Solo Mercenaries

The following is an index of the mercenaries we know to be active on earth, but who work solo, not being affiliated with any order or guild of their ilk. Only the highly skilled and/or effective amongst the super-human populace have managed to make their way via this route, so it behooves Agency operatives to be exceptionally careful around such highly motivated transnormals. Mercenaries identified thus far include:

Geodesy: an earth geomancer by calling, Marissa Hewn works in the sundry yet necessary business of excavating vast tracts of subterranean real estate for would-be world conquerors - much to the dismay of the Society of Explicated Brethren! Availability:

Geodesy (MSH Classic)

Geodesy (4C System)

Geodesy (Marvel Saga)

Hacks: when crime in her neighborhood escalated, young Alice Haberdasher took matters into her own hands, fighting it with the family heirloom: a double bladed axe. Little did she know that it had the ability to render her nigh-invulnerable! Availability:

Hacks (MSH Classic)

Hacks (4C System)

Hacks (Marvel Saga)

the Lady At: a young dwarven woman who can bend space and time in various torturous fashions, At works for the cross-planar legal firm known as Layers of Law, LLC. There, she serves as a courier who can deliver legal papers anywhere, instantly! Availability:

the Lady At (MSH Classic)

the Lady At (4C System)

the Lady At (Marvel Saga)

Mister Matter: born Chris Williams, this mutant has the power to transmutate large amounts of matter at will (hence the alias). When not wandering the earth, he provides rare and prohibitively expensive materials to whoever can meet his fee. Availability:

Mister Matter (MSH Classic)

Mister Matter (4C System)

Mister Matter (Marvel Saga)

Moebius: mostly human with a sprinkling of the diabolical in her ancestry, the temporal wizard known only as Moebius is currently slumming in our space-time, having left (or fled?) her former residence amongst the planes for her own reasons. Availability:

Moebius (MSH Classic)

Moebius (4C System)

Moebius (Marvel Saga)

Quintuple Bartender: after leaping through a rift in his basement, Morris Inglebert came back a changed man - five changed men, in fact. Seizing opportunity as it arose, he founded the Club Invertebrate to cash in on the troublemaking nexus downstairs! Availability:

Quintuple Bartender (MSH Classic)

Quintuple Bartender (4C System)

Quintuple Bartender (Marvel Saga)

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