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Omar Groud was originally an otherwise ordinary human, until intense training of the mind, body and spirit made him psi-active. A powerful empath, Omar has mastered every power within that discipline, and is thus an empathic overmind - which has visibly changed his body!

Known Powers:

Trained Psionics (Empathic Powers, Overmind):

Having worked on this discipline for the majority of his lifetime, Omar has finally evolved into an empathic overmind. He wields all the powers in this psionic discipline, though he favors those listed below - he's worked them to a higher than normal power level.

Empathy (a): cornerstone of the empathic discipline of power, this art allows Omar to sense the innermost feelings of others with value 75 ease. He may also transmit his emotional state to others if desired, doing either within Middle range of his person.

Empathic Hammer (t): by randomly altering the emotional states of others with astonishing frequency, Omar can cause them considerable psychic harm. This power inflicts Karmic damage against those who fail an Awareness ACT roll against its rank value of 50.

Healing / Others (s): Omar is a rank value 100 healer. He can restore that much lost Health to a person in one fell swoop. This works by flooding the target's body with essential energies, and may only be done once per day without ill effect on others.

Regeneration / Self (a): to avoid metabolic overload, Omar recovers from lost Health with this power instead of a conventional healing. Functioning at rank value 50, this art restores five (5) points of lost Health to Omar each turn.

Cancer (t): a rather hideous use of essential energies, this power heals and supercharges cancer cells in the body of its target. Those who fail an Fortitude ACT roll against its rank value of 40 suffer like SD Metabolic damage on each application.

Recovery (s): in addition to being able to repair direct damage suffered by others, Omar may heal trait and power value losses. Unless it was caused by metabolic overload, Omar may restore up to fifty points of lost trait or power points with this rank value 50 power per day.

Resurrection (a): a master of life, Omar has the ability to restore it to those who have passed! He can perform this awesome feat with rank value 50 skill, doing so in two steps: first he must repair a deceased body, and then he must recover its missing anima.

Death Ray (t): Omar is also a master of death, as well. He may fire a beam of anti-life energies at anyone within Near distance who irks his ire, a beam which will inflict rank value 40 Metabolic damage with each entropic strike.

Decontamination (s): this skill is useful for removing the taint of anti-life energies - namely those involved with the undead. The power inflicts rank value 30 Metabolic damage to undead beings directly, and can prevent the living from becoming undead with like power.

Other Empathic Powers: thanks to his overmind status, Omar actually has all of the known empathic powers, but the ones listed above are his personal favorites. He has the other empathic arts at rank value 6, talents at rank value 10, and skills at rank value 20.

Limitations / Enhancements:



Cane: Omar carries a funky, oversized cane on him at all times. It is made from titanium steel, and is topped with a mirrored disco ball about two inches in diameter. This item has an effective material value of 75, and can inflict Omar's Brawn +1 RS per strike.


Paranoia: while many Mindwatch operatives are paranoid, Omar has good reason to be. He's on the bad side of the Bureau of Ascendant Humans, and fears they might come to 'collect' him at any moment. He must pass a Willpower ACT roll at -2 RS to implicitly trust anyone.


Martial Arts styles A, B and E: Omar can put up a good fight even without his considerable powers. In unarmed combat, he can Pound or Concuss a foe regardless of his comparative Brawn or Fortitude scores, and receives both a +1 RS to hit and a +1 initiative modifier.

Skill / Staff: as his personal weapon is an oversized cane with a disco ball on top, Omar has learned how to wield this thing effectively in combat. He makes melee attacks with his cane, not to mention other, similar weapons, at his Melee trait +1 RS.

Trance: Omar can slow his bodily processes to the point that he enters a deep trance - and appears dead. Those viewing him in this state must pass a blue Awareness ACT to determine if he's alive or not. While in a trance, Omar has a minimal need for food, water, and air.


As one of the ten leaders of Mindwatch, Omar can readily rely upon the group for assistance in a pinch; after all, he's done more for them than they can ever hope to repay. He's also on relatively good terms with his fellows in the first Boogie Brigade - those who still live, anyway.


Omar doesn't go for the standard Mindwatch theme. He does wear leather pants, but they have faded to gray from age. He complements this with a rainbow tie-dye shirt, a well-worn pair of old, brown leather sandals, and a pair of smoky, round-rimmed sunglasses.


Omar keeps his feelings close to the vest, since he's so used to sensing everyone else's emotions all the time. He generally tries to do the right thing, but there's an adage about absolute power, and sometimes Omar thinks that other people ought to more readily do what he asks of them...!

Real Name: Omar Groud
Occupation: Mindwatch administrator
Legal Status: citizen of Canada with no known criminal record
Marital Status: married
Alias(es), if any: Funkenstein (his original 'hero' name back in the Day)
Group Affiliation: the Boogie Brigade, Mindwatch

Height: 6'
Hair: golden
Eyes: golden
Weight: 175 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Omar's hair and eyes are golden in color, though both his eyes and afro were originally brown. Psionic abilities normally don't leave a visible, permanent mark on their wielder, but Omar's extreme power seems to have done just that.


Omar's story began back in the '60s, during a micro-bus road trip to the States one day. There he and his ride fell victim to a freak happenstance (not Freakenstance, mind you), caused by a rogue psi. Luckily for Omar, the psionic vigilantes known to few as Mindwatch were on the scene.

Though Omar lived, he was seriously injured due to the rampage that Mindwatch's unnamed foe caused. He might have died if not for the intervention of a Mindwatch empath, who healed him up amazingly fast - with the mere snap of her fingers! Omar was fascinated by this act.

Fascinated so much that he had to know more. Though his saviors split with their captive foe, Omar started digging around for information on this mysterious group, and after two years his research took him to Tibet. There, he met the psis in their home, and asked them to teach him.

To transform him into an empath! Reading his mind, Mindwatch's leaders saw how much he knew about them, as well as his burning desire to do good with the power he sought. As such, they brought him into the fold, and allowed one of their number to take Omar under her wing.

Fast forward several years, and Omar had become a master empath. Wielding spectacular power, he returned to Canada, at which point he adopted a code name and fought crime. Toronto, Ontario had not seen the likes of Funkenstein, and he started to make a name for himself.

That's how Disco Head found him.

You see, that high tech innovator had run afoul of Gerald R. Ford, who was apparently possessed of demonic powers, and needed help in defeating the villain. Not an easy task, considering that a lot of people disinclined to take on the President of the United States.

Sensing that Disco Head was sincere in his claims, Omar decided to join his crusade, and became a member of the Boogie Brigade. When that group was assembled, they launched an assault on the White House, but were quickly beaten back by the leadership of the newly formed B.A.H.

This group, and ultra-secretive government agency built to deal with the threat of super-human beings, took the Boogie Brigade apart easily. When they were routed, most of the Brigade tried to flee, but only Omar and the original Miss Behavior evaded capture.

The rest vanished altogether.

Feeling the heat, thinking that the Man's new super-thugs were on his tail, Omar fled to Mindwatch's Tibetan facility. There he explained just what had happened in D.C., and how he strongly suspected that the group faced a new threat in the form of this B.A.H.

Though he fears it to this very day, Omar has yet to receive another visit by the Bureau of Ascendant Humans. Perhaps they don't know where Mindwatch hails from, or simply prefer not to face the group on its home turf. Regardless, Omar is exceedingly paranoid about being caught.

This is why he rarely leaves Mindwatch's headquarters. He remains in Tibet these days, usually within their fortress proper, only exiting the joint if something serious occurs with that requires his attention - or that Mindwatch's leadership must address together.

This is because, over the last thirty years, Omar has become quite a power in the Mindwatch organization. Already powerful when he was in the Boogie Brigade, the man has evolved into an empathic overmind, and one of the ten psis that guides the group on its ultimate mission.

This occurred shortly after Omar met the group's founder, a mysterious psi of incalculable power known only as Iomni, who asked him to accept the responsibility. Wary at first, what with him being not all that much of a leader to begin with, Omar reluctantly agreed to help run the group.

With that, Omar abandoned his original code name to be more respectable. After a fashion. Not that Lord Funk is all that much more dignified than Funkenstein, mind you, but it's got 'lord' in it. That and it does still somewhat refer to an emotional state, so it's not quite a disco reference.

That's what Omar would like you to believe, at any rate...

Legal Hoopajoob:

I offer my Edition 13 work under the Creative Commons Attribution license.

What this means is that if you wish, you may use this Edition 13 material in any way you see fit, whether copying, distributing, or displaying all or part of this text, as long as you credit my work, in either your own derivative texts or products.

If you would like more information about me for attribution, you can contact me via e mail (DashApostrophe@gmail.com).

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