the Lady At

Gd 10
Pr 4
Ty 6
Gd 10
Ex 20
Ex 20
Gd 10
Ex 20
Sh 0

Ty 6
Pr 4
Pr 4
Gd 10
Ex 20
Gd 10
Ex 20
Ex 20
Sh 0

Ex 20
Pr 4
Gd 10
Gd 10
Ex 20
Rm 30
Ty 6
Ex 20
Sh 0



Clarinda Mox, known to everyone she works with as the Lady At, is a dwarf. Born in Nidavellir, she left her home to wander the planes, and ultimately wound up in a wondrous city at the crossroads to everywhere - where she learned how to make space and time her plaything.

Known Powers:

Infravision: dwarves have the ability to see in the dark - and quite well, in fact. Even in complete darkness underground, At has the Excellent (20) ability to pierce the black veil, though she cannot at all perceive colors while doing so.

Longevity: in addition to their affinity with the earth, dwarves are possessed of exceptional longevity, having a lifespan that is much longer than that of mere humans. At possess this power at Feeble (2) rank, giving her a 560 year eventual lifespan, as determined by this formula:

normal human lifespan (70) times power rank cubed (8) = eventual dwarven lifespan (560 years)

Nature Sense / Earth: in tune with any earth around them, dwarves can tell how far below the surface they are, no matter how deep they may be. This extremely limited, Excellent (20) ranked ability can usually also tell At if she is standing on an incline or a flat surface.

Trained Psionics (Psimotive Powers, Traditional Student):

Teleportation (a): core of At's chosen discipline of power, this ability allows her to travel between one point and another without actually crossing the intervening space - at least, not in her current universe. She can teleport with Incredible (40) ability (1,000 mile range).

Initiative Control (t): slightly tweaking the flow of time to her advantage, At may manipulate the order of initiative in a given turn. She may change, add, or even delete actions in her current turn with Good (10) ability - and usually with little opposition.

Telelocation (s): At is very, very good at finding things. This helps in the resolution of legal issues her company has at hand, since it deals with individuals that could be anywhere - or possibly anywhen - in the multiverse. She has Remarkable (30) mastery of this skill.

Dimensional Transit (a): At may move from one universe to another as is necessary, dramatically extending the reach of the legal services her company provides its clients. She can move from plane to plane with Good (10) power - though she's trying to improve this daily.

Temporal Static (t): a planar traveler who deals with like individuals on a regular basis, At can readily make use of this ability to great effect when planewalkers get 'uppity'. She can collect and wield temporal static with Excellent (20) talent.

Compass Sense (s): handy when visiting alien realms or even unknown real estate, this Remarkable (30) ranked skill gives At impressive knowledge of her current locale - wherever it may be. It lets her know where she is in a space, if not precisely where she wants to go.

Summoning (a): from her current universe or from elsewhere, At may summon forth minions to do her bidding - whether or not they're inclined to be happy about it. A Remarkable (30) ranked summoner, she can quite handily force others to take care of her dirty work when necessary.

Limitations / Enhancements:



Crossbow: though her aim is lousy, and she hasn't really formally trained with it, At carries a crossbow with her on the job - mostly to ward off others. She can fire this weapon to inflict Typical (6) Shooting damage with each deadly bolt... assuming she hits.

Knife: though she prefers to defend herself with her psionics when necessary, At carries this weapon just in case. Made from Remarkable (30) m.s. materials, it can be used to inflict her Strength rank in Edged Attack damage, or to cut through items of up to like m.s.


Alien Customs: being from realms far removed from the human experience, dwarves tend to suffer from culture shock upon entering human society. While not so far removed that they she can't function on the earth, At nonetheless seems out of place whenever amongst non-dwarves.

Dwarfism: mythical dwarves, unlike humans with this condition, naturally suffer the effects of this quirk - if only because of their diminutive size. Human clothing generally does not fit them well, and most of their equipment needs to be built with their stature in mind.

Natural Talent: their affinity for elemental earth allows dwarves a bonus when making something out of stone, whether it be an axe blade or a palace. Though she has no actual training in this area, At nonetheless benefits from a +1 CS bonus when engaging in such activities.


Business / Finance: first and foremost, At is a businesswoman. She should receive a +1 CS in such matters, whether managing a business or conducting its affairs, and knows the ins and outs of financial systems and how they work (and can work to her benefit).

Law: over several years of working for a multi-planar legal firm, At has paid enough attention to her job that she's pieced together a general, working knowledge of various systems of law. Her Reason should be considered +1 CS in this area.


At is a trusted and valuable employee of Layers of Law, LLC, a legal firm resident in a city within a popular planar crossroads. As their primary courier of documents, and occasional executor of their various contracts, she has met a large number of people throughout the multiverse.

And some of them have even received good news from her!


Since she's not primarily a combatant, At is usually wearing working clothing when encountered. These usually consist of brown-hued trousers and immaculate white shirts, complemented by brown leather shoes and occasionally a long, brown leather coat (depending on the weather).


At, when on the job, is the consummate professional. She does her best to maintain a veneer of class and dignity while delivering legal news to her clients - or, as is often the case, the subjects of her client's litigation. She abhors conflict, however - hence the crossbow.

It's not her fault, is it, when she gives someone news they don't want to hear? She's just the messenger, after all, so why should people get all up in arms when she serves them papers? She shouldn't have to zap someone with static or ventilate them with bolts, the jerks.

Real Name: Clarinda Mox
Occupation: interplanar courier
Legal Status: citizen of Nidavellir with no known criminal record
Marital Status: divorced
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: Layers of Law, LLC (her employers)

Height: 4'
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 120 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: as a dwarf, At is especially short and stocky, but otherwise humanoid in form.


Ever since she was old enough to dream, the young dwarf who would grow to become the Lady At imagined far away vistas, completely different than the endless rock her home consisted of. She yearned to see skies, and magical creatures none of her peers had even though possible!

However, her family wished her to settle down, already - they wanted grandchildren! At found this idea too horrible to contemplate, and as soon as she could she fled from her home plane, wandering the multiverse for a time as a something of a bum. But you know, a girl's got to eat.

To this end, she began to work as the personal assistant to a planewalker with amazing psionic powers. Sure, that guy could've taken care of all his business himself, but At made it so much easier for him to do the fun stuff, what with her handling all the paper work.

This was how she ultimately was introduced to Layers of Law, LLC. Though her employer kept promising to teach her all of his tricks, he never quite got around to it. And growing tired of the promise of great power with no reward, At applied for a job at the legal firm he used.

Familiar with her already, since At visited their offices often in the execution of her boss' many, many tasks, At was signed on almost immediately. And, soon enough, she'd made enough money to hire an upsilon to teach her in the ways of folding space and time as she saw fit.

Though she dreamed of adventure and excitement once she began to slowly master the psimotive discipline of power, At never really got around to doing proper planewalking for fun. This because, thanks to her developing skills, At became even more valuable to the firm.

Owing to her growing abilities to move across space at will, At helped them stretch the reach of their firm across the multiverse. Making a mockery of the concept of distance, At let Layers of Law reach clients - or the targets of their clients' litigation - almost instantly!

She could quit at any time, of course, but At couldn't help but enjoy the money she was making for this work. Perhaps it was her upbringing echoing in the back of her mind, but she wanted to ride that horse for as long as she could, and save up enough gold for the future, just in case.

Besides, she had plenty of time for fun later, right?

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