanal. There, the Sues met heavy resistance from the Imperial Japanese Army, and the Vagabond proved too tempting a target.

Shot by enemy forces, the Vagabond died shortly after his arrival in this merciless battleground.

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