the Variety Show

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Known Variety Show members include the following:

the Half-pint Horror-show: captured for study by the Society of Eludicated Brethren, Horace promptly escaped, leaving a bloodbath in the process. Lost in the wilds of Central America, he eventually became a founding member of the monster hunting Variety Show! Availability:

the Half-pint Horror-show (MSH Classic)

the Half-pint Horror-show (4C System)

the Half-pint Horror-show (Marvel Saga)

Hates-Wizards-Like-Nobody's-Business: after several B'ntri spellcasters destroyed its world, this mhunghus decided it didn't like them. At all. Deciding to beat them at their own game, it studied psychoturgy to battle them directly! Availability:

Hates-Wizards-Like-Nobody's-Business (MSH Classic)

Hates-Wizards-Like-Nobody's-Business (4C System)

Hates-Wizards-Like-Nobody's-Business (Marvel Saga)

Mos Quito: after his vampiric transformation, Father Quincy Alvarez snapped, his veritable sainthood being reduced to 'mere' heroism, and he donned the persona of a sword-wielding swashbuckler in his abject denial of his new state of being! Availability:

Mos Quito (MSH Classic)

Mos Quito (4C System)

Mos Quito (Marvel Saga)

Och: when his parents were slain by displaced demons on his home plane, Och left Nidavellir on a self-destructive rampage. Eventually joining an elite demon-slaying cadre, Och remained with them until a freak accident trapped him on our world...! Availability:

Och (MSH Classic)

Och (4C System)

Och (Marvel Saga)

Slow Jim: an Atlantean altered by toxic goo at birth, Slow Jim was found and ultimately sold to a circus to serve as its greatest freak. Eventually breaking free, he worked as a mercenary before ultimately joining the mysterious Variety Show! Availability:

Slow Jim (MSH Classic)

Slow Jim (4C System)

Slow Jim (Marvel Saga)

Ultra Xiang: after his family was wiped out by vampires, Xiang turned his inherent psionic potential into a means to readily slay those undead monstrosities - something this young man has gotten very, very good at over the years. Availability:

Ultra Xiang (MSH Classic)

Ultra Xiang (4C System)

Ultra Xiang (Marvel Saga)

Ysen: one of the light elves of Alfheim, Ysen began to wander the planes after her people were assaulted by demons, leaving her homeless. Killing them in turn wherever she traveled, Ysen has generally become a force for good in the multiverse! Availability:

Ysen (MSH Classic)

Ysen (4C System)

Ysen (Marvel Saga)

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