the Solder Monkey

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Bolivar Tweed, the Solder Monkey, is a degenerate human. While he appeared normal at birth, his physiology quickly devolved as he grew older, until it branched off in a direction that made him resemble a gorilla - and apparently gave him a terrible, inexplicable intellect!

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



Air Platforms: an extreme application of his engineering skills, this device is basically a flying platform Bolivar can mount his doomsday weaponry upon. Using ducted fans to provide lift, his air platforms benefit from the following characteristics:

RV 20
RV 10
RV 40
RV 0

* Force Divisor: because it's so darn useful, Bolivar has incorporated the Force Exponentializer's force divisor technology into his air platform. It provides him 2 RS of damage reduction, which will of course stack with his own, personal model when both are active!

* Flight / Levitation: steered via gyroscopic sensors to allow Bolivar the freedom to fire on humans in his vicinity, his air platforms can achieve lift via their bottom-mounted ducted fans, either levitating with rank value 40 ability or flying at rank value 10 speed (109.09 m.p.h.).

* Death Ray: a more powerful version of his typical sidearm, Bolivar's air platforms all have a top-mounted podium turret, with twin trigger grips (like a bicycle handle). These can fire his enhanced death rays, which inflict rank value 40 Metabolic damage to human beings only.

Concussion Hammer: designed and built for the Warriors of Thor by the Electronicists' League using the Force Exponentializer's kinetic technology, Bolivar has taken to wielding this for the smug satisfaction it provides. It inflicts rank value 30 Force damage on impact!

Death Ray: Bolivar has invented the technology to emit anti-life energies, and subsequently reduced it to a portable, hand-held weapon! His own contribution to the League's arsenal, this item can be fired to inflict rank value 20 Metabolic damage, hitting foes within Near distance.

Taking great pains to protect other life forms from his deadly technology, Bolivar has keyed the emissions of his death rays (whether his personal sidearm or his larger, vehicle-mounted versions) such that they only affect mankind. Bolivar's death rays do not affect other life forms.

Disintegrator Ray: while he prefers his death ray of course, Bolivar isn't above rendering a foe into his or her component molecules when necessary. This weapon inflicts rank value 20 Metabolic damage per shot, though any damage inflicted will prompt a check versus a Kill result!

Force Divisor: one of the technologies the Force Exponentializer shared with the League as his price of entry into that group of Electronicists, Bolivar exults in its use at all times. This powerful protective field grants Bolivar 2 RS of damage reduction while it is active.

Jumpers: having borrowed Crystalline's enhancement of Old Gruff's antigravity technology, Bolivar has improved his already impressive leaping ability extensively. He can now leap with rank value 150 ability, crossing two sectors in a single bound!

Linguistic Overdriver: of Transistorized Ted's own design and manufacture, this appliance allows Bolivar to understand all languages actively used within rank value 4 distance of his person - namely, one sector. This can be anything from spoken words to sign language!

Teleprompter: this device, built by Bolivar and not shared with the League, allows him to teleport to a variety of pre-set locations on command. This device works with rank value 150 range (1,000,000 miles), allowing him to reach anywhere on earth - or even his secret moon base!


Abnormal Appearance: though he is not actually a gorilla, Bolivar looks just like one thanks to his bizarre, degenerate physiology. Even when fully disguised, his very shape - much less how his body moves - will betray that something is 'not right' about Bolivar.


Biology: both to understand what he is and how to better kill humans en masse, Bolivar has studied biology extensively. Though he hasn't fared too well with the former, Bolivar is exceedingly competent in the latter, and should receive a +1 RS on ACTs concerning biological knowledge.

Computers: though he hates humanity, Bolivar can appreciate what he believes is its greatest creation: computer science! He is adept at designing, building, programming and repairing computer technology, and may do so as though his Intellect was +1 RS in value.

Engineering: while his other talents help him understand the concepts behind his various energy weaponry, this skill helps Bolivar to actually put together his gigantic death rays (or whatever). He should receive a +1 RS whenever building something - anything, really.

Languages / English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish: a native of Brazil, Bolivar can naturally wield his original tongue. Quite erudite, he can also read and write in the other primary languages in use on his half of the planet, which comes in handy here and there.

Physics: to better understand the phenomenon of directed energy weapons, Bolivar has taught himself the finer points of the physical sciences. His already impressive Intellect score should be considered +1 RS in value when dealing with such matters.


The villain known to the world as the Solder Monkey has few friends. But then, he hates all of humanity, so are you really surprised? Sure, he is a member of the Electronicists' League, and tries to behave in their New York City headquarters, but he's strained there, at best.

On the other hand, he does have a few allies in the form of non-human entities. More than one alien who has attempted to invade the earth has gained aid from Bolivar, after all. Of course, Bolivar was simply using them against mankind, and they've all ultimately failed in their mission.

But they don't realize he set them up, for the most part.


Bolivar doesn't bother with clothing, for the most part. To all outward appearances he is naught but a gorilla, after all! He will often wear a variety of high tech devices and belts and harnesses with a variety of accessories secreted on or within, but clothes are an afterthought.

Besides, he has body hair everywhere!


More than anything else, Bolivar is a big pile of pent-up rage and aggression. He hates what he has become, he hates how humanity has rejected him, and he wants more than anything else to vent his bile upon the human race - while preserving the planet for himself, of course.

He gets along just fine with non-humans he's encountered over the years, but people? No way. He can be cordial when necessary, such as when inside the League's headquarters, but Bolivar sees this as a necessary evil. He simply bides his time until the League, too, falls before his might.

Real Name: Bolivar Tweed
Occupation: would-be Destroyer of Earth
Legal Status: citizen of Brazil with no known criminal record - nobody knows who/what he really is there.
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Electronicists' League

Height: 5' 8"
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 405 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics:


Bolivar Tweed wasn't always a walking, talking gorilla. When he was born, he appeared to be perfectly normal, in fact. As he aged however, it quickly became apparent that something was... different about Bolivar. Something that made him appear brutish and primitive.

While growing up, Bolivar's throwback nature became increasingly pronounced. At first he was a target for athletic recruiters of various types, but in time even the most desperate of football coaches would have nothing to do with Bolivar - something was 'wrong' with that boy.

Or so they'd say.

Despite the fact that his body seemed to be growing more powerful in leaps and bounds, Bolivar's intellect was, and always will be, his single greatest asset. Super-humanly intelligent, Bolivar was nonetheless but a child, and didn't know how to deal with rejection by his many peers.

Before his thirteenth birthday, Bolivar ran away from home, never to return. He eked out a meager existence in the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, stealing food and shelter where he could, but a year or so of this quickly convinced Bolivar that something needed to Change.

Growing increasingly angry with humanity, both for its behavior in general and its treatment of him in particular, Bolivar began to plot its downfall. Of course, he couldn't just kill people indiscriminately; this would eventually lead to a man-hunt which would see him dead.

No, what Bolivar needed was a means of destroying people in bulk. To this end, he began a thorough study of the sciences, taking in knowledge from disciplines ranging from physics to engineering to computer sciences to biology. He wanted to know everything mankind knew.

The better to destroy it with!

Mastering various scientific disciplines in seclusion thanks to the power of the Internet, Bolivar began his experiments in earnest. His ultimate goal was to invent some sort of weapon with which he could wipe out vast swathes of humanity, and he generally made good progress.

Sure, Bolivar could have just detonated nuclear devices all over the planet, but he didn't want to wreck the earth in the process of wiping humanity off the face of it. So enter the various disintegrators, death rays, and other assorted energy weapons - many keyed to the human genome.

As it turned out though, Bolivar's eventual, successful experiments drew some attention he did not anticipate. To wit, his death ray program caused Bolivar to directly run afoul of a high tech vigilante known as the Force Exponentializer, when that do-gooder looked into its victims.

The two waged a spectacular battle in the streets of Rio upon discovering each other, which ultimately ended in a stalemate. Over the next couple of years, Bolivar's efforts to destroy mankind would be continually stymied by Force, but the vigilante couldn't end Bolivar's threat either.

Naturally, these nemeses were only egged on by Transistorized Ted.

You see, knowing full well that if he offered both of these men membership in his League of Electronicists, Ted could easily goad them into joining - lest one gain an 'unfair' advantage over the other. And sure enough, when Ted made his offer to both simultaneously, he was proven right.

While neither trusted Ted, they both refused to let the other take advantage of his offer alone. Thus, both Bolivar and his nemesis signed up with the League, maintaining their memberships to this very day - hoping to eventually bump each other off!

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