Xacatecas Josť

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Like most of his Mindwatch fellows, Xacatecas Josť is an otherwise ordinary human being who, thanks to years of intensive training, has unlocked abilities within his mind and body that were already present - but just dormant. He focuses on the psikinetic aspect of this power.

Known Powers:

Trained Psionics (Psikinetic Powers, Traditional Student):

Telekinesis (a): core of the psikinetic discipline, this power represents Josť's ability to move objects with his mind. He wields this power at rank value 40, allowing him to handle ten tons of material as he sees fit, as if manipulating it with his own two hands.

Force Field (t): his sole defensive power, this talent affords Josť the ability to surround himself with a bubble of pure mental force. This rank value 40 power has saved his life more times than he can count, and provides him the following breakdown of defensive capability:

RV 30 / RV 40 / RV 6 / RV 40 / RV 0

Levitation (s): while he cannot fly, Josť can lift himself with his telekinetic power. He can do this at rank value 30, allowing him to move in a vertical fashion at will, along with up to a ton of additional material. He is vulnerable to high wind currents when doing so, however.

Energy Generation (a): his favorite power, this psikinetic art is the one that Josť has developed to the fullest. Working at rank value 40, he can use this power to generate various forms of energy. He originally mastered the generation of fire, allowing him to inflict SD Energy damage.

However, he's worked with this power extensively, and mastered three power stunts thus far. These stunts allow him to generate light (to inflict Force or Energy damage), sound (to inflict Stunning Force or Energy damage), and even electricity (to inflict Stunning Energy damage).

Energy Control (t): his second favorite power, Josť has developed this power almost as well as he has his energy generation art. He started using this power to control fire at rank value 30, but has since learned power stunts to control light and electricity as well.

A secondary stunt of his ability to control light is his exceptionally dangerous knack for generating coherent beams of light. He can use these lasers to inflict Armor Piercing Energy damage with each blast, though he has to be simultaneously generating light to pull this trick off.

Limitations / Enhancements:



Psion Knuckles: made for him by Nonce, a supersi friend of his, this item gives Josť surprising melee prowess. It began as an ordinary set of brass knuckles - though they're actually stainless steel, not brass - which Nonce then went to work on. And how!

While Nonce enhanced the knuckles' inherent m.v. considerably - to m.v. 75 - the main feature that he installed in this personal weapon is a sort of psionic energy conversion. Whenever Josť punches someone with this item, the damage he inflicts is Karmic in nature, not Bashing.




Languages / English, Portuguese and Spanish: as a Mexican native, Josť can naturally read, write and speak Spanish fluently. However, he has found it worth his while to study additional languages, and has added both English and Portuguese to his repertoire.

Martial Arts style B: while he was a decent fighter even before he hooked up with Mindwatch, Josť polished his melee skills considerably once he joined that vigilante outfit. He can make unarmed melee attacks (or attacks using his psion knuckles) at his Melee score +1 RS.

Trance: the other non-powered talent that Josť picked up from Mindwatch is his ability to feign death. He can slow his respiration and heart rate to the point that he appears dead, and will fool any casual observer that cannot pass a blue Awareness ACT to detect his ruse.


Josť is a member of Mindwatch, a far-reaching, yet highly secretive vigilante organization determined to protect the psi populace from those which would use or abuse them. Since he's somewhat ambivalent where the law is concerned, he also has various contacts in Criminal circles.


Josť doesn't really have one. He tends to wear the standard Mindwatch uniform, but cutting loose with his fire generation usually coats his body in flames, thus destroying anything he's carrying (besides his psion knuckles). When he is clothed, however, Josť wears the following.

His standard Mindwatch uniform primarily consists of a shiny black leather bodysuit, one thick with metal spikes, clasps, and buckles. It includes shiny black leather boots, black leather gloves, a black leather belt, and the Mindwatch eye/mind hologram emblem on the chest of his body suit.


Josť, or Xacatecas Josť, as he prefers to be called, is something of an egotist. He is supremely confident his psionics will carry him through most situations, and is genuinely surprised when they don't. This causes him to sulk until he can, in his own eyes, redeem himself in psionic combat.

Real Name: Josť Vallejo
Occupation: Mindwatch operative
Legal Status: citizen of Mexico with no known criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: Josť used to call himself Zacatecas Josť, but thinks the 'X' in his current alias is 'cooler'
Group Affiliation: Mindwatch

Height: 6' 1"
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 175 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Josť wears his hair very... tall. He uses his telekinesis to prop it up in the air in a sort of cylindrical fashion, and it's over a foot long. This makes him look a bit odd, but he likes it. He also wears a full goatee, though it takes some time to grow in.


Josť was a rather bright kid who grew up in the city and state of Zacatecas, Mexico. He was body-proud and virtually fearless, and over time grew bored with school, as it was moving much slower than his own mind was. By the time he was thirteen he quit to do his own thing.

Though he could've began a life of crime, and was in fact on his way towards doing so, Josť was saved from a dead end existence by a strange man he met one day. This fellow was a powerful psi, a man who had trained his mind in the mental arts until he could wield fantastic powers.

Although this guy was not a member of Mindwatch, he nonetheless recommended that they take Josť under their wing, for he had startling potential - after all, he was considered too smart for his own good by virtually everyone. Interviewing the youth, Mindwatch indeed took him in.

Josť didn't think too much of Mindwatch at first - at least, not until he saw a bunch of them practicing their psionics on each other. This instantly sold him on the idea, and Josť subsequently bent all of his energies towards unlocking his own inherent potential.

He followed a path of psikinetic study upon figuring out what he wanted, and quickly began to master various aspects of its power. Of course, once he learned how to generate and control energy, Josť's studies abruptly stopped, for he'd decided that he didn't need any more schooling.

Josť is content to simply develop his energy powers to their fullest, to have an uncanny variety of attack forms to pummel an opponent with. He's learned how to generate and control three thus far, and works on more in-between special missions for the Mindwatch group.

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