The following is a report on the activities of Mindwatch, compiled by Michelle 232 from various F.B.I. and C.I.A. documents present on her earth. I've taken the liberty of editing it for brevity and content, as well as verifying this information on our earth personally, to prevent you from encountering any... discrepancies... out on the field - Mike 013.

I've done a little digging into the nature of the reclusive group of psis known as Mindwatch over the last couple of months, and I'd like to say that I've found out quite a few interesting things concerning their operations. I can't say that everything I've uncovered is definite, of course, because I have been subject to no less than three telepathic assaults while compiling this report.

Primarily, Mindwatch is a fellowship of like minded people who, after mastering various powers inherent to the human mind, have decided to protect the uninitiated from the misuse of said powers. In other words, they are psis who police the psi population of earth, ensuring that their peers do not abuse their powers, especially in regards to the innocent masses of humanity who lack them.

Of course, C.I.A. files that I have uncovered also document a second, less known Mindwatch mission. Essentially, this subordinate policy exists to protect psis from persecution and abuse by others, whether they be ordinary humans attempting to unlock the secret of a psi's powers, or other organizations acting to counter or assimilate their abilities.

The ironic thing, though, is that these secondary missions are those that have caused the Mindwatch organization the most visibility (as much as a secret society has, that is), in that confrontations arising from their defense of psis from other, predatory organizations have often exploded spectacularly into the forefront of covert circles, and even into the mainstream press on occasion.

Regardless, though they may demonstrate a nearly fanatic zeal towards their mission at times, the men and women of Mindwatch do seem to work for the greater good, in that their efforts have spared no small number of innocents from the actions of criminal psis. In fact, unless a body has psionic powers, or is abusing someone who does, they have nothing to worry about from Mindwatch.

Save for incidental damages caused by Mindwatch's operations, of course.

The group itself is governed by a council of nine psis, one from each discipline of psionic power, and all of which are at least a master of said discipline, and possibly an overmind. Under them, of course, are a layer of intermediate authorities in the group, who actually monitor various situations across the world, and assemble Mindwatch agents for any necessary missions.

There is no special initiation or level of power which is necessary to become one of these adminstrators, merely a proven ability to get things done - and done right. As such, there's always room to move up in the organization should one be of a mind to do such a thing, although it would involve making Mindwatch one's primary concern; you see, most Mindwatch operatives lead otherwise normal lives.

They are dispersed across the earth, going about their business when not taking care of Mindwatch's. This often involves them running their own companies, doing other vigilante work, or taking care of whatever concerns them. However, when Mindwatch activates them, these powerful operatives don their distinctive leather uniforms and get down to it - and how.

While active in the field, Mindwatch operatives wear black leather bodysuits, complete with excessively strapped and studded belts, gloves, and boots. They also have, on their chest, a strange holographic emblem that looks like an eye, but betrays the image of a brain when looked upon at certain angles, and various utilitarian items that are dispersed across the uniform itself.

Mindwatch mission rosters usually consist of at least three operatives, one of which will be a telepath trained in the ability to remove recent memories from would-be witnesses in the vicinity of an operation. This way, public knowledge of psis and their activities are kept at a minimum, thus keeping Mindwatch from having to exert any more effort than is necessary to perform their mission.

They're big efficiency buffs.

Of course, the work that Mindwatch does isn't all roses. After all, when you're around to protect people from evil psis, sometimes you've got to do something with the psis whose crimes you prevent. After a team of Mindwatch agents collect a psi who they think is up to no good, he must be put on trial. This trial isn't one in a conventional sense, so much as a probe conducted by the Mindwatch leadership council.

They pool their powers to determine how much of a threat a psi is, namely by gauging his level of power, his motivations in using them against normals, and of course, how likely he or she is to be rehabilitated. If this is an option, Mindwatch will usually let such criminals off with a warning, as the threat of their action is usually enough to keep minor hucksters and such on the up and up.

Unfortunately, though, some of the psis that Mindwatch encounters are not so lucky, in that they are too dangerous to normal humanity, or simply have goals that are detrimental to the world in general, or Mindwatch in particular. As such, these people must be disposed of; now, Mindwatch in general doesn't condone executions, so such criminals are usually banished. A lot.

Since psis who warrant this fate are usually quite powerful, they must be consigned to the farthest reaches of space and time. This involves being sent to abandoned worlds in the darkest reaches of our universe, the deepest planes of existence, or even the Between itself, a chaotic blender of creation and realities that the unprepared traveler (willing or not) may never return from.

The Mindwatch group as a whole is much less merciful with those that endanger or abuse psis, though, and have gotten on the bad side of several other organizations as a result. In the defense of those with psionic powers, Mindwatch has irked the ire of the Scientific College of Frankology (concerning theonicists), the Society of Explicated Brethren (concerning psychoturges), and more.

They care not, however, who is opposed to their goal of being utmost policemen of the psionic world.

The following is a summary of the known Mindwatch operatives active in the world, either encountered by Michelle 232 on her own world or by our own agents here on earth 13. For convenience, I've also included a base 'template' of Mindwatch members, either regular ones or leader-types, so one has an idea what they'll encounter should they meet up with one of these vigilantes - Mike 013.

Known Mindwatch Leadership:

Lord Funk: originally known as Funkenstein while working with the Boogie Brigade, Omar is a Canadian empath who has gone on to become one of the leaders of the Mindwatch organization. Now known as Lord Funk, he's possibly the strongest empath on earth! Availability:

Lord Funk (MSH Classic)

Lord Funk (4C System)

Lord Funk (Marvel Saga)

Mesmeroticist: young Nancy Albrecht meant to talk to a psychologist at a high school job fair, but instead was introduced to a parapsychologist. This fellow ultimately trained her in the psipathic arts, which she uses as the enigmatic Mesmeroticist! Availability:

Mesmeroticist (MSH Classic)

Mesmeroticist (4C System)

Mesmeroticist (Marvel Saga)

Psychophant: a former bartender who taught himself telekinetic powers after a mid-life crisis, Harvey Smithsonian eventually became a psikinetic overmind, and uses his powers to not only fulfill Mindwatch's mission, but to help those in need! Availability:

Psychophant (MSH Classic)

Psychophant (4C System)

Psychophant (Marvel Saga)

Known Mindwatch Operatives:

AceTone: possessing the natural gift of strength enhancement, Yuki was taken in by Mindwatch after her powers went out of control. Soon after she got them under control, she began work on mastering metapsi powers as a part-time Mindwatch agent! Availability:

AceTone (MSH Classic)

AceTone (4C System)

AceTone (Marvel Saga)

Brainrave: a telepath with a severe electronica fetish, Comyna is a happy go lucky adventurer whether or not she's currently working with Mindwatch. She's as likely to go clubbing as she is stomping on Mindwatch's enemies, mind you. Availability:

Brainrave (MSH Classic)

Brainrave (4C System)

Brainrave (Marvel Saga)

Deion: a former sociologist who truly hates his fellow man, Andy is a curious would-be god - deities usually have to mollify large numbers of people, you know. Being in it solely for personal satisfaction, Andy may just manage his goal after all. Availability:

Deion (MSH Classic)

Deion (4C System)

Deion (Marvel Saga)

Mágico: after being targeted for death by the Proxies of Pleb due to his faerie ancestry, Pete was rescued by Nonce - who then took him in. Due to his unique abilities, Nonce then ensured Pete was trained in the use of his natural magical prowess! Availability:

Mágico (MSH Classic)

Mágico (4C System)

Mágico (Marvel Saga)

Mindgame: with a heritage of psychic prowess and criminal justice in her veins, Tamara 'Tammy' Jones is the terror of the Atlanta, Georgia underworld. They killed her entire family, after all, so she does her level best to murder them all in turn! Availability:

Mindgame (MSH Classic)

Mindgame (4C System)

Mindgame (Marvel Saga)

Nonce: a life-long victim of tyranny, Clark is bent on preventing new ones from forming. This is why he acts as a B.A.H. 'mole' within Mindwatch's ranks, working hard to keep them from turning their considerable power against humanity. Availability:

Nonce (MSH Classic)

Nonce (4C System)

Nonce (Marvel Saga)

Time Out: Janet Claymore was an incredibly bored young woman - until she manifested a natural ability to tranquilize everyone around her. After being subsequently recruited by two separate vigilante organization, she's since made up for her lack of excitement! Availability:

Time Out (MSH Classic)

Time Out (4C System)

Time Out (Marvel Saga)

Ultra Xiang: after his family was wiped out by vampires, Xiang turned his inherent psionic potential into a means to readily slay those undead monstrosities - something this young man has gotten very, very good at over the years. Availability:

Ultra Xiang (MSH Classic)

Ultra Xiang (4C System)

Ultra Xiang (Marvel Saga)

Xacatecas José: dropping out of school because his intellect made it painfully boring, José eventually made his way into Mindwatch, who put all that untapped mental potential to good use as a student of the telekinetic arts! Availability:

Xacatecas José (MSH Classic)

Xacatecas José (4C System)

Xacatecas José (Marvel Saga)

Rogue Mindwatch Operatives:

the Seven Dimensional Man: Horace Bison was one of Mindwatch's most arrogant - yet most effective - field operatives. His hubris ultimately got him booted from the group when he used his powers on a fellow Mindwatcher for personal gain. Availability:

the Seven Dimensional Man (MSH Classic)

the Seven Dimensional Man (4C System)

the Seven Dimensional Man (Marvel Saga)

Typical Mindwatch Operatives:

Mindwatch Agents (Typical): this is a generalized description of Mindwatch operatives one may encounter in the field. Some have different abilities and/or skills than indicated here, but this serves as a handy 'template' of sorts for these vigilantes. Availability:

Mindwatch Agents (Typical, MSH Classic)

Mindwatch Agents (Typical, 4C System)

Mindwatch Agents (Typical, Marvel Saga)

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