Rm 30
Gd 10
Gd 10
Rm 30
Ex 20
Ex 20
Rm 30
In 40
Fe 2

In 40
Ty 6
Gd 10
Ex 20
Ty 6
Gd 10
Rm 30
Am 50
Fe 2

Ex 20
Ex 20
Gd 10
In 40
In 40
Rm 30
Rm 30
Rm 30
Fe 2



Och is a dwarf native to the plane of Nidavellir, one of the 'Nine Worlds'. Though he doesn't wielded priestly magic, Och is a faithful follower of Yohann Ericson, a dwarven god of mining, and has recently been rewarded for such by being blessed by this deity with minor powers.

Known Powers:

Imbued Powers: Och once encountered his deity, Yohann Ericson, the short Dwarven God of Mining, on a planar excursion. Recounting his travels and adventures to his deity, Och managed to impress the god, who blessed him by granting him these abilities:

* Ability Boost: Yohann granted Och super-human fighting prowess, which when activated allows Och to boost his Fighting to Monstrous (75) rank for 1d10 turns, up to once each hour. When active, this power causes Och to give off a faint, golden glow.

* Natural Talent: Yohann raised Och's natural talent with mining and subterranean engineering, boosting it to a level 2 quirk (instead of its original, native level 1 power). He did this to enhance Och's odds of exploiting a rich mineral base he'd recently discovered in Antarctica.

Infravision: dwarves have the ability to see in the dark - and quite well, in fact. Even in complete darkness underground, Och has the Excellent (20) ability to pierce the black veil, though he cannot perceive colors while doing so.

Longevity: in addition to their affinity with the earth, dwarves are possessed of exceptional longevity, having a lifespan that is much longer than that of mere humans. Och possess this power at Feeble (2) rank, giving him a 560 year eventual lifespan, as determined by this formula:

normal human lifespan (70) times power rank cubed (8) = Och's eventual lifespan (560 years)

Nature Sense / Earth: in tune with any earth around them, dwarves can tell how far below the surface they are, no matter how deep they may be. This extremely limited, Excellent (20) ranked ability can usually also tell Och if he is standing on an incline or a flat surface.

Limitations / Enhancements:



Holy Chain Saw of Yohann Ericson: on his travels to earth recently, Yohann Ericson became enamored with a recent invention known as the chain saw, and adopted it as his own. Over time, he has been replacing his followers' magical axes with these strange, mystic machines.

Och's new 'toy' is a chain saw seemingly made from gold, but is in reality of Unearthly (100) m.s. Instead of having normal chain saw teeth, it actually has small axe blades whirling around on the chain, blades which make a particularly grisly cut when applied to living beings.

The chain saw inflicts a body's Strength +1 CS in Edged Attack damage, damage which will affect armor as if it were Sorcerous energy; while still physical, its saw blades are highly enchanted. Furthermore, this contraption needs no fuel, being powered by the force of magic itself.

While his former magic weapon could be thrown and return within a given turn, Och's new toy lacks that power. However, while active, Och can use the weapon to fly, doing so with Excellent (20) air speed (150 m.p.h.), though he is more than a little bit nervous about this prospect.

Holy War Axe of Yohann Ericson: his original magical weapon, Och wielded this device for years, until Yohann Ericson himself traded him this one for his new chain saw. This blade appeared to be made of gold, but was enchanted to have an effective material strength of Unearthly (100).

Och could use this weapon to inflict his Strength rank +1 CS in Edged Attack damage, damage which would affect armor as if it were Sorcerous energy; the effect was still physical, but the axe blades were highly enchanted. This made the axe particularly deadly against most earthly foes.

Furthermore, the axe could be thrown at an opponent, and then return to Och's hands within the same turn. It would do so regardless of any efforts made to prevent this from happening, as long as they were of less than Unearthly (100) rank.

Survival Gear: whenever preparing to go on an adventure or into battle, Och always prepares a special roster of gear that he stores in his travel pack. Most of this gear is common sense stuff you might need when camping, but some is of a seemingly... questionable nature.

Och's gear includes a Maglite ™ flashlight, 30' of rope, an AM / FM / Shortwave / Longwave radio, a Panasonic ™ handheld digital television, a water canteen, a couple days worth of Army-issue Meals Ready To Eat, a mirror, a shovel, a knife, and a tightly rolled up blanket.


Dwarfism: mythical dwarves, unlike humans with this condition, naturally suffer the effects of this quirk - if only because of their diminutive size. Human clothing generally does not fit Och well, and most of his equipment had to be built with his stature in mind.

Natural Talent / Engineering 2: thanks to his affinity with elemental earth, as well as Yohann's enhancements, Och has a natural talent with stone working. This translates into a +2 CS to any FEATs he makes in such areas, which greatly helps when creating subterranean constructs.


Archaeology: one of his hobbies, Och has studied ancient cultures and peoples of the earth, and has actually taken college courses in this area to enhance his professional standing since becoming trapped on earth. His Reason in such areas should be considered +1 CS.

Engineering: his true occupation, Och has learned how to build all manner of things, usually out of stone. He can attempt FEATs regarding the construction of anything (whether or not stone is involved) at a +1 CS, and is particularly adept in the construction of underground facilities.

Languages / Chinese, Dwarf, Elfin, English, French, Japanese, and Spanish: Och has picked up plenty of languages over the years. He can speak all of these tongues, and can also read and write in Dwarf, English, French, and Japanese.

Martial Arts types B and C: Och didn't learn how to fight bare-handed first, but necessity is a great teacher. When in unarmed combat, Och may attempt to hit, not to mention dodge, grapple, escape, and weave at a +1 CS to the applicable ability score for such maneuvers.

Survival: a member of a demon-slaying gang for years, Och learned how to get by in most any environment, whether or not he has survival gear with him. Whether in the fiercest jungle, the most arid desert, or even the depths of a Hellish pit, Och can get by just fine.

Theology: though he's very private about it, Och is indeed a deeply religious person, and pays homage to Yohann Ericson, the short Dwarven God of Mining. If he were inclined to, he could easily become a priest to that deity - but he simply doesn't wish to.

Weapon Skill / Axes: his original combat skill, Och mastered this talent before he learned how to fight unarmed! He can use axes of any type in melee as though his Ftg (off) was +1 CS in rank, and can throw them at others as though his Agy (dex) was +1 CS in rank, too.

Weapon Skill / Chain Saws: a skill Och managed to master very recently, this allows him to utilize his new magic weapon without inadvertently cutting himself to pieces. In other words, he can use his Holy Chain Saw of Yohann Ericson, or any other chain saw, at his Ftg (off) +1 CS.


Och has extensive contacts throughout the multiverse, having been a member of an elite demon-slaying cadre that is mostly defunct these days. Known survivors of this group include Ysen, a wood elf from Alfheim, and Moebius, a deadly temporal sorceress.

After becoming trapped on earth, Och hooked up with a band of erratic vigilantes known as the Variety Show. They sometimes grate on Och's nerves, being rather disorganized, but Och knows their hearts are in the right place, and as such he supports them in their endeavors.

Especially since they readily return the favor.


Och wears a simple but effective adventuring costume on earth. It consists of a a tan pair of trousers, brown leather walking boots, a collared white, long-sleeved shirt under a brown leather jacket, a black leather belt, and Och's signature leather hat, a brown leather fedora.


Och is inherently trustworthy.

He's a very thoughtful fellow, usually planning things through extensively before engaging in a course of action. Once Och makes up his mind, he'll follow through with a single-minded passion that borders on obsession, but not so much so that he'll put his friends at risk.

At the same time, he's a very compassionate dwarf, and is very attuned to the feelings of those around him. As such, he goes out of his way to avoid offending anyone, and if he inadvertently does so, will go out of his way to make amends to those hurt by his words or deeds.

Real Name: Och Lugis
Occupation: professional adventurer, miner, engineer, archaeologist, slayer
Legal Status: naturalized citizen of the United States with no criminal record
Marital Status: single, attached to Ysen
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Variety Show, former member of an unnamed demon slaying cadre

Height: 4' 7"
Hair: brown
Eyes: sparkling blue
Weight: 200 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Och wears a full beard and moustache at all times.


Och's story began on Nidavellir - or rather, beneath its surface.

Though born to a couple of spiritual young dwarves, Och's heart yearned for adventure. Thus, he began to train as a warrior at a very young age, quickly mastering a knack for hand-to-hand combat with axes. Though, of course, he learned to fight unarmed in a pinch!

Joining a legion of dwarves dedicated to protecting their home from various threats, Och was shamed when his efforts failed to save his parents from a demonic ambush. Embarrassed by his defeat at their hands, Och left his home to find a means to redeem himself - or die trying.

Picking fights with every demon he encountered, Och couldn't find his demise in battle - he proved too deadly thanks to both his training and his magical axe. This eventually got him noticed by a cadre of demon hunters who gladly took him in as one of their own.

This small army of adventurers all had a particular beef with demonic entities, and made regular raids into planes they called home to exact their own, personal brand of vengeance. And Och had a whole lot of vengeance to wreak upon them!

During this time, Och grew rather close to Ysen, a native of Alfheim. Though they weren't what you would consider romantically inclined towards each other, the two shared a bond much deeper due to their similar origins - and the identical fates of their parents at demonic hands.

Thus, it proved exceedingly hard on Och when he had to leave his cadre. You see, distant relatives Och didn't know he had contacted him out of the blue one day, asking a service of him. Seeing this as a means of redemption, Och readily agreed to help - no matter how painful it was.

Och agreed to serve as a guard to his relatives' crypts for a time, one regularly targeted by thieves hell-bent on stealing their vast treasure. Och did well in this, as he was well-versed in fighting demons, so mere grave-robbers were no match for him.

One night these robbers arrived in force however, and during the ensuing fight Och was rammed into a bizarre magic item, one which activated upon this impact. It turned out this device was a planar transit mechanism, and before Och knew it, he was elsewhere - in North Dakota, in fact!

After digging himself out of the cave he wound up in, Och tried to find his way home - to no avail. After years of searching, Och resigned himself to his fate, and acquired a new, legal identity in the United States. He then became an archaeologist, since he was knowledgeable in this area.

Ancient civilizations were a hobby of his, so he learned quickly. Och then branched out in several additional areas, and became a successful adventurer / businessman in his own right. When not mining or otherwise engaging in commerce, Och continues his vendetta against demons.

Which is precisely how he got involved with the Variety Show. Fighting it out with some Mayan demons one night, Och literally tripped over one of their number, the Half-pint Horror-show, who proceeded to help him dispatch the fiends that were terrorizing suburban Mexico.

Taking an instant liking to this little pile of rage, Och met up with the rest of his crew and was quickly adopted by them. They're all 'freaks', after all, and each has a vendetta against other supernatural creatures of one stripe or another... something Och can readily relate to.

Since this group reminded him of his old demon-hunting squad, Och was more than happy to spend all of his spare time with the Variety Show. Even if he now had to take down vampires, werewolves, evil sorcerers, and even the occasional murderous alien now and then...!

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