Ultra Xiang

Rm 30
Ex 20
Ty 6
Ex 20
Gd 10
Rm 30
Am 50
In 40
Sh 0

In 40
Gd 10
Ty 6
Gd 10
Ty 6
Ex 20
Mn 75
Rm 30
Sh 0

Ex 20
Rm 30
Ty 6
Rm 30
Ex 20
In 40
In 40
Am 50
Sh 0



Like the rest of Mindwatch, Xiang is a psi, an otherwise normal human who has been trained in the esoteric arts of the mind. While he is physically ordinary, he's possessed of powerful, energy-based psikinetic powers, powers he typically unleashes upon the undead...!

Known Powers:

Trained Psionics (Psikinetic Powers, Traditional Student):

Telekinesis (a): his primary psikinetic ability, this art allows Xiang to manipulate objects in his environment solely with the power of his mind. He can accomplish this with Excellent (20) skill, allowing him to fling things (and people) willy-nilly if he so desires - and he does so rather often...!

Force Field (t): to protect himself in battle (and almost all the time, really), Xiang has mastered this psikinetic talent. With this Remarkable (30) ranked power, he can erect a powerful, telekinetic shell around his body, one that allows him protection as follows:

Ex 20 / Rm 30 / Pr 4 / Rm 30 / Sh 0

Levitation (s): while he cannot fly, Xiang has learned how to bluntly manipulate his body with his telekinesis. Using this psikinetic skill, he can levitate with Remarkable (30) ability, raising himself and up to a ton of additional matter into the air despite the pull of gravity.

Energy Generation (a): his ultimate surprise for vampires, Xiang has mastered the art of generating light... ultraviolet light. Xiang can use this invisible energy to inflict Incredible (40) Armor Piercing Energy damage with each blast or on touch - which is quite impressive vs the undead...

Energy Control (t): while he's not developed this Good (10) ranked power very well, Xiang can nonetheless wield it to impressive effect against vampires, striking them around corners and the like (when used in conjunction with his energy generation and energy sense powers).

Kinetic Focus (s): after an encounter with a vampire who was oddly resistant to his sun-like energies, Xiang arranged to have himself taught how to produce one of these attacks. In melee, he can strike with this power to inflict Remarkable (30) Force damage with each attack.

Limitations / Enhancements:



Stakes: Xiang carries many stakes on his person, whether or not he's currently hunting vampires. Some are wooden, some are silver, and he can use these against the blood-sucking undead to lethal effect - he's got these stashed in several highly visible places on his Mindwatch uniform.


Enemy 2: naturally, vampires don't like Xiang very much, what with his constantly depleting their numbers. Oh sure, it reduces the competition, but he doesn't discriminate, so as a whole, most vampires that maintain a society of sorts actively seek his demise to some extent.


Detective / Espionage: Xiang has been taught various methods of investigating an individual's whereabouts, their current activities, and related surveillance and infiltration tactics. He is quite adept in such, and can make related FEAT rolls at a +1 CS to the score in question.

Languages / Chinese, English, and Spanish: due to both his heritage as well as his birth nation's proximity to nations that speak tongues other than English, Xiang has learned these languages as a general matter of course, and may both speak, read and write in them fluently.

Lore: due to his rather curious background, Xiang has learned quite a lot about the obscure nature of the world, including its occult denizens. While he specializes in vampiric lore, he knows all about other mystic creatures as well, not to mention magical locales and legends.

Martial Arts types A, B, and E: Xiang's combat training allows him to make unarmed melee attacks at his Ftg (off) +1 CS, inflict Slam and Stun results regardless of the Str and End differences between him and his foe, and a +1 initiative modifier in unarmed combat.

Skill / Stakes: while he could have learned some manner of expertise in one, if not several weapons, Xiang has chosen to specialize in the use of stakes - which are mostly useful only when fighting vampires (or perhaps werewolves). He strikes with stakes at his Ftg (off) rank +1 CS.

Thrown Weapons: finally, Xiang has been schooled in the fine art of throwing lethal objects at others. While he could just fling things around with his telekinesis, he maintains this skill as a 'backup', just in case his psionics fail him. He makes thrown weapon attacks at his Agy (dex) +1 CS.


As a member of the Mindwatch organization, Xiang can naturally rely upon his fellow psis for assistance - should he prove that his efforts (and safety) are of vital interest to the psi population in general. Generally being a loner, however, Xiang rarely calls for such aid.

Despite being a loner, Xiang has become the heart of an adventuring team. This group, the Variety Show, has sort of latched onto Xiang over time, his solo act slowly growing into an organized monster hunting party - with each member having some sort of specialty foe to call their own.

This tightly-knit group would do almost anything for Xiang.


Xiang wears a modified Mindwatch uniform while adventuring, which consists of a black leather bodysuit with ample silver spikes, buckles and clasps in places. This outfit includes black boots, gloves, and a black belt, and of course his arsenal of strapped-on silver and wooden stakes.

Additionally, Xiang's leather vest (instead of the full, long-sleeved shirt/coat thing Mindwatch ops normally wear) still bears the Mindwatch emblem, which is a hologram that appears to be an eye at most angles, but will betray the image of a brain at others.


Xiang is full of hatred for the undead. Their destruction is the driving force behind the quest for vengeance that has ultimately caused him to acquire specialized, vampire-killing psi powers. Of course, he's become somewhat arrogant over time, and tends to 'show off' when hunting.

Excessively so, in fact.

Real Name: Xiang Jackson
Occupation: vampire hunter, Mindwatch operative
Legal Status: citizen of Belize with criminal records in America, Canada, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, and Nicaragua
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: Mindwatch, the Variety Show

Height: 5' 5"
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 155 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Xiang has various scars and such across his body, gained after years of amateur vampire hunting that (amazingly) didn't get him killed.


Xiang Jackson is a haunted young man.

He's been obsessed with vampires ever since his childhood, when he survived a vampire attack on his household that otherwise destroyed his entire family. He managed this because, unbeknownst to him, he was under the protection of a dark-minded Mindwatch operative.

He was being observed because members of that organization detected that, while he wasn't a natural psi, Xiang had more potential than most to learn the psychic trade. So, a Mindwatch operative was sent to watch over Xiang, but could care less about his 'mundane' relatives.

Once he was orphaned, Xiang declined this operative's offer of Mindwatch guardianship, surprising everyone by going off to seek vengeance. After six years, he'd grown up into an accomplished vampire hunter, fueled by rage and (over time) various appropriated skills.

Eventually, Xiang decided that he needed an edge in his fight against the undead though, for they were slowly growing wise to his tricks. As such, he finally accepted Mindwatch's offer, and joined their ranks as a psionic initiate. After several more years of hard work, he'd changed. Lots.

Still fueled by his need for vengeance, Xiang learned various powers that would greatly assist him in their destruction. First and foremost among these are his skills to manipulate the ultraviolet spectrum of light, which allows him to simulate daylight with the proper mix of frequencies.

Taking the name Ultra Xiang, he then left Mindwatch to resume his vendetta. He managed to take on whole groups of the monsters at once, easily slaying them to the last former-man. Over time, though, Xiang became increasingly arrogant about his slaying prowess.

He'd made a sort game out of the killing of vampires, you see. This involved getting inebriated when hunting, mostly to prove that he can still do the job 'with one hand tied behind his back'. This made Xiang somewhat sloppy though, and as such some vampires survived his hunts.

Word had thus spread about Ultra Xiang and his terrible powers, which has caused the more 'connected' and 'civilized' vampires to actively plot his demise. They almost managed it once, and would've gotten away with it save for the unintentional meddling of the insane Mos Quito.

This poor soul, a former priest who simply went mad after being turned into one of the undead (as opposed to becoming irrevocably evil) believes himself to be something of a swashbuckler, and a hunter of werewolves; he refuses to feed upon normal humans, under any circumstances.

Feeling reluctantly grateful for his rescue, Xiang has not only allowed Mos Quito to live, but he accompanied him on his own hunts, as well. This because, despite himself, Xiang actually started to like Mos Quito, and the two developed a sort of antagonistic friendship.

The strange thing is that, over time, more and more supernatural entities of one kind or another have latched onto the duo as they scour Mexico and Central America for prey. In time, this group has grown into the Variety Show, and hunt all manner of occult terrors!

Though he considers himself a loner, Ultra Xiang has inadvertently become the heart of this rag-tag team of misfits, and can't help but stick around to help the Variety Show out. After all, he knows the dark passions that fuel each of his allies on their own, personal missions...!

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