the Vigilantes of Variant Earth 13

Somewhat different from the groups noted as heroes, vigilantes often possess a stated mission - and an extensive organization that allows them to fulfill that mission. These groups often break the law significantly to do so, making them little better than the threats they combat - but can often rationalize this criminal behavior for what they perceive to be the greater good. They include:

Direct Action Americans: this highly motivated squad of thugs, hit-men, and generally paranoid individuals believe that it is their solemn duty to protect America from that they perceive to be threats to its Way of Life. Of course, to protect their charge from these threats, they seem hell-bent on causing as much damage and mayhem as possible in the process.

Mindwatch: the self-appointed police force of the psionic world, Mindwatch does everything it can to protect mere normals from the use and abuse of psi powers. To this end, they train their own force of psionic policemen, and have developed impressive psitech that can be utilized to combat and neutralize psi powers - half of which is fully sentient in its own right...!

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