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3 (17)


Hacks, legally known as Alice Haberdasher, is a normal human - both physically and mentally. However, she possesses a psi-active, double-bladed battle axe which renders her nigh-invulnerable to physical attacks, as well as allowing her the ability to fly. It's a family heirloom!



Hindrances / Augmentations:



Battle Axe (s): a few generations back in Alice's family history, one of her relatives was a powerful technopsi. He built all manner of quirky devices, seemingly mundane to the naked eye, but nonetheless capable of granting their wielder access to various psionics.

When she grabbed one such item to fight local crime on a lark, a battle axe hanging on her mantelpiece, Alice managed to inadvertently activate the psionics her ancestor had installed within. Suddenly, she had access to a variety of super-human capabilities!

The battle axe itself is made from iron. However, it has been psionically reinforced during its construction, giving it an effective m.s. of 20. Furthermore, the body armor it gives Alice also applies to attacks focused on itself - making it supremely durable.

Alice's battle axe has the following ascendant properties:

* Ability Boost / Strength (w): normally, this weapon inflicts Strength +4 slashing damage in Alice's hands. However, she can boost her Strength to intensity 15, and thus the damage this weapon inflicts, for one aura duration each hour.

* Flight (a): the battle axe Alice's ancestor built allows her to defy gravity at will! When holding this weapon, she can move about in three dimensions as she sees fit, doing so with intensity 5 ability - or, in other words, at up to 150 miles per hour.

* Resistances (s): Alice's battle axe makes her nigh-invulnerable to conventional assault while she carries it. It provides her intensity 20 (+5) protection against physical attack of all types, though only intensity 8 (+2) of such where all other attack forms are concerned.

* Retention (w): one quirk of Alice's battle axe is that it knows who owns it. Even if someone manages to walk off with her weapon, it knows that, until she willingly surrenders it to someone else, it belongs to her. Thus, only she can use it until then.

* Shape Change (a): while this power is not accessible by Alice herself, she can instead mold the physical appearance of the battle axe to suit her fancy. She can make it have one blade or two, alter its style as she sees fit, or even make its blade seemingly crystalline in nature!


Business / Finance (w): despite her name, Alice was going to school to get a business degree - not one better suited to a clothier. This gives her a reduced difficulty on all related actions, which comes in handy thanks to her career as a 'self made woman of fortune'.

Detective / Espionage (i): since she's a bounty hunter, Alice has picked up on the tricks of the trade, if through trial and error. She excels in the discovery and interpretation of clues, however minimal, left on a crime scene or by one of her many bounties.

Skill / Axes (s): since it's her ticket to fame and fortune, Alice has trained extensively in the use of her battle axe - and all axes, really. She may wield any such weapon, whether her own or someone else's, at one difficulty lower than is normally required.


In her time as a bounty hunter, Alice has made few friends - most of the super-powered folks she runs into on the job have a price on her head. However, she's intentionally failed to bring a few in now and then, since it seemed like they were doing good work with their abilities.

She's on relatively good terms with both Crystalline and Johnny Wham, two vigilantes who use their special powers for good, despite technically being on the wrong side of the law. And she's worked with a notorious government employed, showboating loudmouth on occasion.


Thrill-Seeker, with a secondary calling of Youthful Exuberance: Alice hasn't really grown up yet. Thus, she doesn't really get overly dramatic about anything in her life as a bounty hunter and z-list celebrity, simply enjoying the thrills and the cash that come with her lifestyle.


Alice likes the color green.

Her original costume was a dark green, one piece Spandex ™ body suit, which she accessorized with bright green leather boots and gloves. She later changed that one piece to a set of black neoprene shirt and shorts, with slightly different (but similarly colored) boots and gloves.

Whenever she gets bored of this basic look however, Alice occasionally dons intricate and expressive costumes that, while not functional, give the impression of combat armor - whether historical or futuristic in design. Neither comes close to the protection her axe gives her, however.

Whenever she's meeting a client in a non-combative state however, Alice will typically rely upon business attire that suits her predilections. In other words, a green suit jacket over a white collared shirt, green trousers, green leather shoes, and a black leather belt.

With her horrible vision, she usually wears glasses, though they are almost always tinted green - whether they come in the form of mirrored sunglasses or simply of a more conventional variety.


Alice doesn't take her job, and by extension her life, very seriously. She did literally stumble into the life of a super-powered bounty hunter after all, which tends to skew one's take on reality when it happens at a relatively young age.

She pursues the criminal element with a generally carefree demeanor, considering that she's virtually immune to anything they can throw at her. The only time she gets 'serious' is when dealing with particularly powerful ascendant humans.

And even then, she tends to mouth off more than she probably ought to.

Real Name: Alice Haberdasher
Occupation: bounty hunter, intermittent television personality
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with a minor criminal record (mostly misunderstandings)
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: none

Height: 5' 6"
Hair: green (consistently dyed from her natural light brown)
Eyes: brown
Weight: 115 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: other than her brightly colored hair and enormous battle axe, none.


During her first year in college as a business major, young Alice Haberdasher was continuing her perpetual battle with insomnia. Said battle wasn't being helped much by the loud racket surrounding her cheap apartment, much less all the criminal activity happening just outside.

One night, nearing the breaking point, she pulled the axe her mom had insisted she hang in her apartment off the wall, and decided to take matters into her own hands. Little did Alice know that this curious family heirloom wasn't some mere museum replica or useless hunk of metal.

No, this deadly weapon was actually a psi-active device built by an ancestor with a penchant for technopsionics! Having woven several special powers into the device, it had been useful enough to be passed down through the ages, but most of Alice's family forgot how to use it.

Her sullen, sleepy rage at her thuggish neighbors was enough to fire it up however, and Alice quickly put down the criminal element by her home... permanently! That night, she slept the sleep of the just, with only police sirens to lull her into a long, relaxing slumber.

Eventually sussing out all of the special powers her axe granted her, Alice saw a unique business opportunity. Leaving college for a time, she became a bounty hunter, using her axe-granted abilities to hunt down all manner of criminal scum - and made a pretty penny for her troubles.

In fact, she occasionally appeared on basic cable reality shows dedicated to the people working in her career, standing out thanks to her incredibly bright green hair, not to mention her curious fashion sense. She did dress like a low-rent super heroine, after all!

Resuming her class work when not actually kicking down doors and threatening to dismember criminal thugs, Alice finally got her degree - just in time for her career to take a turn for the bizarre. You see, the government caught wind of the fact that there was something 'special' about Alice.

When they couldn't find anything abnormal about her, government agents began to hire her out when faced with problems 'mundane' operatives simply couldn't handle. In short, they had her on call to deal with people like herself, those with powers that defy common knowledge!

One such person was a regenerating, showboating loudmouth the government could neither cage nor kill, though Alice eventually collared him with the aid of his own counterpart, another chunk of the same man who had grown into his own, distinct entity!

While her other jobs had made her decent money, this particular catch earned her the government's eternal gratitude - and of course her pick of the bounties they had on any number of other troublemakers. And thus, Alice can truly live the luxurious lifestyle she desires.

Even if she has to get her hands dirty now and then.

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