Kill All Humans

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the Slaggregator: an unrepentant burglar, the earth-native dwarf known to the authorities as the Slaggregator is their worst headache ever. There seems almost no treasure safe from his depredations, and the man scoffs at the very idea of jails! Availability:

Slaggregator (MSH Classic)

Slaggregator (4C System)

Slaggregator (Marvel Saga)

the Solder Monkey: though he looks like a primitive brute, the degenerate known as Bolivar Tweed is cursed with a super-human intellect. Pushed to the edge by humanity's rejection of his simian aspect, Tweed intends to destroy them all - as the Solder Monkey! Availability:

Solder Monkey (MSH Classic)

Solder Monkey (4C System)

Solder Monkey (Marvel Saga)

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