The following is a summary of Seņor Barnett's report on dwarves - diminutive, mythological beings. While they originated in another universe, representatives of this industrious species have increasingly made our world their home of late - Mike 013.

According to various legends, not to mention actual accounts from several of these beings, dwarves originated in the dim plane of Nidavellir. This realm is one of the nine worlds of Norse mythology, and is known to be a heavy, solid plane interrupted only by dwarven creations.

Perhaps due to their origins in such an 'earthy' realm, dwarves tend to live and work in fields related to it. They possess an elemental link with the solid matter that surrounds their subterranean cities, enabling them to readily make their homes below the surface.

Similarly, dwarves are rarely hobbled by the absence of light. They have the ability to see no matter how deep below a world's surface they happen to be. Thanks to their ability to perceive the infrared spectrum of light, dwarves can navigate and track quite well underground.

Dwarves are also rather long lived, usually having a lifespan that is at least four times that of an ordinary human, usually more. This may also contribute to their slow but steady ways, for dwarves know they have plenty of time to get things right, and rarely feel the need to rush at all.

Finally, as planar entities, dwarves have the power to perceive the borders between universes. They can spy doorways between the universes naturally, even if these gates are otherwise invisible - this may explain their ability to populate multiple planes of existence with ease.

This latter ability is probably why the Agency has noted an increasing number of dwarves on earth. While these beings are often shocked and awed by the power of human technology and culture, they have the ability to assimilate quickly, and often attain positions of power with haste.

This is because a dwarf has no problem working himself to exhaustion to prove himself worthy, a trait many humans lack in this age of modern conveniences. Dwarves also make excellent adventurers, due to their being slightly more durable than their human counterparts.

A lust for material things coupled with a drive to succeed makes for a dwarf with a mission, and in our world this means that these beings often hook up with groups of like individuals to succeed; dwarves are great team players, as long as they get their fair share of the loot.

Since they are still somewhat rare though, you're unlikely to spy a full-on group of dwarves engaging in adventure of some sort or another, but will find one on a mission by himself, or along with a team of so-called 'heroes' easily enough. That's how I ran across the first two I met, in fact.

Geodesy, a geomancer specializing in earth magic, and Och, a follower of Yohann Ericson, the Short Mining God, are two adventuring sorts that first tipped me off to the presence of dwarves on earth. I've since met a bunch more, most of which were less, well, magically inclined.

But they've adjusted to life in our world just as easily, if not more so...!

Supplementing Barnett's report, here is a 'roster' of the dwarves known to currently live on our world - though there are undoubtedly more than we've discovered thus far. I also provided a 'general' description of dwarves, so you have a better idea what to look for in the field - Mike 013.

Basher Bob: a brain-addled dwarf from elsewhere, Basher Bob was mistaken for a Warrior of Thor upon his inadvertent arrival in New York. Delivered to their lodge by the authorities, he just sort of moved in since everyone there assumed he belonged, too. Availability:

Basher Bob (MSH Classic)

Basher Bob (4C System)

Basher Bob (Marvel Saga)

Geodesy: an earth geomancer by calling, Marissa Hewn works in the sundry yet necessary business of excavating vast tracts of subterranean real estate for would-be world conquerors - much to the dismay of the Society of Explicated Brethren! Availability:

Geodesy (MSH Classic)

Geodesy (4C System)

Geodesy (Marvel Saga)

the Lady At: a young dwarven woman who can bend space and time in various torturous fashions, At works for the cross-planar legal firm known as Layers of Law, LLC. There, she serves as a courier who can deliver legal papers anywhere, instantly! Availability:

the Lady At (MSH Classic)

the Lady At (4C System)

the Lady At (Marvel Saga)

Och: when his parents were slain by displaced demons on his home plane, Och left Nidavellir on a self-destructive rampage. Eventually joining an elite demon-slaying cadre, Och remained with them until a freak accident trapped him on our world...! Availability:

Och (MSH Classic)

Och (4C System)

Och (Marvel Saga)

the Slaggregator: an unrepentant burglar, the earth-native dwarf known to the authorities as the Slaggregator is their worst headache ever. There seems almost no treasure safe from his depredations, and the man scoffs at the very idea of jails! Availability:

Slaggregator (MSH Classic)

Slaggregator (4C System)

Slaggregator (Marvel Saga)

Dwarves (Typical): the rugged, diminutive, humanoids known as dwarves by humans are creatures of both myth and fact. With their strong affinity for earth and stone, they're just as likely to be found underground as they are in human trappings! Availability:

Dwarves (MSH Classic)

Dwarves (4C System)

Dwarves (Marvel Saga)

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