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3 (17)


As are most other members of Mindwatch, Comyna is a psi, an otherwise normal human who has been trained in the esoteric arts of the psionic world. While she is physically ordinary, per se, she's possessed of potent telepathic powers - powers she has no qualms about using whatsoever.


Trained Psionics (Psipathic Powers, Traditional Student)

Telepathy (a) (w): the core of her psionics, this power represents Comyna's ability to achieve true mind to mind contact. She can use this power to create a two-way telepathic conversation with intensity 15 skill, though each doubling of people involved reduces its intensity by 1.

Linguistics (t) (i): this handy talent allows Comyna to pick up quite a few different languages, allowing her to easily assimilate into dozens of cultures when necessary (her shiny fashion sense notwithstanding). This intensity 20 power allows her to master up to 20 extra languages.

Combat Edge (s) (w): Comyna can use this psipathic skill to gain an edge against opponents in battle. It grants her a +2 on all combat actions when used on a target after three exchanges of study (or one if studied before). This is an intensity 10 power.

Psi Bolt (a) (w): this devastating art allows Comyna to focus her energies into a devastating attack. When used against a hapless foe, this power will inflict intensity 13 damage if she passes an easy Psi Bolt (willpower) action - though most non-psis may have some trouble with this...

Forgetfulness (t) (w): using this nifty psipathic talent, Comyna can sort of 'blank' the memories of another, the better to avoid notice with. With this intensity 12 ability, Comyna can delete up to twelve minutes of someone's memories on an average difficulty Forgetfulness (willpower) action.

Mesmerism (s) (w): thanks to this potent ability, Comyna can momentarily co-opt the will of others. If she can overcome someone's Willpower with this intensity 13 power, Comyna can coerce them into performing a specific action, or alternately implant a post-hypnotic suggestion.

Hindrances / Augmentations:



Handgun (a): since she doesn't have any physical powers to speak of, Comyna typically carries a small semi-automatic pistol with her while adventuring. This firearm can be used to inflict +4 physical damage in a single shot, enhanced to +5 damage in a semi-automatic burst of gunfire.


Acrobatics (a): enhancing her chosen lifestyle and her fighting form, this talent represents Comyna's natural agility. Thanks to this skill, she can tumble gracefully and lower the difficulty of actions meant to reduce falling damage - and looks amazing on the dance floor!

Espionage (i): despite her impulsive mindset, Comyna has been trained in the fine art of espionage to an extent. She's quite competent in digging up little clues regarding a person or group, though when she messes up she tends to rely upon her telepathy...

Languages (i): thanks to her handy linguistics power, Comyna has mastered a very large battery of, well, languages. She can fluently read, write and speak Chinese, English, Farsi, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Swedish, Spanish, Swahili, and Yiddish.

Marksmanship (a): while she only carries a 'small' piece with her on missions, Comyna has been trained in the proper use of all manner of firearms. She can competently wield any standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifle or pistol, at a reduced difficulty level.

Martial Arts (a): Comyna has been trained in multiple fighting forms. She can use either her Strength or Agility in unarmed melee combat (even for the purposes of trumping), and may lower the difficulty of actions meant to reduce falling damage by one difficulty level - not bad, eh?


As a member of Mindwatch in good standing, Comyna can rely upon them for assistance in a pinch - the group does value its more competent membership. She's also on rather good terms with a few members of the Electronicists League - they like how she dances to their music.


Youthful Exuberance: while she's in her twenties, Comyna hasn't quite grown up. She still lives life day by day, squeezing every last bit of joy that she can out of it - regardless of her current situation. She thrills in the use of her powers for good - or at least Mindwatch's interests.


When she's adventuring, Comyna wears a black, sleeveless bodysuit under a black leather jacket with a Mindwatch hologram badge on the left breast. Her trademark dress component, however, is a pair of silver knee-high boots that shimmer as though they were a rainbow hologram.


Comyna is quite smart despite her loopy, 'scatterbrained' demeanor. Of course, she does tend to mix up her priorities some, which gets her in trouble while she's in more restrictive countries. However, she prefers to do things her own way, and is quite stubborn in that regard.

Real Name: Comyna Smythe
Occupation: drifter, occasional Mindwatch operative
Legal Status: citizen of Ireland with a criminal record in Italy and Spain, wanted in Iran, Iraq and Jordan for various 'crimes'
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: quite a few
Group Affiliation: Mindwatch

Height: 5'
Hair: (bright) orange
Eyes: green
Weight: 97 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Comyna is possessed of a plethora of freckles pretty much everywhere.


While one wouldn't guess it at first, Comyna's actually quite smart - and has a penchant for getting things done. This is why, though she was happy to live her life out in the discothèques of Dublin, she was recruited by a visionary member of Mindwatch into the group's fold.

Though she'd have preferred to master telekinesis, to share her internal sounds and lights with the world, Comyna was instead steered towards a subtler path by her new benefactors. Looking into her soul, they determined that she'd be great at intelligence gathering.

After all, her stubborn, yet curiously vague personality helps her to blend into various cultures and situations, and where her natural charms and skills might fail her, telepathic prowess would not. As such, she set to for several years, and learned the ins and outs of the psipathic discipline.

Though she never bothered to actually master her art, per se, Comyna feels that she's learned all the powers she needs at this stage in her life, so she's taken it upon herself to see the world. Drifting about from one city to the next, she uses her powers to simply... exist within them.

She tends to live in a single city for a week at a time, seeing what there is to see, meeting who there is to meet, and naturally checking out all the techno clubs she can root out. Most of the time, this doesn't cause her any trouble, but she's managed to get arrested on many occasions.

And then there's all the trouble she got into while in the Mideast. Since she refuses to change her clothing for anyone, her typical skin-tight outfits have earned her stonings and death sentences in a few countries, though she's managed to avoid them by simply disappearing.

Of course, Comyna's antics almost got her killed once, thanks to a particularly fanatic telepath then in the employ of Iraqi intelligence. With her mental strength and sheer gumption though, she managed to shake this fellow - though the experience has opened Comyna's eyes somewhat.

This is one reason Mindwatch decided that bringing Comyna into the fold was ultimately a good idea. Since she wanders about, randomly finding her way into trouble, Comyna has a tendency to root out threats to Mindwatch that even their most ardent research has failed to uncover.

The Mindwatch 'elders' further value her because she doesn't have a problem dropping whatever she's doing (which doesn't really amount to much) to join any mission they have in mind for her. As such, it's quite easy to run into Comyna on a task just about anywhere on earth.

And rarely off-world, as well...!

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