the Slaggregator


Hand Size:
4 (25)


Harry Cell is a dwarf, a humanoid being similar in physiology to conventional humans but with... different proportions. Harry himself was born on earth, but uses his inherent dwarven abilities - plus a few mystical artifacts of great power - to disregard the laws of mankind.


Infravision (w): dwarves have the ability to see in the dark - and quite well, in fact. Even in complete darkness underground, Harry has the intensity 4 ability to pierce the black veil, though he cannot perceive colors while doing so.

Longevity (s): in addition to their affinity with the earth, dwarves are possessed of exceptional longevity, having a lifespan that is much longer than that of mere humans. Harry possesses this power at intensity 2, giving him a 560 year eventual lifespan, as determined by this formula:

normal human lifespan (70) times power intensity cubed (8) = eventual dwarven lifespan (560 years)

Nature Sense / Earth (w): in tune with any earth around them, dwarves can tell how far below the surface they are, no matter how deep they may be. This extremely limited, intensity 5 ability can usually also tell Harry if he is standing on an incline or a flat surface.

Hindrances / Augmentations:



Slaggregators (i): these twin gauntlets are Harry's inheritance, and the means by which he takes out his rage at humankind. Each can function alone, but together they allow a +1 to the power intensities of the various abilities they grant Harry, which include:

* Aggregation (i): if he has no iron to work with, the slaggregators will collect it from Harry's vicinity. They can do so with intensity 14 ability, bringing forth up to fourteen of pounds of iron each turn, doing so from anywhere within visual distance of Harry's person.

* Teleportation (i): while the slaggregators excel in bringing iron to Harry, they can also bring him to it. They allow Harry to teleport with intensity 12 ability, landing anywhere within a 10,000 mile range - as long as his destination has at least one pound of iron nearby.

* Topological Control (i): whether it is in his vicinity originally or collected from afar, the slaggregators can reshape iron as Harry sees fit, doing so with intensity 13 ability. While a powerful ability, this topological control only works on iron - nothing else.


Blunt Weapons (s): though he has no formal combat training, Harry has learned how to wield most blunt implements as weapons in a pinch. While he receives no bonus when doing so, Harry can attack with any blunt weapon he chooses, doing so without penalty.

Crime (i): Harry never finished school, so he hasn't got very many formal skills. He has lived a life of crime, however, and can thus parlay that experience into this skill - which provides him a reduced difficulty in criminal actions (appraisals, burglary, etc.).


As an unrepentant lout and cheerfully blatant burglar, Harry hasn't got a lot of reliable contacts on the legal side of life. However, he knows a lot of underhanded, unethical types, from fences to sources of information to minions he can hire on a very short notice.


Vengeance, with a secondary calling of Greed: yeah he's a thief, and a darn good one whether or not you account for his slaggregators, but when you get down to it, Harry doesn't steal for the sake of stealing. No, he does so to make humans miserable!


The heart of Harry's costume consists of an earthy brown, one piece stretch fabric jumpsuit. The rest comes in the form of improvised bits of armor, weaponry, and other accessories built out of, and around, the metal his so-called slaggregators can summon and shape for him.


Harry despises humanity, having experienced their worst behavior first hand. Thus, he relishes each and every opportunity to terrorize mankind, doing so by hitting them where it hurts the most: their pocket book. Living a life of luxury is a mere byproduct of this work.

Real Name: Harry Cell
Occupation: the so-called baron of robbers
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with quite the criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: none

Height: 4' 6"
Hair: gold
Eyes: green
Weight: 150 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: as a dwarf, Harry has a short, stocky build. He's particularly hirsute, and maintains a truly epic beard out of dwarven pride.


Harry Cell is a dwarf. Born to dwarven parents (surprise) who were adventuring across the earth, he was sadly orphaned shortly afterward. Found near what was left of his parents (no one ever did determine what ate them), Harry quickly became a ward of the state.

Unlike many other children in this situation, Harry was never adopted. But then, it was obvious that something was 'different' about him. Thus, Harry grew up in an orphanage, the subject of scorn from just about all of his so-called peers. And this childhood was rough.

As soon as he could manage it, Harry escaped from the orphanage, and walked the earth alone. A shiftless hobo, he did as little as possible to acquire the minimal fruits of life, and quickly developed an impressive rap sheet by the time he'd actually reached eighteen years of age.

It was while he was in a county lockup, on that special birthday, when Harry first met another dwarf. She literally appeared out of nowhere on that auspicious occasion, and told Harry that since he was now legally an adult, it was time for him to receive his inheritance!

Clueless, Harry pressed this strangely alluring woman for information, and received it! She told Harry that she was the executor of his adventuring parents' estate, and while a large portion of their fortune was spent finding him, that two very special gauntlets remained of it.

After accepting said gauntlets, Harry's only fount of information about himself and his people vanished. However, though he learned little from her, Harry nonetheless learned enough, and put on the gauntlets. And found that he had an instinctive ability to use them!

Instantly realizing how these implements worked, Harry used them to reshape the bars holding him captive, fashioning them into various offensive and defensive objects. Before the police knew what had hit them, Harry had laid them all low - and then made his escape.

Holding increasing loathing for the people who had done him wrong all his life, people who weren't even his people, Harry began to taunt, torment, and terrorize mankind wherever and whenever they could. And thanks to his inheritance, there was little humanity could do to stop him!

Brandishing his so-called 'slaggregators' at will, he can readily arm and armor himself at a moment's notice - not to mention teleport away after the fact. This distressing set of abilities has made Harry one of America's Most Wanted... not to mention filthy, filthy rich.

From his lair at an undisclosed, top secret location of his own devising, Harry launches attack after attack on the luxuries of mankind, slowly stealing away everything he can get his hands on. This economic terrorism is his way of paying mankind back for its rather poor treatment of him.

And to live a life surrounded by countless riches!

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