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Harvey Smithsonian is the Psychophant, a former bartender who taught himself the science of psikinetics! An overmind of this form of psionic power, Harvey uses his abilities to help others, whether his fellow Mindwatch operatives or even ordinary, mundane humans who require it!


Trained Psionics (Psikinetic Powers, Traditional Overmind):

A master psikineticist even before Mindwatch discovered his existence, Harvey has benefited from the additional educational resources this organization provided him. Now an overmind of this form of psionics, Harvey has a vast array of powers at his beck and call.

Harvey may wield undeveloped psikinetic arts at intensity 3, undeveloped psikinetic talents at intensity 4, and undeveloped psikinetic skills at intensity 5. Those abilities which he has developed fully function at a much higher level, and include the following:

Telekinesis (a) (i): core of the psikinetic discipline of power, Horace can wield this ability with intensity 14 ability. It allows him to move up to ten tons of material, as if he possessed a like Strength score, anywhere within far missile distance of his person.

Flight (t) (a): having dreamt of flight since his mid-life crisis began, Horace has taught himself how to fly. He may do so with intensity 7 ability under his own power, which is approximately 240 miles per hour (if not aiding such with his flight boots).

Clairtouchence (s) (w): in addition to being able to move matter in his vicinity, Horace can sense things by feel - even without touching them! This extrasensory ability functions at intensity 15, and works at a range beyond his visual acuity (10,000 miles).

Psychometry (w): curiously, Horace can handle inanimate matter and gain valuable insights into how it was used previously... and by who. This art functions for Horace with intensity 15 ability, allowing him to probe its last fifteen uses by others.

Force Field (t) (i): one of his most conspicuous powers, Horace can generate shimmering blue force fields at will. He usually protects everyone within near missile distance with these intensity 14 (+3) protective bubbles, which makes being by him the safest place one can be!

Power Dampening (s) (i): a second layer of protection should things get desperate, Horace can actively reduce the intensity of any energies within Near distance of his person. Functioning at intensity 15, this power may thus attenuate energies within far missile distance of his person.

Psychokinesis (a) (i): on the other hand, Horace may instead transform potential energy within a target into kinetic energy - with explosive effects! This causes either explosions (inanimate matter) or exit wound-like injuries, with intensity 13 ability.

Force Blast (t) (i): his favorite attack by far, Horace can use this ability to launch a blue bolt of purely concussive energy at a foe. This assault inflicts intensity 16 force damage with each potent blast, which may well shove a foe rather far away from Horace.

Object Weakening (s): used in concert with his force blast, this ability to weaken the molecular structure of most any substance allows Horace to easily and quickly wreck anything. It works with intensity 14 power, on any object within near missile distance of Horace.

Hindrances / Augmentations:



Flight Boots (a): built for him by a technopsionic acquaintance, these boots allow Harvey to fly at truly astounding speeds. While his own flight is currently limited to a 'mere' intensity 7, these boots enhance his air speed to Mach 1 (intensity 10 flight)!

Power Gauntlets (s): seriously? These oversized metal gauntlets don't actually do anything. Harvey just likes how they look. Though in a pinch, they can be used to inflict his Strength +2 in bashing damage, I suppose. They have a m.s. of 13.


Aerial Combat (a): as he spends most of his time in the air, even if only a few inches off the ground, Harvey has learned how to fight while airborne. He may attempt any combat action while in the air at one difficulty level lower than is usually necessary!

Martial Arts (a): Harvey is well versed in using the offensive energies of others against them. He may resolve melee attacks at a reduced difficulty, and may attempt actions to dodge incoming attacks or to catch thrown weapons with like ease.

Service (w): a former bartender, Harvey was served well by this skill, which was a natural urge to help others coupled with years of experience in doing so. He's always got an ear to lend another, and should he lose his powers somehow, always has a fallback.


Harvey is one of the nine overminds charged with the leadership of Mindwatch, subordinate only to its mysterious founder, the nigh-immortal omnimind known as Iomni. This alone gives him access to a veritable army of psionic activists with which to pursue his various agendas.

As a veritable super hero amongst Mindwatch's membership however, Harvey can usually depend on a small gang of psis who cheerfully follow his every command. This group hails from various disciplines, and share his belief that psis have a responsibility to aid those in need.


Responsibility of Power: Harvey's always trying to help others. Even before he acquired his psikinetics, he did his best to aid his fellow man. Of course, now he can do so on a much greater scale - and inspires his fellow Mindwatch operatives to do the same.


One word to describe Harvey would be 'ostentatious'.

He does not stick to any one costume when adventuring, though most of his looks tend to carry a common theme or two. Primarily, he favors cyan and black in his super heroic gear, whether he's wearing Spandex ™, a business suit, or any number of high tech accessories.

Sometimes this will vary however, in that Harvey has been known to adopt an alternate color scheme, which includes gold and neon pink (or one of the two accented with black). He often has versions of his extant, blue and black costumes that bear these eye-piercing colors.

Invariably though, Harvey will have a pair of stylish (at least, to him) eye wear on hand when adventuring. Whether he's sporting mundane Oakley ™ sunglasses, laboratory goggles, or even massive mirrored mad scientist visors, Harvey's eyes are almost never directly visible.

He kind of likes it that way.


Whether tending bar or fighting crime, Harvey Smithsonian always wants to help others - which may be why he chose his particularly super heroic alias. He's been known to burst into a crime scene and ask any number of victims 'Can I Help You?', which tends to confuse everyone present.

But helping others is what truly gives him joy. Whether he's listening to someone cry their heart out or flinging a villain into the next area code with a force blast, Harvey always acts in a fashion which will allow him to do deeds that augment the greater good.

Real Name: Harvey Smithsonian
Occupation: vigilante ringleader, former bartender
Legal Status: citizen of the United Kingdom with no known criminal record
Marital Status: divorced
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: Mindwatch

Height: 6' 3"
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Weight: 199 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Harvey wears his hair long, tall and spiky, making him appear much taller than he really is.


Long ago, a freshly divorced bartender by the name of Harvey Smithsonian was feeling like he needed a change in his life, and found himself repeatedly subject to flights of fancy. Or at least highly involved daydreams, many of which involved him 'flying away' to a better place.

He began to meditate intently on the idea of moving himself solely with the power of his mind. However, the thought occurred to him that perhaps, if his body were as fit as were physically possible, he might uncover the mental abilities a book found at a second hand store told him he had.

Pushing his body as hard as he could, Harvey developed a powerful physique. This did help him in his psychic endeavors, as Harvey was less inclined to stop what he was concentrating on to eat a bag of crisps. Or two. Or perhaps have six beers after his shift at the pub.

No matter how hard he tried to push himself however, Harvey couldn't seem to move himself - or anything else for that matter - with the power of his gray matter. At least until one fateful night, when some fool attempted to rob his bar with a machete and a hostage.

Feeling time seemingly slow down when the situation turned critical, Harvey reached out with his thoughts... and managed to draw his assailant's blade from his hand! Watching his blade fly through the air from his hand into Harvey's, said robber fled - never to return!

Knowing that he was on the right track, Harvey began to wander the streets of London, looking for trouble. Each time he found himself adjacent to or in the thick of a crisis situation, Harvey was increasingly able to exert control over matter with his mind. It was easier each time!

Working to develop his prowess, Harvey slowly mastered a wide array of psikinetic abilities. His work was slow going, in that he lacked a proper mentor in the psionic arts, but Harvey persevered nonetheless. He'd proven what others thought impossible, after all, so why quit now?

By the time he reached his fiftieth birthday, Harvey had finally mastered the psikinetic discipline of power, and took it upon himself to celebrate his success properly. And it was on that auspicious day that he was approached by a secretive group that identified itself as Mindwatch.

They were impressed that Harvey had not only mastered telekinesis all on his own, but that he hadn't used this powers for personal gain. No, Harvey had in fact been moonlighting as a super-powered vigilante of sorts, having taken on the inexplicable name of Psychophant!

Telling him what they were all about, in that they were a sort of police force designed to protect the world from psis - and vice versa - Mindwatch's operatives successfully recruited Harvey into their ranks... where he quickly grew to great prominence.

With actual tutelage aiding his study of the psikinetic arts at last, Harvey became a true overmind of his chosen discipline in no time... and one of Mindwatch's ringleaders shortly thereafter. This because he was already inclined to use his powers to help defend others when necessary.

Unlike some of Mindwatch's more selfish leadership, such as Lord Funk, Psychophant actively works to further the group's interests in the field. He's even developed a small following of Mindwatch idealists who help him to protect the downtrodden, whether or not they are menaced by psis.

And Iomni, the founder of Mindwatch itself, couldn't be more proud of Harvey!

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