The Technohol 13 Alphabetical Character Roster: H

Hacker: Jesse E. Jordan was formerly a military mainframe technician when he decided to earn a place on the GI Joe team by demonstrating his hacking skills to Hawk himself. The Joe's leader then put Jesse to work in information retrieval... out in the field! Availability:

Sgt. Hacker (MSH Classic)

Sgt. Hacker (4C System)

Sgt. Hacker (Marvel Saga)

Hacks: when crime in her neighborhood escalated, young Alice Haberdasher took matters into her own hands, fighting it with the family heirloom: a double bladed axe. Little did she know that it had the ability to render her nigh-invulnerable! Availability:

Hacks (MSH Classic)

Hacks (4C System)

Hacks (Marvel Saga)

Haia: one of the oldest of the Igigi, Haia is the defender of doorways, and he who safeguards storehouses. A master organizer, Haia also manages the banquet hall of the Anunnaki, ensuring that the leaders of the gods are properly catered to. Availability:

Haia (MSH Classic)

Haia (4C System)

Haia (Marvel Saga)

the Half-pint Horror-show: captured for study by the Society of Eludicated Brethren, Horace promptly escaped, leaving a bloodbath in the process. Lost in the wilds of Central America, he eventually became a founding member of the monster hunting Variety Show! Availability:

the Half-pint Horror-show (MSH Classic)

the Half-pint Horror-show (4C System)

the Half-pint Horror-show (Marvel Saga)

the Hammer: based on the now-famous Army vehicle, the Hammer is a close relative of the Humvee. Heavily armed and armored, this troop transport handles well over virtually any terrain, and packs enough punch to deal with almost any opposition! Availability:

the Hammer (MSH Classic)

the Hammer (4C System)

the Hammer (Marvel Saga)

the Hammerhead: featuring five detachable sub-vehicles, an elevating missile launcher, and twinned laser cannons, the Hammerhead is built to deny enemy forces seaborne access to Cobra territory - which it can do from either the surface or the ocean floor! Availability:

the Hammerhead (MSH Classic)

the Hammerhead (4C System)

the Hammerhead (Marvel Saga)

Lt. Jim Hanrahan: while investigating a bizarre energy discharge over the Pitt, Air Force pilot Jim Hanrahan was blasted out of the air during a duel between the Old Man and Jacob Burnsley. When Jacob healed Jim, a portion of the Star Brand passed to him. Availability:

Lt. Jim Hanrahan (MSH Classic)

Lt. Jim Hanrahan (4C System)

Lt. Jim Hanrahan (Marvel Saga)

Hard Drive: Martin A. Pidel is a nerd squared. He'd beat every video game made by the age of eight, and graduated from MIT a decade later. While usually high on energy bars and Mountain Dew ™, he keeps himself in tip top physical shape while he is. Availability:

Hard Drive (MSH Classic)

Hard Drive (4C System)

Hard Drive (Marvel Saga)

Hardball: a former minor league baseball player, Wilmer quit after five seasons upon realizing the leagues valued star power over teamwork. He then enlisted to find a group which appreciated his team player attitude better - and was wildly successful! Availability:

Hardball (MSH Classic)

Hardball (4C System)

Hardball (Marvel Saga)

Hardcore: after exposure to a new bioweapon during Operation Desert Storm, Will Cross was forever changed. Using his new abilities for both the CIA and the Plebian Federation, Will eventually went 'straight' - and has paid for it ever since! Availability:

Hardcore (MSH Classic)

Hardcore (4C System)

Hardcore (Marvel Saga)

Hardtop: a man of few words, Nicholas speaks with action. Mind you, his usually involves building things for GI Joe, no matter how tricky the situation may be. He also drives and maintains the crawler / gantry designed to launch GI Joe's spacecraft! Availability:

Hardtop (MSH Classic)

Hardtop (4C System)

Hardtop (Marvel Saga)

Hate Ball: while Seņor Surly may be the heart of the Crazy Hate, Russell Barnett is the reason the team stuck together in the first place. This technopsionic adventurer has had several false starts, but has finally grown into his own as a hero! Availability:

Hate Ball (MSH Classic)

Hate Ball (4C System)

Hate Ball (Marvel Saga)

Hates-Wizards-Like-Nobody's-Business: after several Bin'tri spellcasters destroyed its world, this mhunghus decided it didn't like them. At all. Deciding to beat them at their own game, it studied psychoturgy to battle them directly! Availability:

Hates-Wizards-Like-Nobody's-Business (MSH Classic)

Hates-Wizards-Like-Nobody's-Business (4C System)

Hates-Wizards-Like-Nobody's-Business (Marvel Saga)

Hawk: head of the GI Joe team since its inception in '82, Clayton Abernathy has proven time and time again that he's a capable leader, tactician, and victor in the seemingly eternal war against Cobra, a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world! Availability:

Hawk (MSH Classic)

Hawk (4C System)

Hawk (Marvel Saga)

Mark Hazzard: a freelance mercenary, Mark Hazzard is a West Point student with years of combat experience, from his time in Vietnam to his stint as the leader of his own shop. Highly principled, he's made many, many enemies over the years. Availability:

Mark Hazzard (MSH Classic)

Mark Hazzard (4C System)

Mark Hazzard (Marvel Saga)

Headhunter Stormtroopers: while standard Headhunters handle the day-to-day operations of their criminal organization, it is their Stormtroopers that manage those operations over time, and are the high-level muscle that deals with threats to their profits. Availability:

Headhunter Stormtroopers (MSH Classic)

Headhunter Stormtroopers (4C System)

Headhunter Stormtroopers (Marvel Saga)

Headhunters: a band of violent paramilitary thugs, the Headhunters dabble in all manner of criminal activity. However, their specialty is the transportation of illicit goods, whether they be intellectual property, industrial secrets, drugs, or even weapons! Availability:

Headhunters (MSH Classic)

Headhunters (4C System)

Headhunters (Marvel Saga)

Headman: creator of the Headhunters, the Headman is one of the most odious criminals alive! Whether stealing social security checks or dealing drugs to kids, no act is too base for him, as long as it lines his pockets with the one thing he cares about: money! Availability:

Headman (MSH Classic)

Headman (4C System)

Headman (Marvel Saga)

the Headquarters Attack: this BTR package allows the Joes to build a three-structure, anti-aircraft facility almost anywhere on earth. Of course, it can be reconfigured to pose as a Cobra Firebat launch facility as well, as a Spy Troops feature! Availability:

the Headquarters Attack (MSH Classic)

the Headquarters Attack (4C System)

the Headquarters Attack (Marvel Saga)

the Headquarters Command Center: prefabricated, quick-build facilities, GI Joe can utilize these structures to dramatic effect in battle. A quick airlift and some motivated construction labor later, you can have an instant forward base anywhere on earth! Availability:

the Headquarters Command Center (MSH Classic)

the Headquarters Command Center (4C System)

the Headquarters Command Center (Marvel Saga)

Healer: Anastasia Inyushin was dragged to the Siberian Project after the 'mysterious' death of her entire family. Liberated by Emmett Proudhawk, she eventually made her way from the USSR to the America, where she joined Psi-force for protection from the KGB. Availability:

Healer (MSH Classic)

Healer (4C System)

Healer (Marvel Saga)

the HAVOC: durable despite how it may seem at first, the Heavy Articulated Vehicle Ordnance Carrier is one of the most heavily armed vehicles in the GI Joe arsenal. Naturally, Cross-Country loves to point this out as he smashes Cobras with the thing. Availability:

the HAVOC (MSH Classic)

the HAVOC (4C System)

the HAVOC (Marvel Saga)

the Heavy Artillery Laser (HAL): the Heavy Artillery laser is an experimental, directed energy weapon system developed by the US Army. It is a towable device that can be deployed in most any terrain, and can eliminate most hard targets with just one shot. Availability:

the Heavy Artillery Laser (HAL) (MSH Classic)

the Heavy Artillery Laser (HAL) (4C System)

the Heavy Artillery Laser (HAL) (Marvel Saga)

Heavy Duty: possessing keen hand-eye coordination, the ability to multitask, veritable ambidexterity, and a perfectionist's attention to detail, Heavy Duty is comfortable whether he's composing music or firing on Cobras - and is equally good at both! Availability:

the Heavy Duty (MSH Classic)

the Heavy Duty (4C System)

the Heavy Duty (Marvel Saga)

Heavy Load: Heavy Load has dedicated himself to Wedge's service, acting as both his personal assistant and personal combat instructor. A master of the martial arts despite his bulk, Heavy Load is more than capable of dishing out punishment when necessary. Availability:

Heavy Load (MSH Classic)

Heavy Load (4C System)

Heavy Load (Marvel Saga)

Heavy Metal: originally enlisting to attend the Army's Finance School, Heavy Metal was forever changed upon seeing his first tank convoy in motion, and has needed the rush of driving a several ton implement of devastation ever since! Availability:

Heavy Metal (MSH Classic)

Heavy Metal (4C System)

Heavy Metal (Marvel Saga)

Heli-Vipers: fearless aerobatic stuntmen, the Heli-Vipers are the stars amongst Cobra's rotary-winged pilot operatives. Personally chosen by the Commander himself, each of these elite operatives prove their worth in an insanely dangerous qualification course! Availability:

Heli-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Heli-Vipers (4C System)

Heli-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

Hercules 2: raised on remote Snow Island, this scientist's knows little about civilization, and as a result he lives with and works in a circus freak show. Always on tour, he can pop up anywhere to deal with crime sprees and prevent disasters. Availability:

Hercules 2 (MSH Classic)

Hercules 2 (4C System)

Hercules 2 (Marvel Saga)

Hextons (Modron): the thirty-six hextons have one of Mechanus' great armies at their disposal, but that's not all. Sixteen of them oversee four octons each, while the rest serve in the towers of the tertians, the secundi, or Primus itself. Availability:

Hextons (MSH Classic)

Hextons (4C System)

Hextons (Marvel Saga)

Hezrou (Tanar'ri): hezrou are the tanar'ri's Blood War middle managers. They have free reign to interpret and execute the commands of their superiors as they see fit, - which is a necessity, as managing tanar'ri is similar to herding cats! Availability:

Hezrou (MSH Classic)

Hezrou (4C System)

Hezrou (Marvel Saga)

Hi-Tech: Doctor Mindbender's GI Joe counterpart, David could be considered a mad scientist if only he were certifiably insane. He's not, though - just very, very good at what he does, which is keeping the Joes' electronics performing at an optimum level! Availability:

Hi-Tech (MSH Classic)

Hi-Tech (4C System)

Hi-Tech (Marvel Saga)

HEAT-Vipers: Cobra's anti-armor specialists, HEAT-Vipers (High-Explosive Anti-Tank) utilize the latest in wire-guided projectile technology. While their gear can flatten almost any armor, it takes guts to steer those missiles home while GI Joe fires on them! Availability:

HEAT-Vipers (MSH Classic)

HEAT-Vipers (4C System)

HEAT-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

HISS Drivers: trained in the use of both High Speed Sentries and FANG helicopters, these villains are the cream of Cobra's terroristic crop. Much less expendable than their standard troops, HISS Drivers are highly skilled in all manner of vehicular combat. Availability:

HISS Drivers (MSH Classic)

HISS Drivers (4C System)

HISS Drivers (Marvel Saga)

the High Speed Sentry: the HISS is Cobra's first mass-produced, tank-like vehicle. A treaded vehicle with a top-mounted, twinned 30mm gun turret, the HISS delivers a level of fire power that is second only to an actual tank cannon in practice. Availability:

the High Speed Sentry (MSH Classic)

the High Speed Sentry (4C System)

the High Speed Sentry (Marvel Saga)

Hightower: an expert marksman and a guardian of legendary resolve, Hightower is also a highly capable architect. This combination of abilities makes him a welcome addition to the Build Team, and yet another competent Autobot available to back Wedge up! Availability:

Hightower (MSH Classic)

Hightower (4C System)

Hightower (Marvel Saga)

Hit & Run: Brent was orphaned at three years of age when his parents were wiped out by a drunken driver. He decided he'd join the Army as a youth, and worked all his life to prepare for this - mostly by running marathons. And Brent runs very, very well! Availability:

Hit & Run (MSH Classic)

Hit & Run (4C System)

Hit & Run (Marvel Saga)

Hoist: the Autobots' maintenance tech, Hoist has the job of keeping his fellows' in peak fighting condition - hopefully to save Ratchet some work. Jovial and pleasant to be around, Hoist is well-liked by the Autobots despite his incessant fussing. Availability:

Hoist (MSH Classic)

Hoist (4C System)

Hoist (Marvel Saga)

Hollow Point: a former Range Officer Course instructor, Max Corey had retired from the service. However, after demonstrating his unflinching heroism by rescuing several children from a pack of escaped safari park lions, he was recruted onto the GI Joe team! Availability:

Hollow Point (MSH Classic)

Hollow Point (4C System)

Hollow Point (Marvel Saga)

Horror Show: Stepan Drukersky may not be the brightest member of the Oktober Guard, but he makes up for that in his gleeful destruction of all which stands in the Guard's way. He's infamous world-wide as the rocket-blasting strong-man of the Oktober Guard! Availability:

Horror Show (MSH Classic)

Horror Show (4C System)

Horror Show (Marvel Saga)

Hot Rod: impulsive and yearning for adventure, Hot Rod has the mindset of the stereotypical human adolescent - he wishes to be important, a hero. Naturally, he's destined for greatness, and may achieve it... if he doesn't get himself killed first. Availability:

Hot Rod (MSH Classic)

Hot Rod (4C System)

Hot Rod (Marvel Saga)

Hot Seat: Michael A. Provost was a professional boxer until he had a moment of clarity about relative job security and potential brain damage. Enlisting soon after, he began a similar career in the Army, working as a drill sergeant and heavy vehicle driver! Availability:

Hot Seat (MSH Classic)

Hot Seat (4C System)

Hot Seat (Marvel Saga)

Hot Shot: leader of the stealthy Spychangers, Hot Shot is the cousin of the one and only Optimus Prime - and, as a result, Ultra Maguns. He takes after both his cousins, being both a competent leader and somewhat fiery in personality! Availability:

Hot Shot (MSH Classic)

Hot Shot (4C System)

Hot Shot (Marvel Saga)

Hound: of all the Autobots on earth, perhaps none enjoy being there so much as Hound. This scout relishes each opportunity to explore this new world's terrain, and after spending time amongst humans, secretly envies their carefree existence! Availability:

Hound (MSH Classic)

Hound (4C System)

Hound (Marvel Saga)

the Hovercraft: built on a platform two yards sqare, Cobra's Hovercraft glides atop any surface thanks to a bottom-mounted ducted fan, careens forward via two more mounted on its rear, and has enough armaments to defend virtually any Cobra shoreline! Availability:

the Hovercraft (MSH Classic)

the Hovercraft (4C System)

the Hovercraft (Marvel Saga)

The Hoverstrike: this small, one-person hovercraft is a green, wedge-shaped affair. Equipped with two vectored-thrust turbo fans, the Hoverstrike can be driven almost like a floating skate board, albiet a much larger one, and is heavily armed for its size! Availability:

the Hoverstrike (MSH Classic)

the Hoverstrike (4C System)

the Hoverstrike (Marvel Saga)

Huffer: one of the best construction engineers Cybertron ever knew, Huffer is also one of its biggest whiners. He hates being on the earth, and is more than willing to tell you so in a hundred different ways - even while building something amazing! Availability:

Huffer (MSH Classic)

Huffer (4C System)

Huffer (Marvel Saga)

the Human Meteor: an Irish cowpoke, pilot, stuntman, and French Foreign Legionnaire, Duke O'Dowd led a full life even before his plane crashed in the lost city of Bayakura. There, he gained the wondrous equipment required to become... the Human Meteor! Availability:

Human Meteor (MSH Classic)

Human Meteor (4C System)

Human Meteor (Marvel Saga)

the Human Top: the inconvenient witness to the kidnapping of Toro by Agent Axis, young Davy Mitchell was also taken captive. This turned out to be an error when a freak accident in Agent Axis' lab gave Davy the powers of... the Human Top! Availability:

Human Top (MSH Classic)

Human Top (4C System)

Human Top (Marvel Saga)

the Human Torch: an artificial man created Phineas T. Horton, this android proved to be 'flawed' when he ignited upon exposure to air. Eventually mastering his powers, he took the name of the Human Torch, and used his abilities to fight evil! Availability:

Human Torch (MSH Classic)

Human Torch (4C System)

Human Torch (Marvel Saga)

the Humvee (various): a vehicle typically used by conventional military forces, the Humvee has been adopted by GI Joe for some purposes also. Cheaper than their Hammers or Brawler IIs, the Humvee is a quick and versatile ride with multiple armaments. Availability:

the (Jungle) Humvee (MSH Classic)

the (Jungle) Humvee (4C System)

the (Jungle) Humvee (Marvel Saga)

the Hurricane: a vertical take-off and landing aircraft of original Cobra design, the Hurricane is a replacement for their venerable Rattlers. Built with ground support in mind, it can readily decimate just about any surface-based opposition to Cobra! Availability:

the Hurricane (MSH Classic)

the Hurricane (4C System)

the Hurricane (Marvel Saga)

Hydro-Vipers: when conventional Eels simply aren't up for the job, Cobra sends in its Hydro-Vipers! Surgically augmented to both swim faster and better withstand the watery depths, these Demons of the Deep are GI Joe's worst nightmare beneath the waves! Availability:

Hydro-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Hydro-Vipers (4C System)

Hydro-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

the Hydro-Sled: one of Doctor Mindbender's creations, the Hydro-Sled is built to rapidly deploy Cobra operatives on the waves, whether to reach a specific destination or to engage other ships - particularly when a Moray is unavailable to them. Availability:

Hydro-Sled (MSH Classic)

Hydro-Sled (4C System)

Hydro-Sled (Marvel Saga)

Hysteria: this crazy old woman was given the ability to cause irrational fear by the White Event. Using it to escape the asylum, she began to roam free with two other paranormals, and proved powerful enough to stand up to the Star Brand himself. Availability:

Hysteria (MSH Classic)

Hysteria (4C System)

Hysteria (Marvel Saga)

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