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Like all members of Mindwatch, Yuki is a psi, a young lady who has trained hard to acquire a mastery of psionic power - power over her own body, in Yuki's case. Unlike most Mindwatch members though, Yuki also has a natural psionic, one she possessed even before joining the group.

Known Powers:

Natural Psionics (Superpsi Powers):

Ability Boost (s): Yuki's sole natural psi power, this ability manifested within her at an early age. It allows her to increase her ordinary Brawn significantly, raising it to rank value 50. This vast Brawn enhancement lasts for 1d10 turns.

Unlike most individuals with this ability however, Yuki's ability boost has a down side. When the power is activated, her Intellect score will drop down to rank value 2 while her Brawn is so enhanced, limiting her ability to make proper use of it.

Trained Psionics (Metapsionic Powers, Traditional Student):

Shapechange (a): upon joining Mindwatch, Yuki decided to master a physical discipline of power, and learned how to change her shape at her leisure. She can assume different forms with rank value 20 ability, though she cannot, with this power, alter her inherent mass or power set any.

Density Control (t): this metapsi talent allows Yuki to dramatically increase her mass with rank value 30 ability, multiplying her weight by thirty while this power is active. In her case, this will raise Yuki's weight to 4,050 pounds (just over two tons).

Imaginary Mass (s): alternately, Yuki can reflexively alter her apparent mass in response to external stimuli, doing so with rank value 50 skill. In other words, she can provide up to fifty tons of resistance to any force attempting to move her (like telekinetic manipulation, etc...).

Energy Absorption (a): Yuki can absorb rank value 20 amounts of energy at one time, and can store up to 100 points within her body - energy she can use to replenish lost Health, make boosts to her physical ability scores for 1d10 turns, or even to fire energy blasts!

Corrosion (t): a more offensive capability than most of her other psionics, this talent allows Yuki to inflict grievous damage upon objects made from inorganic materials. She can dissolve inorganic compounds with rank value 30 ability, or organic materials with rank value 4 power.

Resistance Aura (s): this metapsi skill offers Yuki power rank value (40) resistance to any form of damage she has studied - each one counting as one maintained power. Thus far she has demonstrated resistance to fire, electricity and psi bolts.

Limitations / Enhancements:



Baseball Bat: made from Invium, an m.v. 200 material, this metal implement allows Yuki to inflict her Brawn value +1 RS in Bashing damage in melee, if she's currently smart enough to remember she has it; her ability boost power tends to mess that up some...!


Attractive: Yuki has worked for years to perfect her body, and is a famous fitness model in Japan. Though not super strong she's in incredible shape, so Yuki should receive a +1 RS to Repute ACTs regarding people who like female fitness models.

High Pain Threshold: in addition to her natural psi power, Yuki is particularly capable of taking punishment. Pain barely fazes her, and she can make ACTs to resist such, not to mention make checks against Concuss results, at +2 RS to the ability in question.


Languages / English, French and Japanese: in addition to being a famous fitness competitor, Yuki is also somewhat good with languages. She can speak in all three of these languages, not to mention read and write, and she's contemplating learning a fourth as well!

Martial Arts style B: though she usually prefers to wield her Invium baseball bat in combat, Yuki has learned how to fight weaponless - she never knows when some telekinetic will swipe her Invium toy. She can make all unarmed attack rolls at her Melee +1 RS.

Skill / Bat: this talent was chosen by Yuki to better take advantage of her power set - it increases her ability to smash others. When wielding baseball bats, or other club-like objects, Yuki may do so as though her Melee was +1 RS in rank value.

Sports / Fitness: more than just a gym bunny, Yuki has trained for years to perfect her physical form, stretching it as far as it could go without psi powers; the idea was that if her body was perfect before using psionics, then its efficiency while doing so should be even better!

Trance: finally, Yuki has learned how to drop her body into a nigh-deceased state, one where her heart and respiratory rates drop to nearly nil. She can do this to meditate deeply or to fake her own death, and others must pass a blue Awareness ACT to determine if she's alive or dead.


Yuki is a powerful member of Mindwatch, thanks to both her natural psionic and her intense training in the metapsi arts - she's likely to become a master within a short amount of time. This makes her valuable to the organization, who appreciates her raw might on missions.


Yuki usually wears a stretch fabric costume due to the size changes she experiences when using her ability boost. It includes black Spandex ™ shorts, a black Spandex ™ tank top, black leather boots, and her Mindwatch holographic badge - held on a thin white belt.


Yuki is an upbeat, easy-going, and enlightened young lady. She strives for physical perfection for her own, personal satisfaction - not to impress others. Her powers have allowed her to shatter all her physical preconceptions of other beings, and she only judges people by their actions.

The only problem this smart young woman has is when she uses her natural psionic - her brains shrink proportionately to her increase in brawn. As such, she tries not to rely on this power, for fear of growing so dim-witted that she'll do something she regrets.

Real Name: Yuki Haiku
Occupation: professional fitness model, professional vigilante
Legal Status: citizen of Japan with no known criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: Mindwatch, former member of the Posse Pillory

Height: 5' 3"
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 135 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: other than being in amazingly good shape, none.


Yuki Haiku is a young Japanese woman who was noticed by Mindwatch operatives after an explosive public display of her suddenly manifesting, natural psionic in school one day. Luckily for her, nobody seemed to realize that it was Yuki who was thrashing about the place in a manic rage.

Sending in a team of experienced ops, the Mindwatch hierarchy managed to collect Yuki before she could do any permanent damage (nobody died, in other words), and neutralized her powers until such a time as she could learn to use them without causing so much havoc.

This took a short while, during which time Yuki decided that if she had the natural power to increase her strength, it could only be amplified if she was in the best possible physical shape she could be. This idea morphed over time, when Yuki abandoned strength training for aerobic fitness.

This helped her build great endurance, and the intense physical training helped Yuki come to terms with her power. When this was done, a few days after she'd graduated from high school, Yuki was invited to join Mindwatch as a student of the mental arts - a metapsi, to be precise.

Seeing the ability to greatly enhance her physical prowess, as well as an opportunity to help those who helped her in her hour of need, Yuki readily agreed. She then began training intensely with Mindwatch's best instructors, and learned all the skills she needed to get started.

Soon after, Yuki began to master one metapsionic after another, and seems to be one of the group's fastest learners. She also proved to be a very capable operative, as long as someone points her in the right direction while she's functioning at maximum strength.

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